What about a monthly wipe on officials PVP?

Then everyone has a chance, more players, less too big bases, less too much thralls and animals, better server performance.



(may be a solution 3 messages below)


I agree that the official servers need this.

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Now that we have all this brimstone blocking, farmbase and vault spam and terraces to repell trebuchet raiders that put machu picchu to shame… I would give in to the idea of a bi monthly or monthly wipe cyclus.

May be we can wipe the servers by ourselves …

The max clan size is 10, so if there is 10 experienced players in a clan … it is possble to wipe a server in fews days :slight_smile:

Multiples trebs against T3, acid and poison arrows for thralls and animals, then bombs.


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You can thank spam due to the ease of harvesting and the lack of the gods true strength. Both if put in their right place would have prevented this in such scale.


You want a wipe fallout mode instead of the god/avatar fallout method?

It takes awhile to build some t3 bases, especially if you don’t have the time to finish them in one day. The wipe fallout would be really annoying to have to do it again. If a clan can do it faster than solo, then so be it. Clan size shouldn’t be a reason to change the fallout means.

Thing is not all PVP servers are bad. I find PVE more passive-aggressive (people build things to block other players, knowing that their stuff can never be damaged).

Conversely, I’ve been on some great PVP servers.

  • Peaceful PVP:
    My current server is peaceful. A few big bases exist but no bullies - the threat of potential violence has kept people super friendly. If this server wiped monthly, no one would actually be left to play on it.
  • Cold War PVP
    On another server, I remember seeing 3 “big” clans and 5 “medium” clans but no hot war. Afraid to injure each other (and then have some upstart attack both sides), it was divided into loose alliances and regions. The “alpha” clan built public gladiatorial arenas to invite other clans and give prizes (and let people show-off skill & blow-off steam) - the other “big” clans also built public works (bridges, map rooms, shelters, free supplies). It was amazing.
  • Psychological PVP
    And on a private server we had some “hardcore raiders”… and I wasn’t raided. A lot of PVP is psychological (not just combat) and it’s a fun thrill for some of us to be face-to-face with murderous danger (and still talk ourselves out of trouble - or even turn them into allies). I saw them raid any “big fortress” or “base with a dragon head” they found (so they were legit) - but they never picked on me (since I built smaller, scattered public-friendly shelters).

I’m a “pure pacifist” player who only plays on PVP-enabled servers - the risk of violence is the only thing that gives “value” to my refusal to attack players. “Oh wow, we were in danger and she could have killed us… instead she gave us food & potions and escorted us out?” That kindness is pointless in super-soft, super-PVE “I don’t lose my gear if I die” servers.

A monthly wipe would just make it impossible for me to solo anything (and then I either quit or am forced to join someone’s war machine).

Just try different servers - you’ll eventually find one that feels right - without the notion that the only solution is to eradicate other people’s fun.


Totally agree here, but you can imagine how all the roleplayers would be super annoyed at reducing harvesting rates or making building more expensive?
We even have 2x rates on PvP servers - god knows why - this would be the first thing I would adress to reduce building spam. Setting up a T3 base is way too easy. It should be endgame and not the thing you do the first day you join a server. No one is bothering with T2 building because T3 is just a tiny bit more expensive if not cheaper (black ice)

Regarding the other posts here, I think its a very exotic demand to play on a “peaceful” PvP server. Nontoxic community is ofc something that should be standard and its sad that we dont always have that. But no Conlicts between players in PvP are just silly.

I dont agree, i have big base dont want to rebuild it.


I’d advice not to play on official servers when you want wipes.
Also when you raid bigger assets there’s probably a lot more loot.

I don’t agree with doing that to the current servers, because the people playing on them already had a “no wipe” expectation when they started playing.

However, if Funcom wanted to put up a new server or two with “MONTHLY WIPES” right in the server name, I’d be totally cool with that.


There are many barren official PvP servers that are basically in a wiped state, go play on one of them and leave the current populated servers alone.


At the dawn of the ages (during early access) there was a typology of server (i think it was called blitz or mayhem) where it was raiding 24/7, gods on, double everything and monthly wipe. Not many people played that, so it was removed.
It was fun tough.

Not sure if this was in response to me or not - but I’m just saying that “peaceful PVP” is not rare at all. It certainly IS a form of PVP - but instead of combat, we engage in psychological warfare.


