Console players need an answer! programmers, come on!

When will you release the patch for consoles? The officials are unplayable. Im playing this game since 2 years and you literally killed your own game and my favourite game so far.
Go to check officials on PS4 funcom EU, literally 2 servers full!
How can we enjoy the game if thralls full porked 1tap you?
Are you serious FUNCOM? Ignoring players that are asking for an answer.
Which kind of company you are?

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This kind:


One that values revenue over customer satisfaction. A normal one I’d say, considering that even unsatisfied customers, like you and me, keep playing even though we are unsatisfied.


I’d say most of you exaggerate. I have literally dropped entire Franchises and Companies whom I have played and done business with way more than Funcom… for far less issues than you all are claiming.

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Well, I personally like the game. I think as a company you have to put revenue first in order to survive. Do not mistake me for giving them crap, I may critique some things but I also acknowledge that Funcom is a business, not my personal satisfaction factory.

Besides, don’t forget: Most people rant, because they care. Some a bit too much maybe.


True, very true, still you have to understand that we, the console players have only the 10% of the problems that the pc players have. The greatest problems are always on pvp, always. The worst is that 90% of the pvp players I’ve met on ps4 pvp servers hate to pve. And if they loose by someone stronger it is Funcoms fault. The thralls are nerfed, it is just this pork buff that still exists in our world and for pvp it is very annoying. Still, without the new updates, ps4 machines are working like crazy to perform this game, I believe that the reason we don’t have the new updates it’s because most of the CE players are still in ps4 console, when this percentage change they will do the change, but we will have to go fast on ps5 because ps4 gaming will be impossible :wink:. However, this is just what I think, nothing more.

Good for you. So you dropped gaming also? Because every SINGLE company out there goes by the Motto “money above consumers”.

I’m looking forward for the Next Generation gaming companies like Intrepid Studios. Kudos for them!

Your issue is a business is trying to turn a profit? You’re going to need to explain this one a bit more.


F that i got 287 days of game play in i own all the dlc they killed the game for now maybe when and if they fix it people might come back but there is no trust in this company anymore an as far as pc goes at least they can play the game its going on 7 months now and most of us can’t play the game can’t even get a refund lmao when people make excuses for this company

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No update since May 2020. Nuff said.

Thrawl stuck in mesh. Games broke. SMH.


Yup. You said it and showed it. Le sigh…

It sounds cool when you just take it like that.

But every company also know consumers = money.

And since there’s no subscription, they need happy customers who will buy DLC’s.

But on the other hand, official servers is just an expense, maybe they’re actually trying to kill them :face_with_monocle:

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You might have a point here, imagine that the biggest problems of the game are coming from official pvp servers. What if they finally decide to close these servers, do you think that this crossed their minds too. I am really sure that this option was on their meeting table. There for we have to thank the employees that take a stand against this option and we still can play in official servers. Don’t you think too?

lol This guy is just putting down anyone who continues to enjoy and believe in the game despite its faults. Just ignore him everyone. He just dilutes the conversation.


I come from playing ARK where I gave Wildcard my money to buy the season pass and most extras.
They can’t fix bugs and basically dropped one of their two game modes without a word.

I’ve recently bought all the CE DLC’s and given my cash to FunCom.
I’m a new customer, paying customer, but definitely not a long term customer after all the bugs I’m running into.

Perhaps WC and FC are the same? :confused:

Nope. No one is as bug-fix-lazy as wildcard in my opinion. Not even Funcom.

'member Atlas? XD


Every game has bug’s of one kind or another, what makes a company a great company is communication with it’s consumer base, and funcom currently is failing at, a sever lack of communication in response to a overwhelming problems on their product, all we have had is a couple of comments over a long period, and ignored most of the console user’s reporting of the issue’s, or failed to communicate on an update for a fix for the problems that have been going on for almost a year, yes we understand there is a pandemic going on, and alot of people are working from home, but we are in an age where working with computers can be worked from home or anywhere, we have this wonderful tool called the internet, so what’s the problem?

Based on my personal experience, Funcom’s communication is strictly above-average when it comes to game companies. But that’s just me. The phrase I often use (especially when discussing with our CEO) is “If people have the feeling that communication fails, then it fails, no matter how well we actually communicate.”

If you guys have the feeling that Funcom fails at communication, then they do. And yes, there’s definitely room for improvement. But there’s another side to communication that is often overlooked even in studies - the recipient and their responsibility in successful communication. Being unable or unwilling to listen will cause communication to fail, no matter how well formulated the communication is and whichever media is used to deliver it. And I’ve seen in on these very forums, that some people have this “I don’t care what you say, I’m beyond listening to reason” attitude towards whatever Funcom staff has to say.

And I kind of understand why that happens. Funcom has spent away all the social capital they’ve had towards these people with their prolonged (perceived) failure to communicate, so at some point the gap between them and the customer grows so big that reaching out across it becomes very hard.


Yep. Buying content from modders was a good buisness decision, no doubt about it.

Lol This guy is just putting down anyone who has opinions contrary to their own. Just ignore him everyone. He just dilutes the conversation…next!

Ps: Thanks in advance for hiding this so it gets even more views, lmao.