So, Funcom suggested they listen, then take every action to prove that they don't

An extremely controversial patch that essentially reworks the entire game, coming out in 2 days, that not only is not working properly on the test server, but has over all damning consequences to the game and player’s enjoyment, and not a word back from Funcom on the issue as to why they are redesigning their game so far after release…

Whats the excuse for the silence and complete ignoring of the ‘New Follower Limit’ feed back thread, when Funcom stated they were listening?

I suppose the silence is exactly what it indicates… Lack of care or interest in their customer base? Certainly how it comes across.

Before the patch is released and the game suffers from its biggest failing yet, what about the following?:

A. Worse case scenario this will likely not help with the lag issue, it may even make it worse as the new systems will essentially be a trade off . Best case scenario, lag stays about the same or has a minor improvement, all for a couple of additions a vocal minority pestered Funcom about, when many of us never wanted the pointless additions. This patch has the right intentions, but is poorly designed currently and not a worthwhile trade off for players or Funcom.

B. Funcom has destroyed hours worth of time with past patches. As this one is so game changing, as in, completely reworking it from its foundations, I believe its very likely they break peoples current bases, the game, and who knows how long (or how severe) things will be broken. Hell, they are already consciously destroying peoples thralls.

C. The heavy handed limit as planned is currently designed to greatly negatively effect nearly every style of player of the game save for a specific game style of building solo, small, and potentially infrequently. Every other player is boned. Big clans, small clans, PvE, PvP… Its like Funcom was looking for specifically the absolutely most controversial way of implementation and went with that. Why are small clans boned with +5 a person? How come a big clan can’t have enough thrall to protect one big clan base (or in contrast, not enough thralls to protect smaller satellite bases)? They took one of the main mechanics about the game (thralling) and knee capped it back to be a side feature. The limit doesn’t even facilitate searching out and collecting of rare thralls (which was one of the main time sinks in this game. Pitifully short sighted to axe this).

D. The current implementation doesn’t even facilitate all the problems it brings with it (let alone tackle the problem intended to resolve) and will leave the game in a worse state after then before. There is no thrall locator, or even a counter. Putting in such a ‘afterthought’ of a solution that fall so extremely short of handling the problem, only to generate more problems seems like taking a gun and shooting yourself in the temple. People will have no ideas where thralls are, how many are left, thralls stuck in the world, and all the other bugs that are almost guaranteed to come with…

Seems like it’d be much smarter to fix the game in small pieces, then later after release, nudging it into a place where Funcom wants it, not break the game trying to fix it, then fix the broken solution, and then trying to tackle the problem again. I have seen enough other gaming companies go around and around doing this same thing until it ends development.

E. As mentioned in A. the new systems are nothing more then a bad trade. Mounts are pointless. Sure, I can see jousting being entertaining, yes its one more type of pet in the game, small excitement, but past that, entirely pointless. You don’t need them for travel. The world is small. You don’t need them for thralling or gathering resources as a normal thrall proves to be better for that any how and you can’t run around with a thrall with your hose because your horse is taking up that slot, and for all we know, you can’t thrall with your horse because Funcom hasn’t mentioned (to my knowledge) that you can use your tether while riding. Mounts/riding in conan is something Funcom stated couldn’t come to the game, didn’t really need to come to the game, and I would argue is as much a additive to the game as any other single piece of decor. The fact that this is partly is why we are getting such a low thrall limit is just a bad joke. Like taking off the tires of your car so flashy rims can fit, but you don’t have the tires for the rims.

F. Thrall levels and perks: See ‘E’. Entirely pointless as well. This can be enjoyable for a single thrall. Or maybe another thrall once that first single thrall died… but not much past that. Defending thralls (in PvE at least) don’t need perks. Thralls are already extremely over powered. 1 single follower is all that at most needs the perks (i would argue thralls are currently so strong, none of them need perks or levels) but even looking at the system positively, you only need the 1. Past that, your other 54 thralls will have the perk/leveling system for absolutely no reason save for further server resources and a lower thrall cap. This is actually worse then the mount situation. The mounts is a trade off for something minorly interesting for a big negative. The thrall leveling system is actually handicapping the game for no reason.

