New patch coming!

Well, I already express myself about this . The developers doens t care about the older players. They whant to make the game easier like they did whit the stagger on skeletons of unnamed city. They don’t eaven are preoccupied whit all the players they will loose because they affirmed that this change it’s being accepted for more than an half of the players. So, funcom has you wish. You know one think? I gived up from the game a week ago and all my clan. I throw everything to the grown and abandoned all my buildings. we’re having a HUGE war against t 3 big and active clans. I love my buildings, and I had to abandoned every single day if my job in conan. I just whant to see, good job and this sucks :wink:

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The amount of players returning because of mounts and levelable thralls outnumber the amount of people who will quit because the game isn’t hard enough for them.


Even more if the servers become more stable with less thralls hogging the resources. No doubt it will be for the best.


We are going to be able to level our pets and thralls, the dev stream dudes thrall was what 26k health that’s what how many t4 bearers combined. Making it easier how you are going to need more stradegy. The ultimate goal they probably hoping for people will build smaller and less, cant have 10 buildings 4 with no defenses or the great wall of pets, causing the game to play better because there will be less clutter. People need to stop complaining about grinding out new thralls in a grinding game.

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People leave for the following reasons:

  1. People
  2. Content drought over the summer.

People who stick around so long only do so because they achieved something on an official server. But they never really play. It’s called “maintenance mode” - Coming on to refresh timers while playing other games.

I seen it all across my steamlist of CE friends.

Now that the new features have been announced, they ALL ask me “Halcyon, you coming back to 1008 to play when they add mounts?”

I tell them “not as long as player X is still around…” (i’m not allowed to identify my griefer on this forum apparently)

But the interest is definitely there. I am currently thinking about and exploring options for running an unofficial server with all of my friends.

Frankly these concerns are… official server concerns.

CE sold at least a few hundred thousand copies, if not a million. Yet only roughly 3500 players play concurrently… A fraction of them on official servers.

I’m not surprised why 2 years of whining on this forum hasn’t swayed Funcom into helping the people on official servers at all.

The total population of Official server players can’t be above 3K.
That’s a glorious joke compared to the 50K who play on ARK official servers.

Donnoh… Think official players feel like they matter, when it’s the unofficial players who actually generate the most revenue.

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But you leave 'cause now it will be harder to defend your base. Where is your logic? It will be harder for them to defend their bases too. Will they leave as well?

Game too easy? Just git gud bad.


It is not very difficult, just try it. There is not much to go wrong - and if so - just set it up once again! Your server will get better with every moment. We did so long ago too and up to now we have not felt bad about this decision. A private server is much more fun and much less stress. You can opt for all the mods you like which also make game experience much bigger and more funny. And you can decide which players may join! So there will be no stress like the ones you mention.

(With all the changes to come according to thrall limitation etc I do not see any advantage of official servers as long as you have the option to make a private one and also know your friends will follow you there!)

The only thing to choose is if you rent a server or set up one yourself on a PC you have.

My advise: just do it - it is really fun!

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That step is really sth I never understood… They are a joke now. The only hard part of them got removed, because of whiny players…

But then again, how many items got destroyed because of other whiny players… Funcom should stop listen to whiny players…

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Oh yes, and where you got those numbers ? Are there any poll to tell you that ? No, of course not … they closed every single poll :wink:

But yes, I’m sure it will be for the best: I’m going to have a lot of fun when official servers will have 1 to 0 players each and no one will buy DLCs anymore. It’s always the best when people get what they deserve :wink:

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Regular skeletors shouldn’t be difficult, individually. That’s why they come in numbers.

They weren’t difficult before. They were just bloody tedious. Now at least I can deal with them as the chaff they’re supposed to be and find difficulty in stuff that is suppied to be difficult, such as the still unstaggerable undead bosses.

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Devs said that the amount of health shown was not intentional andthat it shoul not happen in game. Some thralls will be able to go over 10K, but that’s all (If i remember correctly).

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To the best of my knowledge, no-one closed any of your polls, but they were merged into the main thread.


Yep. As said by Robert (quote stolen from Multigun’s stream recap thread):
The hitpoints for the thrall displayed in the stream is not representative of the hitpoints we will have in the final build. Some (very rare) Thralls may have more hitpoints than 10,000, but those are rare finds indeed. The thrall present on the stream is likely from a build with old data, and we will investigate.


In that main thread everything gets lost in two hours, you can’t be that naive !

And none of you answered to my question: how the f**k do you know how many people likes this patch ? Have you bothered taking count of every user ?

And again, why don’t they make a poll to find out ? They made polls to know bulls**it like what armor people likes the most, why don’t they make it for important questions ?

