New patch coming!

ON THIS forums as the majority is just in Funcoms butt anyway, so they have a chance to be the next Chosen of Asura :wink:

@RichardDelta93 Just take a break from the forums… You will never get an answer you are looking for.
PS.: I am 100% on your side :wink:

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It would indeed prove nothing.

I think you’re well within your rights to feel miffed about it, post about it and request they reconsider

It was already explained to you why a poll tells us nothing. As for many people agreeing with this move, that’s a fact - whether it’s a majority or not I have no basis for saying, neither do you. I suspect even Funcom cannot know for sure since a very large percentage of users never make their opinion known one way or the other.

I’m sorry to be blunt but you’re fundamentally misunderstanding the issue if you think any of that is relevant.

Showing your true colors eh?


Nyeah, i’m careful and dubious about unofficial servers because I have hosted one on ARK before.
The experience for consumers is vastly different than that of the admin.
I’m more of a consumer than an admin, but most admins make so many eccentric quirky decisions that I’m not willing to follow many of them, thus I wanna bake my own sustainable cake.

I want to create a public no-wipe server, as vanilla as possible, to update-proof the experience.
No modded structures or storage - they are the first to break during an update.

Trying to design a sustainable self-sufficient unofficial server is no easy feat and requires a lot of preparation.

On the other hand, I want fashionista, Pippi, Paragon levels, Primal Armor, Ember and of-course Sexiles & Slavermod. These require some reading into to see if they brick anything on updates.

So, if you guys got some insights into which mods are unlikely to break things, lemme know.

The second consideration is cost vs. convenience.
I’ve always liked nitrado, cuz it’s convenient. On the other hand, I have friends who offer to host CE on their server if we ever needed that; for free. But I’m also a staunch believer in unconditional autonomy.

It’s not people I don’t trust; It’s their emotions. And Nitrado is purely money-conditional whereas the other offer is relationship-conditional, which is circumstance-dependent. Argueably, money-conditional is also circumstance dependent, but it’s a lot more predictable and fairer.

If I do something… I never do it half-assed.

@Mikey You are one of my favorite Chosen of Asura, because you actually have some spine.

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Arent there plenty of servers with such mods?

Because the last thing this game really needs are more servers…

More players would be a lot better.

But difficulty can be altered at will
Fight everything with a stone pick… Use no thrall and stay in stone age… aka no stove, no metal tools, no metal weapons , no improved benches and no stat over 30… u will see a dificulty (especially in high end places (warmakers, wine cellar, sunken city etc) that may trigger the survivor in u

Dear Richard, I need to say that i disagree with you about Funcom not listening to you. I’m not “for Funcom”, they are doing good and bad things like any developpers, but you need to give them credit for what is good. I’ve seen a lot of games that were really nice but got a sh.tty development post-lunch and bad things were made (i wont give names, that’s not the point).
When you say that they are not listening to you, it probably is the case, they aren’t going to answer to anyone, but they do read any feedback because that’s how they can improve the game, if it wasn’t the case, they wouldn’t bother with us.
The problem is that you are acting in a vindicative way. You want people to know what you think : it’s good, that’s how, together, we can improve a game, but you are doing it pretty poorly in my opinion. Telling things like “I wish bad on people” isn’t helpful and “mean” for no reasons. You are saying that “people don’t give a damn about others”, but you saying that you never experienced any performance issues is kind of the same. Performance issues are a thing and it’s big, and you are lucky do don’t have any.
However, I can easily understand why you’d be sad/angry about this uptade. I’m playing solo so this patch won’t affect me that much but I can have an opinion that is not biased by my feelings and, in my opinion, the uptate is pretty good, it’s bringing good things, but unfortunatly some major points are bad, mostly the thrall cap. Like i said, this won’t affect me, but I understand why it’s a problem and Funcom really should think more about it. Having a cap isn’t bad, but work needs to be done on it.
Unfortunatly, some changes are needed for the game to go forward, if it wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be any development post-release and it would be dramatic.
I, for instance, am taking a break from the game until the next patch and the hotfix that will follow, cause doing work on my server right now would be useless.
I really hope that my post doesn’t feel agressive/mean towards you as I have nothing against you.
As Jot29 said, take a brake from the forum and from the game.
Have a nice day !

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That’s the thing about statistics: it’s too hard to do right and too easy to misuse. I saw the polls you made and I submitted my own answers. You weren’t going to get any useful data from them. At best, you were going to have something to make you feel better, but that’s all.

Spot on. Games like this are supposed to be our leisure time, but we all occasionally forget that… #AlsoGuilty

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@Halcyon: Since you will be the admin, you do not have to fear any of the so called excentric admins, except you are one yourself :wink: . You can run the server the way YOU want it to run. Of course after having made agreements with your friends you want to join. And any other players, if you ever allow them to join, will have to stick to YOUR rules. That is all!

To the point of cost versus profit: if you manage to run the game on a PC of your own, you will have no monthly costs besides those for running the PC all the time. We are doing so now too and it works. We also tried a g-portal server for some time, but atm we enjoy the first solution much more. But the monthly fee for 10 slots (= Euro 9,–) is not that high anyways. And among friends you can also share these costs! Whatever you do: there are many ways to put up with an official server and its costs. Again my advise: try it, and if it will not work, you will have not lost anything but maybe Euro 9,–, to my mind a fair price for a trial that may result in a much better experience of the game!