A much better implementation would be our current thralling system with a option to ‘Champion’ one of our normal thralls, to give the Champion the levels and perks. You then couldn’t make another champion until that one dies. You keep the thrall perks/leveling, you don’t cripple the servers and thrall limits with a really poorly designed system, you don’t have a bunch of useless thralls standing around with lvl 1 and no perks, being a demand on the system for no reason, and Funcom wouldn’t been implementing a half baked idea with greater ramifications then benefits.

G. There is no replacement system, trade off for the players that focus on building and populating their bases coming with this patch. I know its not everyone, but a very large portion of Funcom’s player base is this style of player. Funcom, through their own DLC, contests, and interaction with the community have encouraged building, building in detail, and sharing it. Its a large portion of the success of this game (the survival aspect certainly wasn’t the main draw). Funcom is facilitating a short sighted patch, that adds 2 essentially useless systems to the game, that will very negatively effect a large portion of their consistent player base with no solution to what they are destroying. These people, if they can not continue to enjoy what they have been doing in the game in the future, will leave and find other games. Funcom is treating this group of players as a niche player base when I personally believe it is a significant portion of why Funcom was successful with this game. It is one of the best base builders out there. Much better then Ark and other similar games. After this patch, it will not even be close to the best base builder out there. Funcom destroying this aspect of the game is just so backwards to the idea of game and development growth, as well player acquisition/retention that I don’t even really know how to react other then in disbelief. I mean, what kind of inexperienced company makes those decisions? And Funcom has tons of experience…?

They could use the idea from ‘F’ or they could add in a system for populating a base with ‘non-follower’ decor type thralls, or a number of any other idea. But we hear nothing. They are destroying our game and we get no words from Funcom regarding the subject.

All these points have not once been addressed by Funcom and they are walking into this disaster, eyes open, face first, like this is the first game they have ever made and don’t have a care in the world…

How can a company with experience exhibit this sort of behavior?

Or is it truly my worst fear? That the game is already suffering, and this is a last ditch effort (veteran players be damned) to pull in a new crowed and a new pool of profit before the game flops on self crippling decisions?

What is actually going on for such illogical, unexplained, and bullheaded ideas from this company?


I welcome this patch with open arms. Just thought i should say it, cause to many speak for everyone these days.


So you are happy to have some thralls get stucked to 40% in all stats?

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I appreciate your your stance on the patch and value it.

However, I never suggested I speak for everyone, I am speaking for myself and the many that share my thoughts.

And weather you welcome the patch or not, it doesn’t change the fact that the points raised above are still valid concerns that Funcom has not shown any signs of addressing… Their silence implies complete lack of regard…


Killed off all my thralls. So im fine with that. Will fool around with mounts for a while before i start placing and leveling thralls.

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With the patch its a button click… Thats why I stopped doing it.

And this thralls can be bugged to 40% overall stats. And therefore many (myself included) wanted the patch to be postponed for 1 week, until this bugs are fixed.

I hope I get my purge tonight… Dont want to get a purge with nerfed old thralls and not level20 thralls…

I’m looking forward to the patch and to the new system.


After playing the testlive and doing a mass amount of stat builds and thrall set ups I can tell you

  1. New thrall are as powerful as roughly 20 old thrall with the right perks

2.pvp(and note I was absolutely pissed with the new Dodge mechanic) is actually changing for the better (as opposed to previous assumptions I have before) as the new combat build system is now based on a situational approach instead of a 1 and done meta. Now there is more then one way to skin a cat and some builds counter others but none seem more powerful then every single other

  1. Massive basses and satilite bases for mass clans has been kinda toxic and I myself have participated in that way of playing. Building is going to need to be more compact and conservative to maintain proper control of your bases and thus create a more balanced raid environment

4.thrall have never been a great defence and this update dosnt really change that outside of better archer thrall and somewhat better AI are very correct in that this update needed longer then a week to fix the bugs that come with it however I have been seeing alot more funcom intervention with exploiters as of this last month so I suggest being vigilant and report abusers. I’ve seen 6 clans across 3 servers get ban and not return just in the past 2 weeks Wich is alil late but better then never

  1. These updates come with alot of changes but not that with the right skill and practice can’t be adapted to in the first day.

