It's time to save Conan Official servers!

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Performance]
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[To my fellow Exiles and Funcom,
I think it’s safe to say that the people that read this forum love this game, maybe even a little obsessively sometimes😂. But even with the love of the game, no one can deny that there have been some issues that have allowed people to cheat and have a unfair and unintended advantage. For example: Duplicate glitches, under meshing, pre-nerfed weapons; I have a friend (not a clan mate) who had previously duped entire vaults full of bombs and building materials, ect. given that was long ago but he still has everything; how are others suppose to compete with that kind of stuff still on the server? There is no way to be able to catch up no matter how hard you grind. Some may ask why not just raid them and claim all that wonderful loot for yourself, but you can’t because he has everything vault bodied and the bodies have already dIsappeared.

Proposed Solution: Please realize I have played for a long time and my solution makes me queasy because of effort I have put in. But it is time to clean all official servers with a complete reset, delete all player characters, buildings; make it new. With the addition of the thrall leveling system adding more of a grind to an already heavily grinding game, there is no better moment than now to do this before people put to much time into It and get disheartened. This would take care of all the massive bases that people just log on to reset their timers and have everything hidden away in vault bodies, give funcom a chance to fix mesh issues. I believe this will reinvigorate the game, people who have been long away will come back and new will come. The game was launched as a game in development, since the game development is towards it’s natural end then there would be no time better to reset and allow people to enjoy the game fresh in it’s finished state.

I am convinced that doing this will bring players that played at first release back and draw in new players, specifically new players who play other games in this genre such as rust or ark.

Everyone please comment and if you don’t agree then don’t get upset, just debate your point.]


I’m not a big fan of full server wipes on PVE and PVE-C, but I can see the appeal of everyone starting from scratch. As for PVP, I can’t offer a good opinion there, since I don’t play it, but I do have a few questions:

  • Are the most egregious exploits already fixed?
  • If not, would a full server wipe really help?

Hmm, i am not sure that wiping would change things like you think they would


Ugh im not opposed to a fresh start. Especially piggy backing off of the thrall system.

But I want some sort of cosmetic or little star next to my name for characters that were max level and forcible deleted.

I am strongly opposed to wiping the pve servers. Helpfull community and not all playerbase used the exploits. Why punish the whole playerbase for something that only a portion of the playerbase used? Even if someone may have used any of those (duping, undermeshing etc) what dmg this does to rest of pve players?
So for me is no. (An exagerated example is that u do not cut an arm at the shoulder when u can only cut a finger…) Something else should happen… Another solution that could be used should be the timmers so everything expires in time (lets say in a 6 month period), so nomatter how many one have stacked will have a reset point, but even this should be really carefully worked and thinked before implemented…

Just to clarify , i am a heavy pve player , that have 3k plus hours on gathering and farming and made this in some kind of maxed out efficient-to-time way that allowed me to have more than enough for 1 player… I mostly use all gathered stuff to help others. All i want to say is that even if a glitch was used, it would benefit the playerbase if used correctly. The advice i guess is proposed by a pvp oriented player (OP) and due to the competitive enviroment there players who are dedicated in pvp are “forced” to use those to gain advantage over others, or to achieve similar levels of effectiveness to fight off the advantages a bug /glitch should give.(op correct me if i am wrong…)

So nope… even if funcom is about to even think of resseting characters , they should really think how much will compensate the players that invested time and effort in this game and stay there… Decay already costs em a ton of players… imagine the dmg a wipe would bring in an enviroment where u play and build and make stuff in a chilled friendly enviroment…


Rumour has it there are official PVP servers out there where duping alpha clans are harassing beginners. I can understand the demand for wiping in this context, but the abuse is still difficult to prove.

Let me tell you instead about a fairytale server where several clans have heavily fortified bases and live together in peace (most of the time - what´s the use of a castle if it never gets attacked?), with enough room for respectful newcomers. This is the reality on the server I play on for “some” months!

It is not only the architecture that my allies and me have been working on for months that we do not want to lose (at least not if it was not in a GLORIOUS war) or the fighters we have educated, it is also the social large-scale-structure that has evolved. People have fought each other in a fair way and are respecting each other for that. There were different team efforts to teach pathetic abusing morons and trolls a lesson. We have a history!

If the server gets wiped, people will move on, perhaps to different servers, game modes or different games. They will return to Conan Exiles later perhaps or perhaps not. All of us will loose this gaming environment that we have paid for with blood and steel reeinforcements.
That´s why I say NO to server wipes!


I have a lot at stake, almost everything (I just don’t have Atlantean Sword & Conan’s Royal Armor). The rest I have.

I have a PVE-C base. I reduced the structure a lot, to avoid crashes for myself and other players.

But a new start would not be bad. Just do not want! But if that happens, it can come as a shock to anyone who has a lot of time playing… like 2 years.


The official servers are paid directly by funcom I suppose. That´s how I understand the term “official”. :man_shrugging:


This would make me very happy, and i even have a big grind base +6 months on a server with all stuff, but there is still to much cheaters. This would be a great fresh start.

Just like in SWG, some one wants to make it better by starting over.
Sorry, We have things that no one else has, we have cupboards full of treasures from the great meteor storm. Captains that are no longer thralls, and beasts long lost.
The first Fdisk will be our last

Being a master at leveling- im ok with this idea.

But if you think it will solve the problem of blocking resources and alphas- it wont.

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I’m just gonna go with being against a server wipe. I’ve been playing on the same server for almost 3 years now. I’ve already lost everything once due to my own forgetfulness of logging in. My new current build is pretty big…heck my storage room has 100 large crates in it… If I lose everything again due to a server wipe I’m just done with the game. Also look at how many hours i got in this…

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I play official PvP servers on PS4. Have played obsessively since. I’m all for wipes on low activity servers at the very least. Way too many undermeshers and toxic people who get their rocks off on throwing everything they’ve got day after day and never let up against people who never even get a chance to really get started. Furthermore having a day or two a week on PvP where there’s no raid time is IMO a good opportunity for newcomers to a server to plant their feet on the ground or give people who just lost it all enough time to not get totally run off. My clanmates and I can all hit 60 in a single session and have T3 mats going within 36 hours. We know to build in remote out of the way hidden areas and yet have still been run off multiple servers because there’s simply no way to come back from being completely demolished less than 12 hours into a server… and then again 18 hours later… and then again 18 hours later… and then again. Alot of the people who do this have years worth of progress. You’re not gonna beat someone in a single session who has an undermesh borg cube or a clan who has played so long they have a layered base that covers the entire sinkhole area, or has 90 pillar bases and has walled off shattered springs and all 3 brimstone caves, yet still gets endless joy out of griefing people who have literally nothing. It’s frankly an impossible situation that makes some servers a complete waste of time to even try out. That time gap is real and it gets bigger every day. I say wipe at least some pvp servers. Leave PvE and PvP-C alone.

trust me you are preaching to the choir, I have played a little more than that even. I have chests upon chests full of stuff as well (never crates though, they don’t lock). I am in the alpha clan on my server and understand why new people log on and see our stuff and log out (the amount of people who I find logged out on my land claim after seeing our stuff is crazy). I just want that competition again, that fear that if you don’t log in during raid that it may not be there. I want people to have to play, to have to grind resources; not have unlimited because the duplicated everything before it was fixed. Or block have an obelisk blocked because they did it before it was fixed. @Hyborian_Jones

As long as people bother to log on to reset the timers they obviously care about their progress and want to have it ready whenever new stuff gets added and they want to play for longer once again.

There is nothing about those bases that needs to be taken care of.


One of the things I collect in game are feats.

I almost have them all that can be gotten in game.

A full reset?..

Let’s think of another way please.

What a racket! People pay for this game, but alpha clans determine if you are allowed to play (or not) on officials.

Will alpha clans really move on? I doubt it.

I agree. I think population control will be more effective.


Its online, where sadly many people go to misbehave, cheat and troll without any real consequences. Some just get a kick out of that kind of behavior. Living a powerfantasy maybe? I don’t know. I have become a pure Singleplayer. A wipe wouldn’t change any of that behaviour, just the glitched-item problem until a new glitch emerges…

Happy Easter folks and stay healthy…

Wiping the servers? I’m going to go with a hard no.

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I have proposed an alternate system (Even if just for PVP). That is give everything some sort of decay, removes the ability to “Freeze” in preserve boxes as well. This does a few things, over time, duped materials decay away. Body Vaulted materials decays away.
And lastly, it removes the ability of a clan to have 10,000 bombs stashed away, using them as if they were candy and have no value if they want to grief a new clan.

The second idea revolves around the harvest rate. it should not be 2x during non raid hours. PVE-C has 1x, so should PVP non raid times. That is technically what the 18 hours of non raid are, PVE-C.