Among the mods we are really fond of is of course Pippi and Age of Calamitous. We have not experienced much troubles with them either. Glass constructions on the other hand made our server not joinable for a few times, until it got matched again to the DLCs etc. We have not much experience with merely optical mods (for dressings etc,), because what we prefer most are mods for buildings and environmental structures etc.

Go and try it! There is no way to find out if you like it but by trying! Good luck and have fun!

I also hope Funcom will do their best for the public servers and this game, because I still consider it an excellent game. But a lot of things are at stake now!
And I still do not understand why Funcom is trying to find ONE solution for ALL servers. Why cannot they split up between PvE and PvP! These ways of playing are not compareable in all aspects. There are a lot of things which are only good for one while being bad for the other. I understand why they are trying to have as little work with all their servers, but splitting up these two kinds of playing would not be that much more work for them.

But finding solutions always working for both ways of playing brings the risk of being bad for one of them! And that will frustrate the players. Funcom cannot be happy with it because this will also mean a loss of players. And to bring back those having left the game due to frustration is very difficult, if possible at all.

So I am very curious about the future of the game and how Funcom will handle the current situation.

I am still hoping everyone votes for me :slight_smile:

It’s more to do with trusting people than the amount of servers.
You don’t get into a car with strangers in RL (unless you pay them), so why should you in a game as well?

The driver needs to resonate with you.

See, games and people are alike. Both of them can’t be perfect. They can only have the right kind of flaws.

The thing is, if they split up the game between PvE and PvP, it’s like they are working on two different games, because the core code will change, it won’t be the same, they’ll need to have twice as much people looking for bugs etc… This solution would be very interesting and nearly an obligation, but a lot of work needs to be done, and we, the players, can’t tell if they have the ressources to do so.

Splitting the game into two different games? Yeah, we-the-players can easily tell Funcom does not have the resources to do so. It’s not gonna happen.

The way Funcom makes PVP and PVE servers different is through server configuration, and even then they keep the differences down to a minimum.

So, when it comes to the follower cap, the most you might expect is to have slightly different values plugged into the cap formula for PVP and PVE servers. And even that it probably not going to happen, since Funcom has stated that the cap has been introduced to solve performance problems and, as far as I know, all the official servers have the same hardware.

I’m super excited for this new patch, mounts will let me roam with twilight princess music feeling good, leveling Thralls will be so cool for my cities and it will add a feeling of individual skill to them, which before it seems like they all seem to be the same. Even for a sp city builder this is a very cool patch! Plus RoH is coming and I got the s2 pass so I will hopefully be able to immerse myself in European mounted combat


Yes I’m acting in a vindicative way, cause it’s the only thing I can do to let someone listen to me. I’m not good at english so forgive me if my words may look aggressive, it’s not what I want right now, but:

  1. You don’t play PVE (probably you don’t play official servers at all), I do. Trust me, situation there is all but critical. I saw tons of thralls and pets left alone (many of them floating in the air). No lag at all near them. Want to know what causes majors lags for me ? My own base, full of placeables … it takes about a minute to fully load and become visible, and about 10 to get completely “solid”. I’ve got only 10 thralls in it, so it can’t be those who causes lags.

  2. I live in italy and my connection is crappy. If there were problems about thralls I would have been the first to find out. But do notice: I’m not saying they don’t cause problems in big numbers, I’m just saying that they are not the major problem and that those numbers can be increased a lot.

  3. Consider (I’be said this tons of times right now) that with a thrall cap no one will ever break Archers (they are far less performant than fighters), Dancers (one would be more than enough), Bearers (like dancers). Pets (the same). We would have crappy bases full of fighters, small buildings easier to defend … do notice that the only thing that makes CE shine is the actual Thrall/Building system. If you kill it, then there are way better games out there and there is no reason to keep playing this.

I played PVE, its in a bad spot and I think that if there was a system implemented to some players who would like to administrate official PVE servers I would see only positive in that, thats how you keep people from getting too crazy with constructions. These cant be any players, they have to be literally tested and gone through some serious process before becoming an admin. It is the only thing I can see working for PVE other than a complete wipe

But PVE is ALL about building !
Seriously there is no other goal in playing it … completing the game is just laughable, since i’ve gathered every artefact (except for the trapezoedon) and I wasn’t even looking for them.

The survive part is also laughable since there is really nothing to survive. Gather for food is easy task, there are no dangerous event to test your skills …

Survive, Build, Dominate.

Dominate is going to be cut in half.
Survive never even existed.
And now you want to kill the Build part too ?

No seriously, what’s your problem with other people’s work ? There are a few places where I’d liked to build but were already taken, but it’s not like you can’t build anywere else. And it’s fun (it’s the only fun thing, to be honest) to build a great base and compare it to other people’s work.

That’s PVE is about … and whoever not agree with this is wrong. You want don’t like other people work ? There’s PVP for that.

Don’t know where you play, but I’ve never had problems in official servers.

It certainly is troublesome if that’s an accurate representation. I think his point is that since it’s also possible to bring the server to its knees with the building system, there’s no point imposing a limit on thralls. Which is a bit of a fallacy to say the least.

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Let me answer with a question: why a poor exiles should pass near my base ? It’s north of the Unnamed City, in the desert, near the oasis (not around it). There’s really no reason to get there, or at least you can easily avoid it.

New Asagarth is fully built around and your FPS drops ? And you thing it’s due to the thralls ? It’s not.
People can build bases with no thralls and full of placeables and crash the server. So, again, no point putting a limit to thralls.

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