What is the problem with a 3 months officials servers wipe? Servers are dead

Officials servers are already dead and empty.

Why not a 3 months servers wipe to clean and make some space for news players?

Situation at 21h45, in raid time EU PVP firsts 70 servers :

It is crazy …


Maybe most of them farming for Siptah servers :rofl::rofl::rofl:. To be honest every suggestion has a good base, new players must arrive, but…
They must stand a chance against veteran clans, so any suggestions about it my dear @Selene01?

The biggest thing stopping server wipes in my opinion is the fact that it was already tried and it failed.


I think servers wipe are needed. 3 months may be good. Not fews weeks, but not fews years …

We need real purges too, the strength of the purge and the number of npc must be proportional to the number of buildings parts of the clan. The frequency too. You want to build big? Be prepared to defend your base :slight_smile:

Bring life to conan!


They’ve already gave it to you, next update PvP can transfer every 3 days.


True…it will serve the dupers well to bounce around with the duped material and remove new Nd legit players. Death to pvp once a trill clan goes a strolling.


Server wipes are cancer. You do realize that if you are not a hardcore PvPer in the habit of blowing up other peoples bases, and losing your own…

It’s a horrible policy to automatically destroy player structures. That would be like selling a cheeseburger that eats itself after 15 minutes.

Purge and decay is MORE than enough. Purge takes care of super active players, decay takes care of casual gamers that never log on. We don’t need a third option that automatically removes player structures.

Conan Exiles was designed to be beautiful, and that is why players (some of them) build beautiful structures that take months, or years to complete. It’s a long, drawn out, fun process… (If you are not a PvPer).

And as was already stated by someone earlier in the threat, Funcom already ran the numbers. Most people like PvE, or PvE-C. PvP servers are hot stinking garbage. Which is why you are here suggesting Conan Exiles self destructs periodically to get rid of said cancer. PvP servers attract toxic players that get their rocks off to destroying other peoples stuff. You know, organize a band of thieves then be surprised when everyone starts mugging and killing each other.

No Thanks.

Servers are dead because Funcom keeps making bad choices. (Like implementing sloth dodge mechanics) in the name of PvP balance that literally made 6 players on my server quit. It’s done similar things numerous times. That’s the stuff that needs correcting, not implementing (another) self defeating policy.

Funcom needs active, paid server moderators that hunt down and mercilessly, permanently ban toxic troll players. Once they start that, people will correct their behavior. Once PvP servers stop being so needlessly toxic, they won’t be so dead. Goes for PvE, and PvE-C as well. But those two server types generally have a less toxic, horrible server population.

Like I said, a cheeseburger that eats itself. Not a successful combination.


As long as you’re proposing quarterly wipes for PVP servers only, it’s no skin off my nose. Whatever floats your boat.

On the other hand, if you want to include PVE and PVE-C in that, please go read some other threads first, because I’m tired of repeating the same arguments every time someone thinks their play style is the only one that matters, only to have that same someone ignore those arguments completely.

That would be a good solution, but someone needs to pay for that. And that means either a subscription model for at least some “premium” servers, or something awful like microtransactions in the whole game, so that all of us can pay for the sins of the few.

On the other hand, if they implemented better reporting tools and gave their admins better tools to investigate reports, then maybe the incident load wouldn’t be so unmanageable.

In the end, all that I’ve read from PVP players on these forums leads me to believe that the most important measures would be to:

  • step up the server moderation
  • plug the exploits
  • get rid of offline raiding

Until they’ve done that, all this endless complaining and hand-wringing about combat balance is just a bunch of people arguing about the color of the wallpaper loudly enough to wake the whole neighborhood and ignoring the fact that the freaking house is on fire. And the neighbors aren’t amused, either…


I think there has to be something really new and different to bring back people to pvp and especially new players. I believe that hacks on the game came with the necessity to teach a lesson to veteran clans that used land claim and exploits to remain Alpha. Don’t take me wrong, I do not agree with hacks, but I believe that this arrogant cheating attitude trigger hackers to do their things.
I believe that new players Must stand a chance against old ones. There for I like and support your idea, but for me it’s not enough, it needs more than that to bring and keep new players in the game, maybe even a separation between new and old players. I know that old players will create new accounts to go and have fun with noobies, yet, loosing with even terms is teaching you something, but loosing with uneven terms is teaching you nothing and brakes your moral.
So I would like to see more creative suggestions for the grand pvp issue.

Now about purge, hard purge, punishing purge, the game already have it. The mechanics are difficult now to go and fight 5 npcs at once, they stop every single combo you start, yet the most difficult is to gain purge crafters and thrall, because it is very risky to leave your following thrall with truncheon through a cimmerian Berserker purge, or a skelos cultists purge. They will kill your thrall before you even know it. Even your thrall, if it is against 5+ mobs or npcs cannot take a swing. But purge difficulties is for pve mostly, I believe that pvp players cannot afford difficult purges and raids at the same time, especially the low population clans and the solo players. Yet if you wish to try a purge like that, volcano and the mount of the dead are always there, go and try your luck :wink:.