Idk why it’s formatting my post like that but you get the point

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I appreciate you POV, but it does not at all respond to the points brought up. I don’t mean to be contrite, but I am not sure if anyone is gaining much from your post save for a extremely loose population count.

What i was worried about initially, still criticize, and still believe plays into the complete uselessness of the system.

Can you comment any on the appeal of leveling and applying perks across multiple thralls? I suppose if you are part of a PvP environment, you experience may not exactly fit with my view from a PvE perspective, but I’m curious. I personally find the system cumbersome and unneeded complexity/work in a game the thralls don’t have any need of such systems.

I was very curious about this. Just watching dev streams, my criticism of the new dodge was pretty heavy, yet, I was silent about it as it is less important to my play style and I was so heavily distracted by all the other Funcom plans that were kicking me to the curb.

If you are suggesting a change of mind on the dodge, I will dial my thoughts on this back till I see it in action.

This point is my main contention with this patch. I know and agree with what you are saying. But to me, this looks like a attempt to deal with people building in the ‘extreme’ and the fallout of the change is it catches many standard players in the destruction of the system.

I agree, big bases can be a problem, but only after reaching extreme sizes, blockading specific points, and on specific servers… This is an outlier issue, and I’d argue further, Funcom needs to be (but apparently isn’t going to be) very careful in regulations around this sort of play style, as I personally believe, a large portion of the player base play primarily and specifically for building. As I stated before, I am not against limitations because the system does have to run… But Funcom’s sweeping changes are anything but careful, in fact they pretty much completely negates a core group of players and how they enjoy to play the game.

When ever I see people talk about massive bases as a problem, its usually one of two things, a PvE server that has long running clans that have had a lot of time to populate a server with stuff (find a new server then with more space) or a PvP server where the size of the clan and base are so overwhelming, that new players can’t contend against (well, thats a PvP issue and the people that enjoy base building as the core of the game are typically PvE and are getting screwed for a PvP issue.

Not to mention the massive outcry from PvP players anyhow.

What I feel was a swing and a miss for Funcom. I know I am reiterating at this point, but Funcom would have been so much better served with fixing Thrall AI, a higher Thrall cap then what they propose, and no cumbersome thrall leveling and perk system, then rolling out with a faulty complex system that is now going to be built over the ruined foundations of already broken system…

There’s an order to things… You fix the car and make it so it actually is able to drive before you start decking it out with extras…

I would hope the two efforts are not connected. Both sides are important. I agree and am also glad to hear Funcom is active about exploiters (even if late) however, thats still no excuse for rolling out busted patches and making the players pay for it.

The game is enjoyable now. If they break it with the patch and make it not enjoyable to play, people will stop, at least until fixed. How long is that going to take? Why must we destroy things before we fix them? Why can’t fixes be applied in measured amounts so the adjustment period for the paying players is metered, carefully implemented, and not nearly as painful and destructive to game time?

Why must innovations, questionable ones at that, come at a cost to the player, both in the bugs and problems brought with the patch, as well as the redesign of the game, away from veteran players?

Thats faith in Funcom I unfortunately no longer share. I believe they have proven themselves to not be capable of this.

Plus, once again I believe you missed one of my main points (G.) in that they are taking away something they are not giving back. They are not facilitating the builders of this game in any way. When it comes to the thrall limit and being stuck, restricted to a small base (or at least a unpopulated one) there is no alternative choice.

There is no ‘adapting to’. Its simply a matter of take it or leave it. You know, after Funcom already got my money, selling me a different product.

If they want to change the game so much, make a separate game.

I do want to state I appreciate your response however. I disagree with a few statement, but I appreciate the information and you POV.


