Testing a private PVP server with regularly wipe and admin

Hello all,

@Ignasi please read!

I am trying a new private server today, settings like officials. At the start in April it was full. It wipe there is fews days and … it is full.

Peoples are friendly, they are playing the game, there is place to build, an admin is there to avoid cheaters, etc … and it is fun and pleasent to play.

Not like officials servers that are almost emply, some players “own” the server, too many and unraidable massive buildings (build with previous duping exploits), you can not start playing, spam of foundations, … some players log only to refresh their base timers … dead servers.

So can you please take into consideration that servers need to be wiped regulary? 90% of the players will agree with this. I propose 3 months, every equinox.

And you need some admin from the community here that can only check in fly mode with a dedicated character if there is or not a problem. After if there is a problem, they will transmit to you and you ban or clean.

Servers need wipes + admins to work. Working servers mean more players and more money for you.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that your server is a success. And for the most part I can agree with you - a moderated environment gives people a sense of security because they know cheaters and abusive behavior will be deal with swiftly and decisively. This alone affects the way people approach the server - without fear of having to deal with crap, so they can dare to be positive.

However - regular wipes are not for everyone. They’re a popular enough suggestion that Funcom might consider dedicating some servers to this quarterly wipe rhythm, but making it the default setting for all officials would not sit well with some established communities, not all of which are hostile or toxic.

It’s also worth noting that you have one server, and you can manage that alone. Funcom has hundreds of servers. Full-time admin service would require dozens of admins. Using volunteer players for this duty is not without its problems.

It is not my server :slight_smile: After a wipe, the community stay and rebuild fast.

When you play on officials there is regular wipe too, when you get wiped by cheaters, etc … so after you change server. Or you are on a dead server, so you change too.

So I prefer real wipes! After a wipe, we can have one week with fast xp and farming to rebuild fast.

That just sounds like PvE with extra steps :smiley:

What is even the goal then? :smiley: But then again, what is the PvP goal in CE? :smiley:

Crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamentation of their women.

But only in regulated hours, not offline and supervised by an admin.


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