Fundamental PvP Flaw needs fixing

So heads up, this issue I am about to explain isn’t a problem that persist in only Conan Exiles, but in other games in the same category as well. Let me explain.

Games like Conan require a lot of time grinding to get good stuff in the game. The issue revolves around the Raiding mechanics in the game. It takes days to gather enough resources to both fortify your base and get good equipment for your base. (exceptions would be large clans that spend a lot more time online) If a powerful clan decides to raid you, it takes only 10-15 minutes for them to get in using explosives and destroy all you have. Which makes you start all over.

My Suggestion,

Make Personal Server Vaults with limited space based on player level. This would permit a player to store his or her most valuable items until needed. This way if a clan that is much larger than yours comes and destroys your whole base, you aren’t starting from scratch. Which I believe is the most depressing factor in the way these games are set up.

My plea to the PVP players is to see beyond the “oh I don’t get all your loot” and realize that by obtaining all the loot from your opponents, you essentially drive small clans from your server. Getting some loot from many players and having an active community is always more fun in the long run than obtaining everything from a few players.

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I’ve seen many solo players quit after getting raided once as well. Having a super chest that is immune to damage would cut down on raiding, but it might have the effect of causing others to leave the game since some play just for the aspect of raiding for the spoils. As for myself, I like the pseudo realism the game offers. Super chest seems too artificial. I’d suggest being able to bury chests anywhere. At one time I had to hide chests in hard to find places because I got raided a lot. This worked well until de-spawn timer was introduced. If the chest could have a very long de-spawn timer and be sunken in the land map except for a tiny bit that protrudes, that’d be a great alternative.

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I write about this just before Funcom updated with the pets and new avatar.
They nerfed Vaults hp from 600k to 150k , I told back there that this was going to make a lot of players quit the game…look …a lot of players quit the game !
Back there , with the vaults like they should be (vaults and not an reinforced chest) , solo players and small clan could keep they best itens , thralls and gold there , safe from raids but for those players that just play for raid they still could blow the vaults but they have to work hard for that (100 bombs) and still may find an empty vault.

Now…players aren´t destroying the 150k vaults ( 1 and a half T3 foundation hp) because there are no players… at least not enough to make the game alive again.

One other thing is the decaying time , back there with more players online , more buildings with a longer decay time , the servers worked well , now to make servers better they clean the servers with a 7+ 1 decay time…but there are much less buildings in each map so… if people come back and their bases (not raided) are still there , this player should stay.

I love the game , don´t care ( that much ) for the bugs , Conan is far away much better than other survival games but it needs more action.

Anyways , thank you Funcom for this great game , I do love it.

I’m alpha of my PvP server, and we don’t raid anyone unless they try to raid us first, or threaten to. So I agree to try and keep servers filled, however, I think having “personal vaults” is a mistake.

If a clan gets wiped, they can always move to another server and start over on the grind like so many people say :slight_smile: I think cross server raiding would fix it, it would allow players to fill the dead servers, but still be able to stay connected with other clans.

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I liked when vaults where nearly invincible too. Not getting everything from a raid DEFINITELY doesn’t stop me and the gang from raiding! My clan and fellow clan operate the same way @AvRgHitman do, and really we only raid to teach a lesson about who’s on top and why you don’t mess with us flex**grunt. We don’t care about what you have, we just came to smash things, and you being able to rebuild means pretty little to us.

All in all super tough vaults would be a better fix in my opinion.

Oh and really, do we need decay on pvp servers? Wouldn’t it be funner to smash abandoned bases, or even add a “claim” mechanic?

If there where a claim mechanic, then new players could find refuge in an abandoned base. That would be cool, and give them a major headstart!


The vault nerf was good for the game. The larger clans and well-resourced were able to abuse the toughness of vaults by incorporating them into their assets to serve as walls.

Instead of a sort of “perm stash” like what is being described, how about just occasionally chatting with your server community and saying “Almost raid time. Everyone got their backup stash setup with tools, weapons, and armor… right?

Help teach clever tactics. Suggest building a public map room somewhere that everyone will use - and hide a couple of chests underneath a couple of tiles under the map.

Or, just practice/teach a little rebuild compassion. “Hey, Wiped Clan, you guys got hit pretty hard. Can I help you all with some steel tools and some T2 thralls?

PvP is always going to be occasionally harsh. Show others on your server that it’s okay to raid and be a decent human being. If you have an abusive alpha, move out and find a different place. Not every server has abusive alphas.

Can you explain to me why I would want to regrind to level 60 again? Can you explain to me why anyone will be nice and restore things after a raid? Can you explain to me why I would be online everytime a Raid happens when I have other things to do in life that don’t permit me to always be online?