I’ve been agreeing with FrogBiscuit across an array of issues over the past couple of weeks. Opinion camps will grow organically out of this. There are a multitude of views but I tend to agree with the baseline assessment that this is rushed and not ready for prime time.

You can agree or disagree with a thrall cap, super OP thralls vs. OP thralls, and whether mounts make sense in this game with a tiny map - but it’s a moot point. It’s happening regardless of your view. But what we should be united on, is the amount of bugs introduced with new patches along with crazy mind bending sweeping untested changes showing pvp players being one or two shotted by thrall archers. We’re told it’s being addressed but within a day or two? What change across thralls have to be made to bring it to a proper live balance? The last patch that broke the game took a couple of weeks to address a huge issue of Relic Hunters with 100 HP and players losing assets to raids during this time-. All they added in that patch was some vanity building pieces and new armors. My Official server stopped providing API to battle metrics after the last hotfix. The server is now completely removed from battle metrics from lack of contact. All the red flags are thrown with the magnitude of this patch and I’m not sure many people are really grasping that this patch is going to be a work in progress on live servers over the next couple or few of months - a work in progress which should probably be tested on sandbox environments and ironed out there. I’m guessing the game will be unplayable until at least after December with vacations and stuff.

Edit - I highly recommend everyone removing their valuable assets off of their current thralls, like swords of crom or things that take forever to farm.


As far as the leveling on thrall I’ve found that the perk system for them hasn’t done much to Chang thrall fundamentally there is still a hiearchy in thrall there are thrall that are just simply better then others but they did change what you want to look for. The thing however is that this update actually makes pets more viable locust got a hell of a buff that makes the Queen’s on par with thrall archers and some close range pets are actually useful in pvp/pve situations. It’s more of a pet buff then a thrall buff in terms of how they made a cap for thrall in general.

The Dodge thing and I can’t stress this enough made the Dodge look infinitely worse then what it is. Granted it will slow down fights alot and make dodging more risk reward sort of thing instead of a inherent reflex that will happen for about 70% of your fight. Dodging is slower but not as slow as shown in the stream and I see alot of verity coming with this update from all sorts of weapon set ups and armor combinations.

Give me a few to reread and reply more as I tend to lose my train of thought and want to make sure I share my experience in full with test live and what I’ve seen

As far as pve goes you are very correct they did kinda poop on you guys with the cap and it’s stupid but the only thing I can suggest is go to a private as they can adjust thrall caps(however it’s kinda stupid you have to do that at all). But what I can tell you is that the thrall you do get are going to go a long way. U fortunately for the strictly builders it’s going to be rough going solo. I do feel for you guys on this. So I apologise it’s hard to sort through the pvp and pve players on this subject as many people feel the same but the difference is that the strictly pvp players should be happy with this and the pve players are rightfully mad. And what I highly highly suggest is the pve players get together and ask that official servers be at the very least worked with differently on the thrall aspect i.e higher thrall caps for pve because it does take away from your experience

I’m happy about the new changes coming. There’s always the option of renting a server to get around the thrall limit as well (I rent my own). Then you can have the best of all worlds and tailor the game to your liking. The official servers though, because it’s a free ride, are at their discretion so if they think there is a performance issue tied to thrall count, it’s their prerogative to make changes, set limits, etc. I understand that impacts how some people like to play but again, a group of server users can get together and defray the cost of a server if it matters that much.


As far as exploiters and funcom dealing with it this past month I have personally spoken to ignasis about issues happening across 2 servers with one being a no name clan using every exploit under the moon to raid and within 3 days these people where all around dealt with and a few of these exploits being roughed out I.e out of bound body vaults and bomb scripts that make people have essentially auto fire grenade launchers as well as there promt ban the second was a mob of Asian hackers popping into a server using mid air floating treb/ddos/undermeshing to the point is killed a almost max pop server in about 2 days. Once they where reported and exposed the following day the server was almost wiped clean of them with mass bans and a ping cap. Now I know there are still issues on other servers but it is very apperant that funcom is starting to take this incredible seriously atleast for now and it’s much better then the very passive way things where handled before. I’ve played since day 1 alpha and I can genuinely say I’ve seen more punishment dished out in the past month then I’ve seen in the entire time I’ve played

Yah, I agree with this and I think its been requested. Funcom shortsightedly stated something like “they are essentially not different servers and we can’t separate them”, however even as the failure of a tech that I am (I do work in a similar field), I can tell you thats a 100% cop out.

