Server wipes not needed

The decay timer works well enough, though an extension would be welcome. If the Purge worked better, I’m sure more bases would get broken down if not tended to. Ice giants hurling boulders at forts built up high. Thralls firing ballistas also.
Vaults are way too inexpensive and large. Folks like to place them everywhere to keep others from building next door, raiders use them as a storage base as they raid. I suggest to the developers to make vaults way more expensive, and break down their construction into several very heavy pieces… assembled over a long time at a site; like catapults.


Or just a lightning strike that sets a base on fire… 1K dmg per day till player douses the flames with a repair hammer.

The bigger the base the bigger the fire.


I would love to see some wipes on official servers. A few with 3 month rotation

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Wipes should occur. There are many other things going on, many undermeshed foundations, etc., that people physically cannot access to remove, and which are not cleaned up automatically (unless they create a 2-week complete erasure of all inactive structures to go along with the 1-week decay timer). Servers need to be wiped unless they figure out another way to clean up the mess.


Wipes are absolutely required in this game. every 3 months should be the time limit. The game is about pvp. a clan dominates the server, they won, the server then wipes, and now its time for another to take over.

They have Conan Risk servers that do just this. and its been the best Conan experience to date.


This game needs Seasonal Servers just like you guys said that reset every 3months with more server options then they have now.

Any game gets boring after awhile no matter what and having new and fresh start that puts everyone on an even playing field is what brings people back over and over. And that’s also how you sell your DLC’s I have no intention of ever buying single DLC without having seasonal servers. No one wants to play on server that has random stuff all over the place.


No Wipes at all !! We have decay timer, purges, meteors and thrall feeding for that in pve-c and pve servers! In pvp we have raiding bases… We are fine!! I play in a official pve-c server for about 2 weeks. Many bases have been destroy because of inactivity. If the official servers start to wipe, many players will stop play this game.


Wipes on Official PVE© would be the end for 99% of lvl 60 PVE© players.

There was a time needed wipes were accepted, that time has ended at Final release.

As Funcom always has been clear no wipes would follow after Final.

They should have told us " hey - we are not finished can we extend EA a little."
Players would have said yeah ofcourse no worries. (I was there)
We didn’t care about Final or not we just loved the game.

In this stadium they have to fix, with procedures wich will clean/fix defragment whatever, but not destroy players hives.
The players now have some right to expect a bit more respect and effort to their hives, some with hundreds of hours of work in them.

Pvp has for some the same view, others are opposed, but in PVE© generally players will quit.
some will try again addicted as we are, but will not have the vibe anymore to go again for hundreds of hours.

So It will have to be a choice llike we had in EA ( 30 days wiped servers).

two cents, have a cool day all.


or get rid of vaults entierly, your base should be your vault, if it is built well you have a very good amount of security, if not, not, and if your base isn´t built well you do not deserve the security.
Having a vault requires no skill or knowledge of the game and gives you an insane amount of security, and vaults open up a lot of possibilitis for griefing and other dumb stuff, they do not help the game, they hurt it.

I like the erasure idea, but maybe make it a month, not two weeks :slight_smile:

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Erase my home? Never! Sounds like some people like the idea of a wipe because the dominant clans are dug in and that would be the only way to get them out. I would suggest that the dev’s use the caves and hollow places for special bosses or other notables and make them unbuildable places. It may already be too late, as an update converting those areas to the aforementioned places would surely demolish existing bases or otherwise render them unrepairable.

eh i wish big clans not rubish the whole map with tiny bases or just foundations lines, blocking ruins and boss spawns areas…
on my previous server i saw probably dozens of garbage bases (useless and abbadoned) wich are belong to big clan (and this is only at 1 area!)…1 of them online every day for some small amount of time, so decay wont help, purges strangely not target this bases too (wtf? why?)
and i dont get it, ok 1 base at each zone if you want, so you got 4-5 of them, big and nice, active, its enough even for 10 players clan, but jesus, why spam map with useless buildings and increase lags and stuttering?
so maybe forced month wipes IN small amount of servers would be nice idea


What about purge becoming more agressive the bigger the base or rather the higher the amount of owned structures (counting pieces) is?

I know, purge needs to be reworked for that to happen, but I think it needs to be reworked eighter way…
(Like for “alive” servers to have the multiple of current max amount of purges per day.)

Then again, purge needs to be able to clear bases high up a mountain/else structure too…


And they need to make Purges happen only when at least one member of the clan is online, for real, offline Purges makes no sense at all. The only scenario I could see it happening offline is when the base enters decay state.

I im playing on official PvP server for like 1,5 week and lost 3 hauses because of raids. I do not need server cleaning.
But enought jokes about me. This sounds like great idea. More good modes means more fun and it brings more people into the game.

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