Wipe ALL Officials :)

Funcom have introduced SOOO many new mechanics since Official servers where launched that I can’t help but think half the issues are from old placeables etc. Those who have left don’t care and those who still play can do so without the crazy clutter and map exploits and less lag to boot win win.


Ur complete drunken😠, if the official servers get a wipe the rest of the active player base will leave


Well unless you have some reason for thinking so, forgive me if I say I think you’re talking out of your… well.


If that were to ever happen, I’d take screenshots and write a list of everything I have and go straight to single player and admin my way to what I originally had.

I’m not starting from scratch after spending months hunting named thralls and building my two bases.


People who asks for wipes are those who haven’t played since launch I see…

Imagine everyone who is playing since the beggining, do you think its fair for them having everything they store, every building they raised, be erased ?

There are other solutions to clean server data and stress, thats called maintenance, other online game companies does that without wiping the servers, so since Funcom said they do not plan to wipe, I think a lot of people are happy with that.


If you really love the game nope you won’t. I’m sure everyone knows now exactly where they want to build and defend. Most of the fun is in starting out when the risks are high ( haven’t you been wiped by a alpha my guess is nope). The sheer amount of unowned crap on officials is insane causing huge amounts of lag. I payed big money for a PC that doesn’t lag or have low FPS so why would I want to play like I’m some stupid kangaroo jumping and stuttering everywhere.

So you’re telling me that you haven’t had to remake a station because it no longer makes the designed item. Since the first day of conan we have had to remake benches, chests even new thralls so whatever buddy sure is heck not me speaking out my …

Unless you’re talking about the Artisan table - nope. And that one is 40 wood, so hardly a big outlay. I fail to see the relevance either way.

Decay takes care of old buildings, thralls are about to be a thing of the past (whether they’ll eventually allow us to keep a limited number remains to be seen), so… what exactly is left over after that?

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No thanks.

I havent’t spent the last month grinding bricks for nothing.

My hope is that one day I may be able to afford to build something from the dlc.


If there’s anything that needs tweaking is how the game loads assets.

I heavily decorated each room in my main base and it hangs loading for a couple seconds to a minute before it loads everything. Every room also freezes the game for a couple seconds until it loads everything. I even tried experimenting with logging off in an empty room in my base, and the game loaded quickly until I opened the door and it had to load everything else.

That is what’s affecting the game.



lots of players and specially veteran EA players are so fed up with the situation that they are on the edge of deinstalling the game. Wiping officials will be an instant limit.

I Played all EA losing stuff and rebuilding again and again, like forever.
Starting 8 may i began building my defenitive bases, almost finished now.

Not doing that again, fat chance.

So no, i do not agree.


Lol OP made a funny.


As we don’t have the info, this is guess work.

Main lag issues relates to thrall (a guess, from what’s been said in live streams), and they are addressing that (kinda)

We don’t know how the building parts are managed, what data they need to manage :

Loading and saving (only active if viewed): Position/rot(Root position if linked as a building), Decay, HP, Type (not a big string). a small Trigger always loaded into memory

Functions Damage/Repair(only active if interacted with): which are dynamic functions Handel server side and will always be there and seem to cause some lag, but is not related to the amount of clutter on the server, as an attack with orbs or explosive is normally in one location of the base and not a random spam all over a huge base.

sure, the above could struggle if there are a lot of players, that bandwidth need adds up, but should not lag the server if done right, as damage should be handled server side and the readout of damage and visuals are not Essential data in gaming terms, so rate of update could be dropped when needed (not sure this is happening as you can sit there with a hammer and see the numbers in reall time)

I guess they could simplify the damage function. damage worked out on one object (point of action) and applied to all others… this would mean no damage fall off ,and a solid damage stop wall… but would free up CPU load.

Non of the above would relly be affected by a wipe.

i know my thralls don’t add load if no one see them, they are idle, problem we still have of them not having HP after a restart till they are seen, then they start to re gen. But when a player walking into a base full of them, then we have problems, especial in raid time when the server has to start path-finding and other AI functions.

If a wipe was no more that a quick fix, till the server is built up again, then maybe it would be good. But form my guess work, and that’s all we have, unless foncom tell us whats going on, then why? for a few weeks of smooth running, and then what?

If it was due to updates and place-able issues, it’s not a problem to run a Database query and remove by ID or date, the offending objects only… like they did with Orbs.

A wipe does nothing productive apart form give some new or upset player a easy start, cus they cant get on a server and face level 60s and big bases, nor join a clan.

and again, just having a guess :slight_smile:

…also, maybe not having a player stay in server more than 1 mins after log out (to stop combat logging) would help server load. To meany times i see stacks of body at the stating area, that are gonna be loaded into memory, for what? and people scattered over the map and in building… there inventories,stats, location, all in memory or loaded on demand, and they are not even active players… Lets start their first, before calling for a wipe :slight_smile:

If you want a wipe, go private. see a few 70 player slots, they wipe. they are full of players, 1-2 months later, 20/70 players even in raid time, till the next wipe.

I have been playing since EA.

Wipes would be amazing. Nice 6 month wipe cycle would be good and golden in my opinion. Keeps the servers fresh and interesting. Helps with lag and makes your building skills get better and better and better with each new base you build. New area too. Never stagnant. I think people are just so unused to wipes and the thought of having to do it again. ARK didn’t really have any wipes but Rust did.

It’s either that or increase the decay timer or incorporate a tool box system like Rust. Lag kills, and nothing causes lag worse then having bases strewn everywhere.

I have full epic server crusher bases on 2 official servers, complete with all named crafting thralls and one rare purge alchemist. I put in countless hours to obtain this but now the servers are empty so whats the point. The worlds are full of bugged items and bases trapped inside structures you can no longer build in. The server database I assume is a complete mess. Please wipe official servers.

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A quik question, are you mentally challenged?

They tried that. No-one wanted to play on those servers. Well, obviously not no-one. Just the vast majority didn’t want to. What was that name - Blitz servers? Or something?


Then fix the decay system. 120 hours is too long specially seeing as you have to do is literally just log on and look around.

Make a tool cupboard like Rust. It could be a siege table in this game or something. Make it so you have to put resources into it to keep your base from decaying. Say it takes 100 hard brick and 50 steel nails and 30 shaped wood to keep your entire base alive for 24 hours. You can stuff it full of resources to keep it from decaying as you actively play and then also allow you take a break or do something in real life if you need to be called away you can keep your base up. But when people leave or stop playing for a while they shouldn’t be able to just pop in refresh the decay rate and then leave again for another 5 or 6 days. This would also help in keeping people from going hog wild and building all over the place. They will have to choose and settle down in a location and actually build

That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve read in a while.

Play on PVP servers and destroy bases if you don’t want people to have a life.


Hah, if players can’t take a wipe once after 3+ months they’re on the wrong game, and wrong genre.