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I’ve still seen no rational argument for server wipes. It’s always just one guy going “hey let’s do this!”

No guy, how about we don’t. It’s summer time following a pandemic and I’m pretty positive there aren’t thousands of people waiting to rush onto Conan following wiping everyone’s work.


I keep seeing this point brought up, although often it’s by the same handful of players.

For those of you who think server wipes are the answer to save this game, have you played the roulette wheel that is the unnamed city library?

Do you really think people who literally spent months trying to get a certain recipe or a specific legendary weapon or boss drop to come back after you take that away from them? How many times do you think they’ll want to grind the same content knowing that it’s all going to poof again?

Trying to entice new players while by driving off current players seems like a strange strategy

I think there is too much RNG with endgame content, and too little with early game (static map, resources, spawns) content for server wipes to be popular

Too much of the game has been built around players getting to keep their stuff. Too much DLC has been sold just for players to build fantastic structures to expect them to be happy when you knock it all down.

I’ll end this on the two reasons I consistently see people say they choose official servers over private servers:

  1. fear of admin abuse and unfair treatment

  2. fear that a private server will shut down and they will lose all their progress, which is basically a server wipe


You see the thing is, I was around for EA, I saw the effect wipes had on moral. I’ve been on Officials when they wiped, watched a thriving server die because no one wanted to start over and over so they / we went to private servers that didn’t wipe.

I don’t object to server wipes, because I will never be on a server that does it. And I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that way.


Can you provide more than antidotal evidence on that? Because my personal experience contradicts this information.

I am unable to find a “successful” private server that wipes beyond one or two heavy PVP servers.
and even those seem to be low population.

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server wipe only to a new and specific server scheduled to wipe since the first moment.
and yeah, most likely a pvp one.

Even better if they hire a full time admin for that specific server that actually seems the rule being applied asap. but i guess thats super expensive.

Wipes help build a consistent player base that tend to play on one server for a long time. Wipes cater to people who actually enjoy playing the game.

Most people will play the game until they hit a wall, then only log in to keep their base alive. This creates dead servers. Like the one I play on that went from about 25 players a night to… 3 …

Lots of perfectly crafted bases around though…

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“Wipes are cancer”

One of the most successful survival games created, ever, used a wipe system and it’s still popular to this day. Wildly so.

3 months is a LONG time. It would only happen FOUR times a year…

who is stopping you to go to unnoficial servers that does exactly this? (wipe server every 3 or 6 months?)

this, i subscribe 100%.

for your own gameplay maybe, for others is a BIG huge NO!


I’m just happy my server isn’t on your image wall there.

I believe I’ve seen you say elsewhere you’re for offline raid protection or some other raid “bubble,” but to eliminate offline raiding would take away an important tool for us to be able to protect ourselves. Decayed loot can spell disaster for a server, so every wise player vies for the pre-decay position with the bombs. I said this elsewhere forgive my repeating it, holding a server is vastly more complex than simply taking a server. [seinfeld reference]

@droch-aon is right, a wipe can be ruinous for non-hardcore players.


Rust is a PvP game.

Conan Exiles is a PvE game.

Both have elements that cross over. And both favor one playstyle over the other.

Conan Exiles, for example, is beautiful. You can place planters, bowls, cups, candles, pictures, curtains. You can dress up thralls, pets, taxidermy, etc. Huge library of items that takes weeks or months to acquire.

Nobody wants that blown up because a 12 year old feels destructive for a day. You know, that cube house neighbor that sprouted up yesterday, walks over, and destroys six months of art-work and planning. Not a winning strategy.

Now Rust does have a lot said types running around blowing each others bases up, and they sure do have fun. It’s not a huge loss to wipe a cube base. (They will just build a new cube.) Those are the same players that make Conan Exiles PvP servers so miserable.

Apples to Oranges in my opinion.

If you like Rust, go play it. Don’t suggest Conan Exiles starts wiping bases players spend literal months gathering resources to build and decorate. That’s rediculous.

Go do your 10x10 square base and try to make a bunch of C-4 to blow the doors off your neighbors cube hut. Take his C-4 from him, and try to hang on to it for the night until he seeks revenge in the morning.

Rust sucks.

P.S. - A lot of the changes in Conan Exiles that killed many of the servers were made to cater to whiney, crying PvPer’s who make their own hell and then complain about it. Dodging, Horses/Damage, Bows/Damage, Catapults, Avatars, Acceleration/Deceleration. Literally dozens of examples of things that were more or less fine, and then got screwed up and caused people to quit because of some tilted minority of PvPer’s.

No sympathy from me.