Old map serwer wipe why you not do this

You changed practically everything that can be said destroyed pvp in this game you changed server installments from x2 to x1 and what’s right when you enter any server there are clans that have been playing there for a long time and have everything and new players have to fight, unless you do that to make everyone go for a new map that is ugly and there are no places to build on the old map there are many bases under the map you don’t do anything about it and you can see you don’t have that sweeping wipe old servers and many players will come back to play now no why if hundreds players have bodyvaults with everything, I myself have one on 15 servers that I go to and immediately start building a large base if you do not clean the old servers, it will shoot in the knee

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I already propose 3 months wipe on officials servers, but they do not want to listen. So servers are dead with fews big bases and no one want to play there.

It will increase players base (like others games …)

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we need more ppl and vote or something

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I wish it was done and gone. CE game is pretty much fast paced. Anyhing can be reproduced very fast.

Additionally I really wish developers shrinked the size of the construction materials but also the actual building size.

Also a virtual ‘Hectar’ limit for the settlement size for each character (Single bigger settlement or many smaller ones across the map) for each player.

However, I am not sure if some players would/could log in with alternative accounts by using different mails and/or using different machines just to be an ■■■.

Once again do it for PvP, and pay no attention for PvE.

The first server wipe on a PvE servers will be the last.
The are just now starting to pick back up in population.

Those that have been here since early access have amassed huge amounts of everything in game and tons of stuff that is no longer available.

You know that there is a post that states something very clearly and definitely:

Conan Exiles has over a thousand official servers, divided between three platforms (PC, Xbox, PlayStation) and several regions. These servers come as a free service to all our players who want to participate in the online experience of the game and do not feel like delving into the intricacies of joining a private server or hosting one of their own. This comes with the caveat of us not being able to monitor every server all the time, nor have any active admins or Gamemasters.
It is inevitable that, at some point, tensions arise and some players opt for unfair ways to tip a server’s balance or find ways to limit the access and enjoyment for other people. We would love if this wouldn’t happen, but in certain situations it is necessary for us to intervene in order to guarantee a certain level of stability, fair play and enjoyment for the majority of players.
We reserve the right to modify these rules in any way we deem necessary and at any moment, including the reasons, offenses and restrictions, as well as their duration, at our own discretion. We will try to communicate any major changes in a way we deem efficient to inform the majority of players.
Conan Exiles does not offer MMO-Like in-game support, and as such we won’t be able to refund or return any loss of materials, inventories or any kind of in-game property caused by admin intervention, infractions or other losses caused by gameplay.
As a player on our official servers, you’re responsible for having read and accepted these rules, as well as facilitating awareness of them to any other players. Ignorance of these rules will not exempt you, your clan or your account from receiving disciplinary action.

That might be a disclaimer, but that has implications:

Official servers are not “MMORPG realms”, they are not paid for by players, they are not a service, they are courtesy for people to experience online playing, but the aim of the devs is people playing solo, co-op or in private servers, and after all that, in Official Servers.

If there would be rules, maintenance of content, protection of “rights” and “freedoms”, people would be required to work on them, monitoring and keep would be required, and that would require people to be paid for that reason alone.

That is why you pay for it in WoW by subscriptions, or in GW2 by buying stuff in the store and the fact that you cant actually enjoy GW2 if you never buy anything from the store as much as those who buy do.

That is the end of all the complaining about how Official servers are, how no one is GMing them, and etc …

That is what means DISCLAIMER, is the removal of claims. You cant claim that the publisher has responsibility if they objectively and clearly state they DISCLAIM it.

That being said, they actually do much more about things than having no obligation would imply.

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I don’t wish for a wipe. I invested 3000 hours in my builds. If you want wipe, just recreate your character.

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and play in the same server wher everyon hawe full staff?its not funny for now play now its only wait for ppl wait one weak or 2 and raid everyon in 3 days nice officjal

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Did not say that, it said no support. Its FUncom, we know that already, been playing Conan via FUncom since 2008.

Even in full MMOs with support, you still lose stuff. Form WoW to Star Citizen, its the nature of MMOs.

They make back ups, just in case they have to scrub the server, they can roll it back 8 hours.

My humble point of view is,

The Offical servers are still a massively multiplayer, online, sandbox game. Especially at private servers players have high levels of interaction. But sadly not much at Offical servers (no thanks to lag). The admins of private servers do apply wipe under certain standards; which is very good.

The offical Singleplayer servers are another subject. (Let them do whatever they wish. They could even have their own forum section) I also see no difference at those servers then the ancient pc games.

Meanwhile I prefer playing at live servers with live players I meet from allaround the world. These player make the game more fun and valuable.These people wish to take a deep breath at offical servers and get rid of the lag. The only real way is shrinking the playermade settlements and the number of npcs at the Offical Multiplayer Online Servers. (People allready help eachother and npcs arent that hardcore even at Barbaric setting)

I remember there were some events made by Funcom, to build a house 4x4 or something like that. Thanks to those events it was proven that players can be creative and still enjoy the game while making small builds.
Maybe Funcom should implement such rules permanently, to allow players to build no more than a set number of blocks. I’m sure players will adapt and overcome this limit in creative and impressive ways.
This change would no doubt make the game more of a challenge while preserving server stability and provide an opportunity to increase player number cap per server.
In anyway, server wipe is not a long term sollution, as everything will be the same within a month.

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