Wipe ALL Officials :)

No Phucking way! Been through way to many and the game is functioning fine for me.Im on pve-c now and the decay system has been working very well to get rid of all the bases…thralls…that’s another thing lol.
Each kind of server has different gameplay.One cant speak for all servers.That has been a major problem since day one by grouping everyone together. ■■■■■■ to many people off cause it’s not really fair.


Normally I’d think your smoking something fairly experimental, but after bearing witness to this, I think your on to something:

War of the decay umbilicals on PvE, where people claim entire prefectures and connect distant bases together with these decay umbilicals.

This way they need only log on once,and the decay refresh travels along the umbilicals and refreshes anything attached to it in the far distance.

But I don’t think the solution are wipes, or material taxes.

On ARK, the higher tier/quality the material used, the longer the decay is.
It makes excellent sense, because these umbilicals and outposts are more often than not made of Sandstone.
Higher tier materials on CE are considerably grindy, which in itself is a natural throttle to the rate of expansion.

If Sandstone = 48 hours, Brick and Insulated = 96 hours; Black Ice and Reinforced brick = 149 hours, this would be good/better/sufficient.

People building with sandstone are usually new people who are in the honeymoon pahse and would likely log on more than once every 2 days. If not, then they didn’t lose much.


The problem is that they still could log on and then log back off though. Keep it up forever. Even if someone who had to take a break for a few weeks they could still log on every other day for just like 5 mins then log off and you still have the same problem.

then you have these massive structures that take up space and cause server lag all over the place and no one can do anything about it besides having to go through and destroy each piece of everything. But I got to say, I have never witnessed something like that on a PvP server. And I thought the people who spam and make the super large bases every was bad. I can’t imagine what the lag would be like if people had to fight on a PvE server and you had bridges like that everywhere. This is a game where you have to stay active to survive. If you are inactive then you should not have literal days before it starts to decay. And then once it decays it enters ANOTHER timer before it actually goes away.

I feel with confidence if we had a tool cupboard similar to Rust then 80% of all problems will go away. No more foundation spamming, server efficiency due to less things the game has to load, able to be able to take a break for however long you need too if you prepare right. Then the only thing you would have to worry about it people raiding you. No more raiding and fighting a clan who has been abusing and camping the low levels and then once you get in their base they just pop on and keep the decay rate of their base up to still just thwart the server.

Amazing for who? People who like wipes, therefore having plenty (or all the time) to play I guess? Helps with server lag for how many days? 4, 5 days, 1 week? That If that server has low pop,because a full server with active players in 2 or 3 days the lag will be back.

I dont care if Rusty or whatever other game has wipes, I dont play them, I choose CE for some reasons, and not having wipes are one of them. I already got my spots, my things, so no, thank you, I dont have time to rebuild/gather all over again, the day FC announce a wipe I’ll move to the next game.


Well man, I have played a fair amount of Survival games, so I am just giving my feed back here. The majority of players are in fact, PVP servers. PvE is cool but the game is not centered around just strictly PvE or else we wouldn’t be having these kinds of discussions. The lag has to be addressed though. It is not fun trying to raid and having the server lag and rubber band you all over when the sheer amount of empty buildings is astounding on official servers.

You run into problems of people joining a server and then leaving because too many people are established, no more building spots, so the server pop will slowly die until there is just one clan left and then they too will leave and the server dies. It’s a very slow and painful death. You have to take into consideration all the the players on the PvP servers and just not your server. Cause it sounds cold, but you could just go into private and have the exact same amount of fun for you if you don’t have alot of time to play but still want to play and build cool things.

You could also just only have PvP servers be the ones that wipe.

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Server wipes won’t solve rubber banding until they change how the server loads assets.

People that play on PVE and PVE-C on average spend longer building their bases to look better. They’re guaranteed they will find the base intact and not be hit by some annoying ■■■■■ that raids offline people. The spawn rate of named thralls is not that great to warrant server wipes for these servers, and on pvp servers you can destroy bases if you want to.

I’m sorry, but if you want to play on a server that wipes, go for unofficial servers. I’m certain there’s some like that.

But when there is 10000 extra assets that have been abandoned?

Fortunately for me, the official server I’m on has not been affected by people that do that kind of things.

It’s quite friendly for a pve conflict server so that’s nice too.

People who join a PvP server, must expect there will be clans and ppl who built their forces there, its obvious, if you say people leave because they can’tfight them, I say this is exactly about what this game is, Exiled Lands is a brutal land, only the strong survives, the game itself says that, “Survive, Build, Dominate”, and there are different server settings for those who can’t stand competition.

And if one wants to play on servers with wipes, privates are there for that, the majority of the player base don’t want wipe on officials.