Its not that they can’t, its just like with the destruction of everyone’s current thralls, its just that they don’t want to spend the time.

Their lack of care and effort however in this specific regard, is going to bite them in the ■■■, as I personally believe they deserve at this point. You don’t crap on one portion of your player base to facilitate another, specially when both different sides of the player base are significant.

But… its supposed to release tomorrow.

Despite not being ready.
Despite heavy protest.
Despite that it clearly is going to cause greater problems then its going to solve…

I guess some developers need to learn game development 101 over, and over, and over, and over…

But, I guess at this point, no matter what cliff they are steering for, the dice have been rolled.

Thanks once again for your input, you have been very informative.


I do agree with your solution on the private server, but not only is it a bit besides the point, it still doesn’t cover the fundamental issues at hand (not to mention the complete destruction of current projects and the forced choice of quitting or starting from scratch).

EDIT I don’t actually mean to hurt my argument with this, but I have already actually moved to a private server. Set my box up the other day and run myself to avoid costs. But that is really besides the point. Once again, it completely side steps and ignores the problems at hand. But also tells every builder player out there that they are being shuffled to a corner an’d arn’t really worth the effort. We don’t get to take part in the social side of the game we invested in. A private server deals with the problems Funcom is actively creating, but it doesn’t resolve them, and I would argue that Funcom shouldn’t be actively creating issues for their players in the first place.

I completely disagree with your view that official servers are a free ride. We paid for the game and this is the format they gave the game to us in. Its not a free ride, its part of the purchase. Much like the initial game time and built impression of a already released game.

I am happy you are looking forward to the update. As I have mentioned before, I don’t begrudge anyone looking forward to the additions to the game. I believe the additions coming bring very very little for enjoyment as its largely just side things (bells and whistles) while taking a whole lot from the game that I believe it is built upon. Its a foolishly bad trade off, but that is my personal opinion.

However, when I post my discontent, with the things coming, I am confused as to why the only thing I get in response is “Im happy with it” as if implying, i should just shut up and be content as well. I don’t really understand this response. Your happiness doesn’t effect or remotely speak to the problems brought forth.

The only people that seem to comment on the problems (that are without a doubt there, its just a matter of weather you ignore them or not) are the people agreeing with the foreseen problems and are also asking, “Hey, what the heck?”.

I don’t mean to imply this for you, however, I do want to impart that this stance (or this response) while not insulting, is certainly dismissive (as Funcom has been since day one) and it doesn’t make for any real back and forth on the discussion.

Maybe thats the point. Maybe one side doesn’t want to have a discussion because talking about problems means maybe not getting what you want. This works on both sides… The problems havent even been remotely addressed… Just ignored under the pretext: “Some people are happy, thats good enough, the rest can shut up and go away.”

No one is suggesting you shouldn’t be able to voice your disappointment, but people post “I’m happy with it” so that it isn’t just a complaint thread. There are LOTS of complaint threads across all games, not just Conan, and it’s just as important for the devs to hear who’s happy as to who’s not. I’m sure if there are a lot of people in the same boat as you, they’ll chime in as well. It’s not a suggestion for you to not voice your opinion though; it’s just an expression of mine.


As the above poster says… and I’ll chime in with… the points brought up don’t effect me or make me not want to play the game. Conan is one of the most played games in my library and that will continue. I like the changes being made to the game, and I don’t mind bugs because they will get dealt with.

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I’m not sure how you’re drawing a couple of your conclusions, especially #2, with so few people playing on testlive. There’s no way to know how any of it will effect a heavily populated server with so few people actually testing it.