NEW Official monthly wipe servers?

Suggesting/requesting a handful of new official servers that will automatically wipe 1 month and 3 months. These new severs would have dynamic building damage enabled with 24/7 raid with a boosted farm/xp rate. If you log in you are able to be raided or raid anyone else who’s online. When you log out your structures can take damage for 1 hour (this time can be adjusted).This would promote more player vs player engagements and solves offline raiding.

Conan is a grind and a time suck let’s face it. Private severs are always a option but not always available. Most certainly not always reliable. I know pc has a lot more options when it comes to privates but the same cannot be said for consoles.

I personally know a large amount of players that would enjoy this option. This could also be seen as less work for the dev team. No need to ban players if the server wipes regardless. I am not saying to go full Wild West but I’m sure the tickets through zendesk would drop. Hackers and cheaters won’t bother because at the end the day they want to keep the loot forever for whatever reason.
Pure pvp progression. The “battle royal” style gameplay has been popular along with their battle pass. Obviously Conan isn’t that kind of game but the faster pass gameplay is enjoyable by many. Especially those who can’t commit to a 5 hour raid window everyday. I know it’s a touchy subject but the idea of “merging” or deleting a couple severs for each timezone/ platform isn’t really that far fetched.

My main questions are would this be a “easy” thing to accomplish for funcom?

Why wouldn’t funcom go for such a great idea?

Will funcom reply with a genuine response?

The most important question is would you try it out?

Like I said it would require far less dev intervention which could give them time to concentrate on improving gameplay/ growing population.



If they choose to open up these kinds of servers, then the harvesting rates on those servers should be increased to compensate to the decreased lifespan of the server. It would lead to a more active server, more bombs going off, more gods, etc etc. There is beauty in the ephemeral, after all


While it wouldn’t be my jam I am all for others getting their Conan fix in the manner they want it.

Reckon it would get pretty damn sweaty and heck maybe some cool content videos to watch.


I agree that would certainly spice things up.

Sounds very fun

I’m curious as to why you think cheats and hackers won’t flock to monthly wipe servers if they’re popular.

They tend to go wherever the action is, wherever they can most abuse whatever unfair advantage they may have.

I’m not against implementing this type of server if they choose to, I just find that an odd stance.

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@Tuffman Just a hunch really. I would imagine most of them wipe servers and then body vault the remains. Their impact on these types of servers would be far less deviating. Not saying it wouldn’t happen but they don’t really have much to gain.

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Maybe all the ESP, Speedhackers, Dupers and Meshers would go to those and leave the rest of us to pvp fairly.

They used to have this. It was called PVP-Blitz:

However they were not popular.


@Taemien 5 years ago the game was fresh with no real need for such options. Fast forward to now and you have a mess that could use some sort of change or refresh and no 3.0 missed the mark on that imo. It had some traction but wasn’t followed up properly.
I did say 1 month but I feel like 2-3 month would probably be the sweet spot. Then go ahead and turn on dbd for half if not all of the “new servers”. Just might catch a big playerbase there.
That does answer my question that it shouldn’t be to difficult to achieve.


If it was that simple to fix such a major issue then I’m sure it would have been tried by now…

No thanks. No offence.

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@Paolo1977 Can I ask why? Or was this a no just because you wanted to be negative?

Just don’t play on them? OP is suggesting wipe servers as well as the old ones.

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Essentially. I only see positives out of this

I am fully behind wiping all pvp servers but it’s a whole different battle as we’ve seen. This thread is a simpler “fix” for those who want to play the game without body vaults, fear of being banned, pure player vs player interactions, raiding/building. most of all people who have normal lives but would like to enjoy a mode where there is no admin and potentially dbd on some if not all these new servers. You don’t need a admin when the severs wipe every couple months automatically.

Dont care anymore actually since ive got what i need.

Now to all you out there blocking game elements on officials needed to play your on notice.

Move your bases away from world boss locations or lose them.

World bosses drop legendary keys needed for access to legendary chests

Nuff said.

Not a threat just a fact.

WorldBoss lcoations-IOS

WorldBoss Locations EL

Conan Exiles Map (

@Akomo Not really the topic at all. Wrong thread perhaps?

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Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn GIFs | Tenor

From a tech point of view? They could get them up and running in 5 minutes or less :smiley:


Yep sure I just don’t want the server wiped. That’s my opinion. Not being negative, I’m allowed to disagree aren’t I ?

This thread is about a new set of severs that do a monthly-3 month wipe. It’s not really about the official severs that we currently have. I think you may have misunderstood my original post.