[POLL] Oficial Servers Need Schedule Wipe? - please vote again ;)

It’s a controversial question, but I think it’s very possible for the team and the community to think about it. Because we have many items duplicated by various explots, not to mention the various undermesh or overmesh safes. We also have deserted servers due to abusive alpine clans or very bad ping due to the amount of buildings and minions abandoned but players keep calling just to save the loot.
Now let’s go over some stats, Rust has been on the air since 2014 with scheduled wipes and he has no less than 10 times more players than Conan, and in my opinion Conan has more potential. But here the community is just thinking about the safes full of nugged NPCs and forget that if the game loses the players the servers will not be wiped, they will be shut down, so it will be very cool, #sqn. No matter what keeps a game is attracting more and more new players, but becoming a game of old players, a bunch of old dogs who don’t want to drop the bone. I myself have a lot of construction on several servers and in the end after it gets monotone I just enter to save what I built and I will play on another server.
Let’s think about the wider community and make the game more competitive and attract more players.
Vote there and leave your opinions.

  • YES - Oficial Servers Need Schedule Wipe
  • NO - Lets The Purge And Decay Do The Job

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Just to reinforce follows a comparison between Conan and other games in the same category:

I will add an additional question, if wipe is inevitable and happens, which type would you agree with?

  • Total - Delete all buildings, items, levels, and recipes.
  • Partial - Delete only buildings and items.

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Sorry for the break in the results, did not know that asking another question would break the previous answers, please vote again! :slight_smile:

If there would be admins, then this would not be a problem…

Its the lack of moderation and lack of punishing cheaters/exploiters.

And the next bad thing about scheduled wipes: No one will start a new thing, if he/she knows everything will be wiped in XX days/months. EVEN when you play…


This poll is way too vague, it’s lumping in PvP servers with issues like undermeshing, god duping, etc. with PvE servers that aren’t affected in the slightest by such exploits. Meanwhile, the NO option has as a “solution” mechanisms that are incapable of correcting the issues presently affecting PvE servers (orphaned thralls that never die, people who don’t actively play anymore keeping vast bases alive with a 2-minute login each week).

I can’t speak to what PvP needs, but in order for the “Purge and Decay” option to be viable in PvE, a couple things need to happen:

  1. When a base decays, the orphaned thralls who are no longer anywhere close to their owner’s landclaim need to expire within a few days. They should not be kept alive by someone logging in once every two weeks on the far side of the map. They should not become immortal when a completely different clan builds near them.

  2. The practice of depleting purge meters while a clan is offline “because purges are hard on the server” needs to be reevaluated. For one thing, most active PvE players I’ve encountered actually enjoy the challenge and community aspect of fighting off a purge with friends from other clans. It’s extremely unfair to dedicated players with jobs and families to never be able to experience (let alone benefit from) a purge.

Furthermore, the purge meter should continue to fill, even at a slow rate, for PvE clans that do not play at all other than to refresh their land-spam troll bases. If someone’s only form of “playing” the game is to login for < 5 minutes every week for months on end just to troll active players, then we need something like the purge to knock down their structures.

The current mindset of linking the purge to player activity has only led to frustration and toxicity. Even if running purges impacts server performance for 4 hours in the evening (FYI, I’m on every night at purge time on a very populous PvE Official and haven’t noticed a problem), what about troll bases that even more severely impact server and client performance anytime someone wanders close to their 100s of thralls and torches?


I voted for the wipe. but i would rather have harsher decay times and durability loss for officials. Bases not so much. But all items should decay in storage. Some faster than others. This would remove a-lot of refresher clans sure, but would also bring in players that don’t feel like they have no way of competing with a clan that has 1000 of hours of cryogenic frozen mats.

As for bases, maybe a duel decay system, ie, the timer based one for insta decay as is now, and one that slowly deteriorates over a longer time (say 3 months). So every so often one would have to do touch ups. This would put resources to use.

Durability needs to be more harsh. this would require people to use resources to repair and restock if stuff gets broken. Completely broken items should not be repairable. This would require paying attention to details that i feel survival games need.

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If no one is going to start something new, why does Rust have so many players! Or why new servers have so many players in the beginning and then started to lose over time.


You didnt get the point. WHO will start on a server, if it says “will be wiped in 60 days”?
Or lets ask like that: Who would start on a NEW server, if it would say, the server is only rented for 60days and everything you did will be gone?