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Let me put things into perspective…

Fallout 76 is a PvP-only game with bases that log-out with you. When you log on, you and your base are utterly and fully exposed.

No Thralls feeding etc.

The more time a player spends on CE, the more attached they become to all that they have achieved and are maintaining… If you wipe these attachments, do you seriously think anyone will be around on these forums to care?

Cuz it’s gonna look like the Dreamfall forums here if that happens.


Stupid topic. Wipe your brain.


People who join a pvp server will just leave that server if it has reached the point of one clan has taking all the building spots and is constantly blowing up sandstone bases and griefing the lower levels. Don’t even get a chance to even try and set up and fight back. Too hard. That clan has been there for a year.

See the problem there? It’s cool for a PvE server to not wipe but on a PvP server? There has to be something. You can’t expect servers to stay populated after a long period of time cause well, there will be no place left to build. There will be no one playing except the one big clan that drove everyone off the server and then they too will eventually leave cause it will be BORING. Then they will leave and try another server and oh it’s the same well okay the other one, oh well okay it’s the same too. After a while all the officials will be like this and there will not be a server to play on.

Survive, Build, Dominate is the motto. Pretty much everyone in this whole thread I think besides like 3 people all play on PVE or PVE-C, so does that even still hold true? You can’t Dominate only survive and build.

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You are either a troll or totally offsync, most certainly not informed about Conan Exiles gameplay.

No Hah just kidding! :slight_smile:

Oh but you just described the Dominate thing, if a clan decides to be the most cruel one and drive everyone out while no other clan could fight them, they deserve to rule the server, and they know they will play alone, til a day another big clan comes and give them a hard time.

That’s where the true challenge lies! A group of veteran players are the ones who loves the challenge! You know, PvP people ^^

Their is a slight difference in dominating a server and then killing a server. A good alpha clan rules the server but allows people to still play and fight because it is good for the server health and let’s people actively play on the server. Key word is LET to allow that challenge.

You can’t challenge shyte when you have them constantly harassing you at level 20 and trust me they will do it endlessly cause you are now the source of entertainment cause NO ONE ELSE PLAYS ON THEIR SERVER.

You might get lucky and wind up on a server that has more then one alpha clan and be able to build up but then eventually one clan will rule. And power corrupts.

Ah c’mon Mango, thats a social problem and not a tec one, if a pvp player won’t “let” the other one play is something the game offers and is intended for that -> PVP! And pvp comes with harassment, domination, griefing, and you should know and be prepared for that, here its like Good VS Evil, if you want peace, prepare for war!

If people cry because someone don’t let em play, they will still do even with wipes happening sporadically.

Thats it, get over it, or Pve/c.

It’s both. If the game rules allow one clan to endlessly rule and kill a server by keeping no one it to play against. Then it is a bit more then just a social problem. Cause then that clan can literally take a break and log in sporadically and keep that server dead and their buildings alive. Having a improved decay system or a wipe cycle fixes that. It gets rid of power vacuums that are caused by this social one. Let’s other constantly be able to join through out the wipe cycle and have a chance to join cause why I say a 4 or 5 month wipe cycle would be a good length for this type of game there would be no way even a big alpha clan would be able to get to all the build spots and take the build spots before others do in that time frame.

Then the server stays alive and people join and fall in defeat but it never ends up in a stagnant server with only one clan in it. No one wants that.

Y’know, I’ve played on multiple servers since I first got the game when it came out. I’ve had to rebuild many times thanks to wipes, or switching servers, whatever…point being is that I’ve rebuilt many times, it’s not as bad as people make it out to be. A wipe is good every now and then, similar to how it’s good to format your HDD every once in awhile. It builds character, puts hair on your chest.


If its not bad for you, then people who wants wipes should play on servers that have wipes, no need to force everyone to play on a settings because you favor that.

In EA, there were servers with wipes, those servers were the least populated, you know why? Because people don’t want to waste their time doing something to be vanished the next month, not everyone play all the time. Conan is a game that the player base is in its majority are mature, its different from Rust and the Dinossaur game that are filled with people who spend their childhood in front of the pc.

You already have to rebuild because of raids, purge, decay, rebuilding because of that is not a problem (although offline purges sucks and should be turned off).

There is no need for wipes to make servers better (as do happens with HD’s), wipes are just a cheap and temporary solution.

And if you still think otherwise, create a pool thread asking what ppl wants, you will see that you’re on the minority side.

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I am a wandering vagabond with no server to call home. A server wipe would not affect me in the slightest, but I can empathize with those playing on a x1 official. They have worked months for what they have and it would be devastating to lose all of that.

This next patch will cause enough pain for them with added upkeep, and the chance of losing thralls from a bug is high. Don’t make them start everything from scratch.