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Hello funcom, how’re u guys all doing with this covid situation? What do you think about fully wipe all servers to clear them and give players another chanse to play on them, some of ur official servers are fully builded by 1/2 clans so when u try to play on it all spots already occupied by those clans. Another nice idea would be if u bring atleast 1/2 mayhem server/region, those servers were realy hardcore and fun to play on, and please please give the possibility to hide server info (streamer mode). Thx :smiley:

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Yes some servers are quite built up. But I have never seen a server so built up there was nowhere left to build. However there are a ton of servers that are almost empty.

Why not play on those servers instead? Why are you calling for Funcom to wipe all servers?


They added a new rule sets to Officials.

I’d give them abit more time before even thinking of wiping. (which they said would likely never happen)

Right now, report bad users. And try clean up what we can and see if new rules and how Funcom enforces them under new rule set.

Give it abit of time.

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Allot of almost empty servers.But you want high populated server with no buildings…good luck


All of these threads keep popping up with people wanting things like server wipes (where clans are going to lose literally years of work sometimes) yet there are many official servers where there is hardly any building at all and the map is mostly empty. I would even wager that by just looking at the population numbers, the majority of servers are empty.

That is why I asked the original poster, what is his motivation for requesting this, and he has yet to reply.


Another solution:

Rent your own server.


I’ve noticed that there are also spikes of new players or returning players on free weekends / release of new DLC.

For a handful of weeks players erect structures everywhere, then decay over time as players move on or build in more secluded areas.

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This would be devastating to the conan community. People , believe it or not, actually spend years on the same server, and to lose everything thing they’ve worked on for 100’s and 100’s of hours would be an insult. Funcom has a decay system for the purpose of cleaning up servers which is the way to go. I’ve been on the same official server for 1 1/2 years, and to know that everything I’ve gathered and built would just disappear every so often… as much as I love this game, I’m not sure if I’d continue to play. Its just my opinion but I know I’m not alone here.

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