These types of games, Rust, Conan, Ark, etc. have always had toxic communities and there is no changing that. I am not trying to change people, my suggestion allows players to have a life, or have the time to play other games in between. The vault Idea is Server side, not some physical object to fortify a wall. There would only be one vault per a person and it would have a fixed capacity based on the player level. So level 30 could be with capacity of 30 slots and level 60 would have a capacity of 60 slots.

That’s why when I get on a new server, while leveling up, I study other players and clans and rip them off their loot/their grind trying to grind only the minimum needed and stealing from them only what I really need.
I understand not everyone is ready or willing to go down that path on their way to survive and become a dominator, but you are surviving and as the motto say “in love and in war all is permitted” or something like that ;D
As soon as steamplay is going to come (if it’s ever going to come, i’m mainly a linux gamer but i bought windows 10 just for conan exiles), I’m going to play a whooooole lotta conan exiles. Right now I only play few days a month for shiz and giggles.

What you call “toxicity” it’s implied in being a pvper, I don’t intend to offend you, mind my words, but if you have other stuff to do then you might look into a more casual pvp game, survival multiplayer games are implied and by a fact a time investment. I’m not trying to judge you, mind that, but with that in mind I think you should look into other strategies or understand that it might not be for you. PvP survival = don’t get attached to anything, don’t trust anyone you don’t know in real life, be ready to unleash the worst of yourself just to see how far can you get and feel comfortable with yourself. (i’m also a devote rust player :P)

I am not offended, but realize that it is that mind set the dwarfs survival game player base, because the mighty few dominate until the masses leave the game for good. Like I said before, my idea isn’t to change people, only to accommodate the more casual player base.

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What I think could be a good change since we already find weapons in thrall camps and thrall corpses would be if the devs added chances to find also medium/light armors, and especially to be random, right now I can tell you BY MEMORY where and what spawn where and with what chance. You get where I’m going? So you could gipsy around loot some camps for basic stuff while you level to 60, and even if you loose everything you could always take that chance of raiding camps and find usefull loot to get you back on your feet faster without unnecessary tedious grinding, make sense?
I could tell you by memory where to loot steel long swords and picks/pickaxes, food and orbs, but no armors, I’m almost certain there’s no box or thrall that give you even light armor(correct me if I’m wrong)

I’ll have to disagree with this. We have 10 vaults just sitting in chests right now. And we have the capability to produce 200 vaults a day if we really wanted to. But we mostly focus on Pets, Thralls, base expansions, Altars, etc. But can you imagine the alpha clan having hundreds of vaults placed around that have 600k health. I feel powerful enough having a base that takes up the entire crevice mountain. We are build around it, on top, and inside. So I’m glad vaults are weak.


I kind of like the idea of the claim mechanic. But structures should still fully decay if no one claims it, and the option of forcing the decay, should stay as well.

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Who remember during EA when the first big dupe came before climbing was a thing and a server (or maybe a couple) had spawn walled off with vaults so nobody could exit the desert and enter spawn beach? LUL :smiley:

Vaults are good as they are.

I proposed and asked a million time over for PvP to untie the claim from building blocks and add a bench or a cornerstone to claim(like the tool cupboard in rust), so that we could take over abandoned bases and also that enemy clans could build arenas without the problem of building restriction. Role players came at my throath like rabid hyenas (just kidding but you can immagine the response).
You could still build anywhere, you wouldn’t own it until you claim it.
It’s never going to happen.


The problem is the “sea” of vaults clans do, in almost every pvp server there are places with lots of spreaded vaults around, it look ridiculous and immersion breaking.

Limiting the number of vaults per clan not only would help the spam, but give more meaning to it, it should be used to store treasure, instead ppl use for everything, even for raiding that become a tool to put outside the target base to store the bombs and spoils after, making the raid even easier than already is.

In my opinion, FC should make Vaults recipe tied to clan with a limit to only three, and back with the 600k hp. This way Vaults would have to be well hidden and would hold the best loot.


Yeah I hear you on that. Vaults are too low in cost to make them very strong. When I beat the game, I use vaults to super level because they’re so cheap to build and end up with a million lying around. I have a vault just to store my vaults lol.

I wouldn’t change the game too much in that aspect, especially since I did so wll as a solo player, then as a two man clan who is on top on the server im on (allied with another 2 man clan).

It would be nice to walk away for a month and log onto the official server you were on and be right back where you left off, but maybe a little unfair? Lol it would be cool to see your old base being run by new people and a chance to get it back though!

Hmm, either the topic has gone on a tangent or readers didn’t understand what I meant by Server Vault. A server vault wouldn’t be something you could build. It would simply be a storage space on the server that only the player could access. It would also be limited based on character level. This way raiding would still be effective as there would be loot to be had, but allowing the player who got raided to have some resources to fall back on upon respawn.

So you want an enderchest like in minecraft? Absolutely against it.