Bright Colors
In ARK, we had a mega-clan wiping our server twice weekly. While everyone else wanted “dragons and guns” to fight them off… I stuck to bright-pink clothes (no armor), bright-pink bird mount (etc) and never got hit. When I ingratiated myself with the attackers a few weeks later, they admitted they thought the bright-pink had to be bait.

And it became self-reinforcing - the longer the bright-pink roamed unmolested, the more you get convos like “oh, why didn’t Bob attack her? must be a reason” and “oh yeah, I think she’s part of our group, she’s there every week, she’s just not in discord” and “well, she’s not hiding/running from us, must be a friendly clan”.

Appeal to their Ego
PVPers don’t want to “rule” a dead server - they just want to establish their supremacy.

Instead of allowing to them to think “here’s another potential threat I can kill to establish dominance”, I act weak/clumsy/gullible (and suddenly there’s no glory in it).

Instead of asking for favors, I set up accidents where I die near them - and I’m not asking for them to rescue me, I’m pointing out the body so they can loot, since “I know I’ll never get it back myself”. Now they don’t need to kill me to show they’re “better” - they can show off how badass they are by killing whatever hurt me. :grimacing: I’ve befriended guys who foundation-wiped 9 clans off the map by a mix of faux adoration and humble tribute (potions, spare thralls, etc). Kind words = free defense. :star_struck:

Spies and Paranoia
When a PVP clan builds a fortress covered in dragon-heads, that’s an open invitation for other PVPers to come try to raid them. But when a solo-player builds a bunch of smaller, open shelters - dare you attack the wrong one and alert me of your intentions?

And why haven’t those other raiders attacked her? Did they already confirm she has nothing to steal? Or is she allied - and how can she be allied with 2 or 3 clans who are at war with each other? Why hasn’t one of them recruited her? Maybe her small base is just a trap.

Yada yada yada.


Brute-force PVP is mostly combat skill and explosives.

Psychological PVP is often requires examples to describe - but it’s super fun.


Pacifist Punishment
One of my favorite non-violent PVP experiences in ARK was when a mega-clan went on a recruitment binge - and one of their beta-clans began raiding our server (trying to impress their bosses). They didn’t even raid to get rich - they foundation-wiped n00bs just to bully them off the server.

I did not engage in combat - but I always helped my allies (with supplies, transport, scouting, spies) - and one day I found an enemy boat deep at sea. I told my allies they had “dibs” on loot - and when we broke in, we found the beta-clan leader unconscious (logged out) in a room.

HE became MY loot.

I dragged him to my all-pink fishing boat, cuffed him to a chair (so he can’t move), locked him in a 1x1x1 cell (so he can’t leave), force-fed him (so he can’t starve) and shot him with a tranq whenever he got rowdy (trying to glitch to escape). For a full 3 day weekend, everytime he logged on, all I heard was furious voice-chat shouting as his character was my prisoner and I refused to let him respawn.

The alpha-clan above him later showed up on the server - and I got an invite to their Discord - and my first screenshot was of his naked, imprisoned, unconscious butt on my bright-pink fishing boat. They weren’t angry with ME for defending our island - they got angry with HIM for being so shamefully incompetent (and losing resources to a pink bird-lady). Kicked.

Pacifism isn’t kindness. :grimacing: But I want to take people’s pride and freewill, not their loot.

I know they use that reason, but the logic is flawed. Back then nobody knew how anything worked and the servers wasn’t as overbuilt. Now there’s a lot of people who can get a nice base up in 3 days.

Regular wipes would guarantee that servers are limited to only medium and large clans. Solo or 2 mans wouldn’t waste all the time involved in farming, crafting, and building just to have it wiped. When people talk about how easy it is to farm, they aren’t speaking in reference to solo players, or to players with only a reasonable amount of time to drop into the game.

No wipes. Thanks.

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Пвп сервера - всегда будут пользоваться популярностью среди сильных игроков. Только там есть возможность научиться новым аспектам игры, багам, новым текстурам, а также своевременно это исправить.

Not even my bigger clan would waste time every month to rebuild and farm again. If guys like this kind of playstyle they should aim for the private pvp servers with monthly wipes.

Howdy, pvp folk fight n such. I play this game to master every aspect of pve. Imo this is an adults version of minecraft so i build as a priority so if the game wipes me im done. :crazy_face:
*whoops missed this was pvp thread:crazy_face: