After fixing you need to wipe all PVP server

The problem have been there for too long all server need wipe for PVP there too much fishy stuff and too much body vault i know i have one or more on pretty much every server…
this game is ridiculous cheater on pretty much every server they log once a while just to make sure to screw everyone and stole some of you stuff trough wall…
Very poor balancing …mounted combat is a joke…

people still run 50 stat hahaha! took me (mounted) 3 trident shot and 8 throwing axe to kill a naked double jumper(BTW the one that i killed is in a clan living under the frozen lake meshing and sink hole (not fixed )…Good job Funcom

C’mon Funcom you can do better!!


I have already say a 3 months wipe cycle, then everyone has a chance and it is better for servers performances.

They do not listen, officials servers are empty.

If that had a few servers that wiped regularly, they would be extremely popular. They Would probably be like the arkpocalypse server. Look at RUST, the constant wipes are the reason that game is so popular.

Conan at one time had official servers that wiped every 30 days. They were called Blitz servers. They were so UNPOPULAR they finally shut them down…

Conan is NOT Rust… Just sayin’


huh, I didnt know that. Thanks for the info

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One time @Wikkyd i actually agree :smiley: … applying RUST mechancis to a certain extent wont work in this game, RUST you have a lot more rapid cycle times in terms of snowballing to pvp …Conan you have to grind… the time cycles are different.

TBH wtf they didn’t force a Attribute reset on login after the patch… baffles but then again when you look at the way the client/server relationship works making all those db sync per server is likely reason.

TLDR: Too hard… smile and wave …smile and wave and hope eventually they accidently fall off a cliff and drink a beast potion or something.

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