They keep saying “most people agree with us” but they didn’t bothered asking our opinion. The only thing they did was opening a huge (and useless) thread where to dispose all the protest thread opened by user who don’t think the way they do.

Stop defending them, they act like blind butchers and the only good thing is that they are going to cut off their hands too.

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I like this patch. so scribble a big 1 on your chalk board hahaha!

Ultimately I’m excited to see new things coming to the game. the restrictions don’t effect me, and leveling thralls will be fun. nexy gen comes out next year and im sure with new awesome games just like Conan Exiles, so three years of addictive fun is a good record in my book.

If anything draws away the fand base, it’s going to be newer better games on newer better consoles.


It is not, and continually claiming you were censored (ie, your threads being closed) when it’s demonstrably false does not make your point any stronger, quite the contrary.

Yes it’s hard to keep track of that thread, the fact that people like you opened multiple copies of the same topic that then had to be merged into it certainly didn’t help any. However, Funcom staff has stated they read it all, and in that sense it’s serving its purpose.

Because no-one can answer that for you. This forum makes up a small subset of the whole community, itself only a small subset of players.

No, because there’s no way to do that. The closest thing you can get it analyzing the actual data for hosted servers, something only Funcom can do really, and trying to determine how many people will be meaningfully affected by this change, then balancing the positives and the negatives for the maximum number of players, ie the game as a whole.

See above. Those polls are about community involvement, and about getting information that you can’t easily pull from the raw data. Incidentally, if they didn’t care about the community’s feedback AT ALL, they wouldn’t really have bothered to release the information about the upcoming thrall limit this far in advance. Which is not the same as saying they will necessarily change their minds about the numbers.

They read it. Keeping the forum from being a bunch of identical threads with the same discussion happening in twenty places concurrently makes sense.

Yeah keep wishing bad on people, that’ll make them want to listen to you.


True, but you forgot to list the “elephant in the room”:

  1. Bugs, glitches, and performance issues.

Nearly everyone I played with on a rented server have been gone since after the update last December because of #3 and aren’t showing signs of interest in returning to the game. Particularly embarrassing, since I was the one who talked them in to getting the game in early access…thought Funcom had something great for a minute there.
Recently, I removed the game from my high end PC due to #3 and have just been watching the forums to see if anything improves before a couple new games I have my eyes on get released early next year.

Look at Steam Charts. People show up when an update or patch is released, but almost immediately fall off again. Plus, there has been more player loss than gain. That tells me people leave for far more than the two reasons you’ve listed, although they are legit and accurate reasons.

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Do it. You won’t regret it. Like I’ve said recently, set it up on a powerful-enough spare PC with the Server Admin Tool – and switch it to TestLive. Then you and your crew can (potentially) check out mounts and thrall leveling well in advance of the launch. I have played on a private, home-hosted Conan Exiles server for longer than a year, and truthfully it’s the way the game was meant to be played. An actual dedicated server with a short route and a stable, low ping.

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They don’t listen to me anyway, I’m just frustrated that people like you keep answering naively when you know perfectly well the truth. I’ve opened 2 polls (the second cause they merged the first with that feedback thread) and I specifically asked them not to merge the second (either they didn’t read it or didn’t care).

Now, what damage can do a poll ? It’s just statistics … they say most people agree with them, that would have proven them right or wrong, or even nothing … but it’s a datum to consider. Instead they disposed it.

How you think I should feel about it ? I bought a game (and I spent money for that) and now they are changing the very base of it. Even worse they are saying prople agree with them but then they refuse to open polls and dispose the ones opened by people.

I’m ok with a change even if that means it would completely destroy all my work, but they have to give me a good reason for that. And I KNOW it’s a bulls**t that PVE have performance issues cause I’ve been playing it for over a year and I’ve NEVER had such problems. And, just for the records, I live in Italy and I have a crappy internet connection, so I should be the first to have problems if there were any.

And acting like they do, stating bull**its like “most people agree with us” and then deleting everything that could prove them wrong is … I don’t know the english term for this, but in Italy we say it’s acting like Donald Duck. Yes, imagine Donald Duck saying “pls, most people agree with us” :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I know the forum is not the totality of the people who plays CE, but it’s the OFFICIAL place where to discuss about the game and if you don’t consider this, what would you consider to say “most people want this patch” ? Where you got these numbers ?

Reddit ? Ticket System ? The Great Wizard of Oz ?
I’ve read much more people who hate this system and are going to leave the game because of that, but you don’t care, do you ? Yeah, who cares if a bunch of idiots have spent money for a game they won’t play anymore … THAT is the reason I wish bad on people. Cause people are selfish and don’t give a f**k about the others.

But you know what the best part is ? I’m not only wishing bad on you, I KNOW this patch will ruin your game as well, and you don’t imagine how good I feel about it.