Officials servers PVP wipe every 3 months?


With the rules you are in the right direction, but now we need a seasonal wipe on PVP servers, 3 months should be good.

I check 2 servers today (medium population 10 players), and no i do not want to play there.

Some bases are soo big that the server ping up when you are near hem. Some areas are walled, etc … what can I do solo???

I suggest that like animals and thralls, each clan must have a maximum number of fondations and building pieces. + a wipe every 3 months.



I think they’d have to convert some servers into a mode where wipes happen. Wiping all PVP servers would destroy some players moral. Months or years of work wiped. I think specific PVP wipe servers would be good to have as an option though. Maybe with varying frequencies of wiping, as short as a week or two even.

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Enable gods/fallout instead of wipes. Maybe it’ll take 3 months on the cool down. :innocent:

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