Reasons why the game is dying

Hello everyone,

the following things are the reasons why the player count is going down. Overall there are so many massive balancing issues in PvP

  1. Set god is absolutely OP he can destroy every T3 building with 1-2 attacks and he can attack every 2 seconds. All other gods need 5-6 seconds for attack and do around 5-10k damage with 1 attack.

  2. Set doesnt care about god protection. He is immun. Must be fun to farm days over days to build a good T3 base and an enemy player detroy everything with Set.

3.Vaults absolutely OP. You need over 1600 grease orbs to destroy a vault. A trebuchet just do 2 dmg. 2!!! ****** dmg. Only with explosive jars a vault raid is possible.

  1. Running away in PvP is near to 100% successfull. Cause hitboxes and servers are completly ****. The movement is just to fast and the attacks to slow with the most weapons. But sometimes you get hits over 10 meters cause servers and some player pings are ****. Or its the netcode i dont now but what i know is good PvP fights are extrem rare.

  2. Repairing while someone is raiding your house. Very nice if someone try to raid your base you just need an repairhammer and ressources to counter. just repair the wall in 1 second with over 40k hitpoints. EASY. Must be so fun to farm hours and hours for explosive jars and if 1 player of the target clan is online he could easily counter without fighting.

  3. One of the biggest issues of building is to build up a base on the game structures like the black watchtowers. If the enemy not a complete idiot and understand a little bit from building a base you cant raid them cause the spikes and the god protection bubble.

  4. Why is there are max clan size of 10 on a 40 slot server? I have 3 lvl 60 characters on 3 different pvp servers and on every server there a clan alliances between massive clans with 5-10 people so 25-50% of the server is friendly and raid every other clan away… we need restrictions. make max clan size to 5 or less on 40 pop servers. Just bring 80 slot servers with bigger clan size and everything is fine.

So i like the game but there a massive gamebreaking issues that kills the game for every PvP player.
Player count is decreasing since release cause funcom spits us in the face. Funcom just needed over 1 month to fix the gamebreaking life-regeneration-bug AND the all attributes to 50 exploit. OVER A MONTH to fix this. Thats hard funcom. Problems like this need to be hotfixed. EDIT: And over 1 Month to fix an gamebreaking orb dupe… OVER A MONTH. What do you guys think how many players got raided by duped orbs and leave the game? This things must be hotfixed after 4-5 days

I will stop playing now till the big patch with 500 fixes is live. if the patch not fixing all of this massive issues im done with the game.

Sry for my english im german. I hope most of you understand what i wrote. Thx for reading.


Best option seems to be set up or play on a private server. The pop in the private servers I play on is going up. Exploiters and greifers get banned. Not just any private server of course you have to pick one with good admin or make one yourself.

But thats the way of the future. Funcom isn’t going to want to pay to operate all these servers anyway and I’ll bet they are going to close many before the end of the year.


I think they will close 90% of the servers soon…


I agree with all you’ve said.


fun con already got our monies, cut staff, cut servers and bring out little patches every couple weeks to appease the die hards


The fact that there are official servers is a service you don’t pay for.

The games marketed at pvp’ers but it seems most of the beta testers were not pvp lovers. Single player, pve, conflict. 3 out of 4 modes are pve and pvp has primetime.


Yep but funcom dont care about pvp.

Your thread title should read “Reasons why the PvP game in Conan is dying.”

None of the reasons you listed affect the single player, co-op, or PvE aspects of the game.

Balancing a game for the numerous issues PvP brings has always been a challenge for game developers.


What are you talking about?
For 3 weeks I have been playing the test version, each patch introduced new problems to the game and no one verified it. All you have to do is play 1 hour to find a lot of mistakes (no rain / snow, F does not work for a month, slaves from the beginning of EA do not react properly, hitboxs when collecting stone material, pillars that cease to support ceilings, reset tasks in the wheel of pain and other workshops after closing the game, animals that in the eyes of the player only stand frozen, instead of moving and live etc.) These are just a few examples that you can come across in a few moments after starting the game. I ask whose fault it is that this is the game I have supported and in which playing creates more flustration than pleasure. In this forum every day there are requests for the repair of new discovered errors and what no patch fix them only adds new ones. Why dev does not test your work before issuing patches and why they are so rare and so big, unless dev has a different game than our Conan and everything works there always great :frowning: What happens on video broadcasts dev is not talking about the game only shows for an hour funny videos with players and give away 2 shirts. This is really sad and devoid of professionalism.

It was about a day since the introduction of new problems making the game almost impossible to play.
Lack of any idea and repair of anything from DEV. She does not say anything and does nothing.


PvP is the coregameplay in Conan Exiles. Every trailer shows that. Yes there is some PvE content but most players dont care about that. Why should they? PvE is just 10-15h Content. So the title is right. If the PvP after 1 Month still so bad…or unplayable like now, there wont be a existing playerbase who plays the game. Yes balancing a game isnt easy but the actual problems are gamebreaking and got reported of so many players. Things that MUST BE FIXED FAST AS POSSIBLE.


I am playing so far 2 years of ARK PvE (in addition to playing CE PvE now).

PvE is about mastering the nuances that a game offers. I do not need danger or supremacy to drive me forward. These are the differences between a scientist,an engineer, an artist and a solder.

Who do you think keeps the game alive, when droves and droves of PvP players rage-quit because of each other?

To say nobody cares about PvE, shows you’ve clearly haven’t played PvE at all.

In essence, PvE is singleplayer without access to admin panel. It’s the “real game” to most people. The fact that others are around adds value or “legitimacy” to all that one does.


I understand you perfectly well and I agree with that.
Those who say otherwise are probably only very young people without experience or life hurt, which is very sad.


Games a month old, conflict servers (pve) are nearly dead out of primetime. Pve people have single player, pve and conflict. Pvp has primetime. The games leaning to far pve. For pvp out of prime time the devs are driving their customers to other titles.

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Well i got the game for persistant online multi player pvp dominating my enemys… as advertised. Was i lied to?


And if i lose i say GG.


War in survival games reflects reality. There is no such thing as fairness in war.

To screw over PvE, trying to force war to be fair leads down a rabbit hole few companies can dig themselves back out of.

PvP in it’s essence is already all about trying to screw over the other team. Nobody cares about fair play. There isn’t enough respect for that in an online gaming environment.

Online survival is not eSport. It’s War. Raw stone cold war.


Conflict servers are an example of why the games dying. Much more busy around prime time (mostly single figures out) People can check me on this.
I dont understand why the pve people would mind if they just made conflict ‘pvp no building damage’, people who would moan about this are people who dont like and avoid pvp anyway, they would be just as happy on pve.
Would also be good for all game modes to have the option ‘challenge to duel’


If only.

That would solve 90% of the problems people complain about.


The game is dying, your words not mine, simply because that is normal after a game launches. You get a surge ( of players at launch, then it recedes a bit, then you will see what will become a ‘normal’ server population. You will see surges around new content updates, and the like. This is normal, it happens in just about ever game that launches. The sky is not falling.

sigh I remember back to my first game going live.

It gets easier to understand after you have seen a few.