And when you have a scheduled wipe, there will be a day, when the wipe is <60 days away…

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wipe would be the best option today, on official servers in South America there are many alpha clans with over 50 avatar coins stockpiled in their bases within the npc inventory (bug posted via youtube), thus making it impossible for new players to grow in your server.


I get it now, but the wipe date may be different for each server, if one wipes in 30 days, I start another wipe date is 120 days, and whenever a server wipes it it will get a community active that will bring life to the game.

That sounds more and more like seasons with diablo2/3…
And to make it clear: Yeah, after each season/wipe you have bigger population… But it will decline as fast, as always…
Because people get bored in the endgame and only new content will keep them playing. Not resetting it after ■■■ days. Thats just forced…

Moderate the offical servers. Ban cheaters/exploiters.

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The seasons system is good, and allied bug fixing and new content would be perfect.
But back to reality, I play on Latin American servers, we only have 1 PVE-Conflict (1977) server that is overloaded with builds, the server FPS when it is good is 12 and when 20 people enter it is between 5 - 8, The ping is between 200 - 400 and begins to knock down the players.
This server is doomed, I know many people who say the same thing “Just enter it to save my buildings”, and I trust that I do the same, and I will end up doing all the servers I play, having a seasons system I would end up playing one season on one server, another on another, etc … the official servers will close one day, if the idea is to keep the content forever one can use single player mode or start a dedicated server within the machine itself to play with some friends.

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Well, maybe FC can make some servers with season (so wipe with fresh start) and some without.


They did have that. Those servers were so unpopular they shut them down or repurposed them as regular servers instead.

People say they want wipes, they may even believe it, but when it comes down to it, most of them don’t want it.


Losing what you built nobody likes, but it is a matter of maintenance and sustainability of the game, I know several players who have stopped playing because they can not play either because of ping and server fps, or because of the accumulated loot power abuse or “duplicate”. The game needs a makeover tool to make room for new players to play and enjoy the game. Creating new servers is unfeasible in the long run because of the cost of keeping them running, the game has no monthly fee which doesn’t help in that either, so existing servers need constant renewal to make the game attractive to the general community.

Content layered on top of Conan Exiles base game would be interesting. Imagine while playing on a server you could queue for arena matches separate from the survival map to play in.

You’d just queue up and when it was time, you’d get a notification to join which would log you out of The exiled lands and load you into a series of developer handcrafted arenas with temporary gear available to you.

After a victory or series of victories you’d be sent back to the server you queued from.


God battles would help cut down on tokens. Right now no one has an outlet for them besides asset destruction.

Imagine if when avatars approached one another they could lock into a special battle mode mini-game of sorts. We’d probably see them used more often if such a feature existed. Maybe have it so that the summoner’s become invulnerable until the battle is over and that who ever loses the battle dies with the avatars and offer cosmetic gear/base rewards for winning an avatar battle?

Don’t get me wrong this wouldn’t completely solve the problem but if you want users to expend a resource you have to promote the use of it.

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In fact the problem remains the same hahaha … only new features would be added to the game that would probably generate new bugs and exploits.

I don’t want a server wipe but it seems like Funcom are allowing the exploiters to do the server wipes for them … there is a small clan on official Eu servers at the moment going around using undermesh bases and just grinding gods … storing them in thrall then wiping full servers that people have been on for months … heard of admin deleting things like this on pc but never seen this happen on Xbox even tho we have provided screenshots of them in the mesh … honestly ruining the game… no point in new servers until the game is bug free …so maybe in a few years


Surely everything’s a work-in-progress but they’re going to add new features regardless and it would help if those additions promoted a healthier flow of resources and power in the game.

But those were only in EA.
Most gamers don’t invest in EA games. It is a very few that get involved in that aspect.
For Consoles, the lack of ads (I am a big Conan guy, and this never got on my radar until 2 days before release on PS4) made it a less diverse group that was paytesting in EA.

The big thing i hear from all my enemies/friends (some the same person :slight_smile: ) is that they don’t want to relearn recipes and re level constantly. So I do not know if the EA version of seasonal wipes did all, but if they did, that would be the one change. Seasonal wipe as far as assets, but keep level and clan attachment (if you want).

The recipes are quite tedious for sure. Would be so nice if these learned feats were attached to the account/gamertag instead of character/server