Official Server wipes

Official PVP servers need an auto wipe ever 90 days.

PVE server wipe can happen by the admins. Only if the host wants to wipe the servers.

What is kept on wipes?

Level,Stats,Exp,recipes,emotes,discovered locations and bonus feat points gain by shards of power.

Shards of power if they are in your inventory.

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There is an ongoing thread on this topic. You should leave your suggestion here and vote if you want to:

nope i dont like that at all. im more for a decay on when you log last log in 30 day no log all hes gone nope ? why you want to the grind every 90 days?

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No, if I wanted wipes every 90 days I would go play on unofficial servers.

I am a solo player that puts in hours of time building, farming, and processing items to progress in the game. I only have a couple hours a day to play and wiping my progress every 90 days would cause me to have to quit.

Wipes will not fix the duping, exploiting and hackers. They will always be able to build back up in a couple days to what it was before the wipe.

Only way this gets fixed, is if Funcom opens up a forum to report major exploits, hackers exc. and starts policing their game.


My version grind gear,thralls and base every 90 days. PVP is dying. Only on Official PVP servers does it server wipe.

Funcom doesn’t have the staff or resource to baby sit each Funcom servers. And solo on PVP servers?

Then they should sell it to a company that does have the resources to run the game properly and not half ■■■ the admin side.

They might as well be telling the players to GTF and they wonder why they only have 6,000 players on steam.

Also thanks for telling me how to play the game…

Funcom’s stated intent was to never hand-hold the servers. We participate in this forum to try and find ways to self-police, and one of them is often the suggested wipe. Another of Funcom’s regular mantras is “no wipes.” Please don’t let it bother you.

I have played approximately 3800 of my 4281 hours as a solo on official PvP.

Server moderation is resource heavy, so I get it that they won’t do that. But there is no way they reasonably expect this forum to act as self-policing. We have no ability to do that, we can just complain and offer suggestions that require FC to act.

At the same time, big no vote on 90 day wipes. I don’t have time for repeating the grind. Set up private servers for that. I only ever solo on official Asian servers, otherwise known as Dupeland. It’s not that hard. There are better options than wipes.

Why so a repeat of Telltale and EA can happen? Do you really want microtransactions in Conan Exiles? Pay to win tatics are awful. Do you want more bugs/glitches? At least funcom attacking thier bugs/glitches. Sword Coast Legends is dead and has tons of bugs/glitches. No to selling Conan Exiles.

I don’t need another dead bugs/glitch game.

If I remember right, you said once that you play on singleplayer Bryan, I would search for that post but I’m afraid I dont have the time atm, correct me if im mistaken, now I wanna ask you Bryan, if you’re a solo/coop player, why would you ask for wipes on official servers?

A challenge to the clan. The wolves becomes fat and lazy. There chests full. The alphas forget how to hunt. They forget war. Why leave your den when your full and rich. I only seek auto 90 days wipes for PVP official servers.

You all seek new blood in PVP. What are you willing to sacrifice for it?

Keep your stats,emotes,exp,levels,recipes and feat points from eating shards of power.

I only ask that you lose your base,thralls and etc. This way PVP doesn’t die.

I think we’ve had more then enough people pointing out that regular wipes won’t do jack to fix the exploiters. Only hurt the non exploiters who have to redo all the work.

And saying ‘they must do this or that so that PvP doesn’t die’ is just being dramatic. If someone wants regular wipes there is always Rust.

You didn’t answer my question.


There are private servers with that settings, you should try them.

Only??? what you understand for “only” I understand as “time”, and unless I loose my stuff and base to another player, I don’t want to see all I did and stored for months be erased on a wipe because some ppl think its unfair they comming to an old server with old players that they can’t compete with as if the game was that hard, com’on, to me that is excuse for ppl who likes everything easy and are too lazy to work their ass like everyone do from the start.

I play pvp, and I disagree. Pvp is fine, the problem is glitches, dupes, undermashing, hacking, etc.

Ps: Im a lone player.

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