Official Server Reset

I dont know if my friends being a idiot but he saying, that when mount update drops they are going to wipe official servers is this true or not?

No, but I wish it was. A server reset could solve a lot of “exploiter” problems. Unfortunately, those who have spent many months building their ultimate base would lose way more.

Maybe just wipe the PvP servers and let the PvE builders keep their ‘castles’? I don’t know if there’s a good solution. But the “clean slate” is quite appealing.

No, that is not true.

If people demand “season” servers, Funcom would add some (resets every XX months).
There were such servers, but no one used them so Funcom removed them…

They had them and people didnt play on them.

No one (I assume you mean low population, no literally no one) is using a majority of the officials, should they be removed?

No one (again as in very low number) are using a majority of the food recipes. Should they remove the unused ones?

Reducing servers and instead getting stronger ones would indeed be better.

And it was Funcoms decision…

Again: my way or the highway!

PS.: 95% of legendary weapons are probably unused, as they are crap. Remove them /s

lol But again thats what they did. So get snarky but its a fact. we had them just like Bandit Leaders and now we dont. just like crossbows and charge with spears and so on its a game that changes lol.

Speaking generally… If you look at how our servers are set up at G-Portal, it would be tremendously valuable to reduce a node of four servers per IP to two, if you catch my drift. Funcom would pay the same amount for an IP with two fewer servers available. In other words, reduce server load by eliminating servers. In my at-office tests, a single application-grade* Windows quad-core server can run four CE servers quite well at 30 slots. Two CE servers can support 60 slots each.

As a survivor of a few wipes, I would suggest a follower wipe, rather than anything else.

* former Mail and PPTP host


Feels more like a beta then…

If i remember the main reason they removed the blitz, was because they were running out of space on PVP servers. they were converted, not technically deleted… But that was the initial rush, and people soon realized the PVP was not fully fleshed out and abandoned the game. Wonder how many would be enticed back with a hybrid PVP/Blitz type server with the new thrall limit and mounts??? Hybrid being no official restarts/seasons, but harsher decay (4 days), more aggressive purge meter fill-up to make sure clans are active.


As Funcom said in some streams, If enough people say sth about a certain thing, they will look into it…

Make threads and get people to it…

But then again, lets see If they reconsider anything after the thrall outcry, or If they really dont care at all…

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