I love Conan, but it’s not a PvP game


A good weeks testing and dyeing… what did I find out?

Seems, you have to play with target lock on laggy servers (That’s any server with 30/40) and this is a shame. Not using target lock +skill gave you an advantage, and now it seems it’s the only way to hit some one , cus of De syncs.

At least this is what I’m guessing, as I can’t avoid hits form some players, cant out run them, and get hit when they appear not to be near me (I have pointed this out before but no word back on that post, not even a, ‘Thanks for your feedback’). Even getting hit before someone turns up! Who can you fight against that? (also Lag and the 2 handed Spear (Feedback) )

I was going to make another video showing the issues, but why bothered, I put hours into videos and feedback and funcom don’t even acknowledge it. Not cool.

This is a shame, the game has issue, I just wanna know where they stand. Do we all need to use target lock to improve hits (dump the idea of free styling, bit dull, but if it no longer works…), as you can miss even if you hit the target visually, due to lag?

Are laggy servers something we are to accept as part of the game? And as some players say, PvP is a coin toss on who is lagging the most at that time? Random outside influences being a big factor in your combat?

(i have put conan on real-time processing, close all other programs… have a 1080 8bg, 32gb ram,12 core thread ripper (yes i know conan probably doesn’t multi thread), Dedicated M.2 os drive , dedicated M.2 Game drive… so it can handle conan, it was build for Ray tracing in unity… ahh unity, if only :P)

No, this is not good, this is not fun… but I’m just another ranting player… Tried so hard to give feedback, point out issue, nadda, nothing!

Probably still play Conan (Payed for it, and the DLCs), good game, but it doesn’t really support PvP, not at a level that’s consistent. To be good at combat now, you seem to need to know how best to overcome lag issues (and I know, everyone’s in the same boat)… that’s not the way I wanna PvP, that’s called broken.
(white knight’s oiling up fingers?)

I’ve been living in hope it will get better, as have a lot of people that still play it, this is not a good motive for players who are currently playing (I can’t see it getting better, so I will call it a game without PVP, as I’m just disappointing my self thinking it is).

It’s a shame funcom, maybe you bit off more than you could chew with the unreal engine and cheap servers? Yes, this is an issue of official server, yes I have said that funcom will not want to improve the issues (even with DLC, that’s now just a bonuses to them) as its in funcom best interests to have people pay for their own servers (Good business scene)

Oh well, another post that funcom won’t even read :stuck_out_tongue: just felt like a rant.

(expecting some silly posters first, have at it :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Cause you have bases with thralls and a poor decay timer and no one thinks having a wipe structure or a decay timer that is faster then 5 days is a good thing.

And never ever use the lock on. It will make you lag even worse.

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Try a non-official server. They run on better hardware and PVP does well. I’ve seen a private server on GTX Games handle a 30+ person fight with over 50 online on the server.

There was some noticeable performance hits with NPCs, but the PVP was working. The only issue anyone had was a random crash (from someone who routinely has random crashes).

Official servers should be limited to 15 players. Its all their boxes are designed to handle. GTX can handle 70 well and 50 really well.


Another reason for my thread.

Despite what people believe, the game was not built to handle a large population of players.
20 max was already pushing it’s limits and when you have massive builds, the database has a meltdown.


Correct, no-one in their right mind thinks that’s a good thing.

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ARK does not have a wipe cycle and their decay rate is the same or higher and their servers are lagggggggggggggy. Rust has both wipes and a decay system and their servers are realtively lag free at all times and can handle 250 people.

You tell me which system works better. I will wait.

Never played any of those games, but I do know that even if what you’re saying is accurate, attributing it solely to wiping and/or decay is wrong. Correlation does not imply causation.

Continuing the discussion from Frequently Asked Questions about Conan Exiles:

Has nothing to do with what we believe, its what we play with. I’ve been on two servers (both using GTX Gaming servers) that could handle 70 players. Both had large PVP battles.

What I’ve experienced personally doesn’t fit your agenda or narrative.

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must admit, looking at the GTX site, it looks interesting… how they set up packages. bit more expensive that g.portal, specially with the extra boost options but… Whats the point in g.portal server if they just cant handle Conan and 40 players, the cheaper option is silly, unless you are living in accounts :stuck_out_tongue:

funcom made a mistake there, just to save some cash >< Still worry about private servers, but form the sounds of it, if funcom had better managed their options (Less servers but with GTX) players maybe have had an improved player experience

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If you have assests and things loading the server down that cannot be removed for close to 14 days after someone leaves the server, what do you think is going to happen to server load?

We should ask Funcom, they just did a test with decay timers set to 17 days. If anyone can tell us the impact is, it’s them.

Thanks for this.

the 17 day timers are more like actual 21 day timers cause once it reaches the end of the decay timer it goes into another timer before it actually decays

Funcom will say that abandon structures and thralls left before it decays out would stress the server load. I don’t need them to tell me that lol.

Ugh, obviously it will to some degree. The question is if it’s significant, and if so significant enough to go against the vast majority of your users’ preference.

Yes. I would say it is pretty significant. If you have people who come onto the server. Build a base hidden somewhere. Die once then leave the server. Which happens alot. People join, make a base and leave cause another server or whatever reason.

Just log into any offical pvp server that has about 20 people in it. Go run around the map and look at all the bases and structures that are abandoned and no one uses. The decay system takes too long to clear them out so by the time those get gone well you had about 5 new people join and do the exact same thing. Then you have to think during raid hours if someone on the other side of the world is running around farming the server is having to load in all those useless bases for those people as they run and at the same then it has to load and render in the big clan base I am raiding as it crumbles on the other side of the map. Just too much for it.

It’s either wipe or a overhauled decay system.

Or, as I read earlier the GTX servers apparently can handle 70 people on, abandoned structures and several raids and lots of people fighting at once. So either implement those mechanics to make the servers they had run smooth or upgrade to a high quality server. Which would be hard for them to do.

If they leave forever, their base will decay. Just a little later than it otherwise would’ve.

No thanks

Look, you’re just guessing. As am I. Hopefully Funcom got some useful data out of this recent “experiment” with a lengthened decay timer.

I agree that the ideal solution would be upgraded servers that could handle more people, but before we kill off whatever players are left, maybe look into whether it’s actually a problem. The server populations are in many cases WAY down. The experiences we had at the beginning of EA, or at launch, are not what we’re seeing now.

If you will not even log into a offical pvp server then be quiet about balancing issues for pvp servers.

I am not guessing, you won’t even log into to check any offical. Why should I listen to you? Why should anyone listen to you now seeing as you only care about one specific game mode and your solo base specially Funcom. You are not even ATTEMPTING to think about the game as a whole.

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Hey there team,

I agree with the original poster and topic entirely. My main problem is that ive won every encounter I’ve been in by just walking away from hits. And yes its on official servers for those wining about that. The game is absolutely awesome, but we could use, say, a jump attack to close ground on enemies! Just something to FORCE you to dodge, rather than just walk and preserve stamina.

I was in a 1 hour battle with someone who also knew this trick lol, i had to get sneaky and BUILD HIM INTO A CORNER! Kinda lame, yes, but i won. Not very immersive, very clunky, and and exploit of many of the mechanics.

So, making combat a little more complex, only as complex as the souls/bloodbourne gameplay, and giving a tactical way to close on enemies with a sacrifice of stamina, rather than walking around like a drunk in combat building walls, would be cool.

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