June 20th Stream suggested we start a conversation on Server Wipe

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  • Wipe official PVP only
  • Wipe official PVE-C, PVP, PVE
  • No Wipe

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And if you voted for a wipe

  • Wipe only Structures and Inventory (Save Level and Recipes)
  • Wipe only Structures
  • Wipe everything
  • Wipe Inventory only

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If you are going to do a wipe there is no reason to wipe anything other than PVP servers. If you do wipe them, there is no reason to wipe character levels or feats.

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I agree, but i accidentally chose the Wipe all three, and it won’t let me edit it lol.

Wipe all PVP and Wipe everything :skull_and_crossbones: Dont touch my PVE-C server :stuck_out_tongue:


Certainly u see the bias here considering the 3 pvp wipe votes come from non pvp players

EDIT : Sorry, 2 or the 3, not sure if @Aria_of_Sorrow is PvP server


PVP is where duping and the like gives someone the most unfair advantage. If someone duped thousands of bombs or god tokens, they can easily dominate on a PVP server. If they did it on a PVE server it doesn’t even really matter.

That’s just logical, not bias.


I have nothing to vote for here.
You need a “Don’t wipe PVE. I am not concerned with other game modes”"
And one for PVE-C and PVP.


Most voting is biased. Technically voting no wipe means you are voting for modes you don’t play. If you play PVP, then why do you get a say in whether pve-c and pve get wiped or not?

This is just a litmus pole. It is not going to make anything happen. It gets the difficult conversation started. About the pros and cons, sometimes hearing why people voted a certain way opens up more empathy and understanding…

I think its a little late to wipe PVP servers though. It might be worth just launching brand new ones instead for each region. The damage has been done for the most part. Smart clans invested all their duped steel into Set zeal anyways to have bubbles for months.


That is one approach, another is to discuss then vote so participants are more educated about the voting topic.

I applaud u for starting this, but it seems moot until the glitches are no longer repeatable.

not really. Sometimes you vote, discuss for a period and then re-vote. Almost like a jury. Get an idea of where the group is, then discuss, and see if anyone changes their minds.

Not acting because of other issues is never a reason to not discuss and possibly fix. The new update coming is an example. There are still other issues, so why even bother releasing a fix for a huge one? Because it is deemed very critical by Funcom for the survival of the game. Thus, if a vote was to lead to one of the answers pushing the player pop up or moving the game forward in the eyes of Funcom, then it should be acted on.

7+ jebbal sags can overtake a bubbled spire

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If duping created this problem, undermesh castles cemented it. It was possible to hide duped items in undermesh for months. Even if undermesh is fixed, it still can be hidden in under ice vaults.

Wiping the servers because of few individuals who do that might be a bit to much tho.

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Free up some servers and create a new “seasonal” mode where the servers are wiped at the end of every season, thats about the best option tbh


I selected ‘wipe PvP’ out of the assumption that the call for wipes is coming from that quarter in the first place. I’m also fine with no wipes at all. If there was a follow-up poll on ‘wipe PvP or no wipes’ I’d stay out of that.

wipes only make sense in competitive environment and only if the main issues duping and undermeshing are fixed. currently none of them is and there is no light in the tunnel, thus discussing wipes is premature.

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Last time we had a poll, PvE people could vote and influence PvP players’ outcomes regarding the Tattling Event Log. I play PvP, such as it is, and that situation fills me with resentment. You want even the faithfuls to run away from this game, wipe away.

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AS much as i see your point, polls and discussions have always been everyone, even those without “a dog in the fight”. Think about all the Nerfing and buffing to help melee in PVP, even at the cost of negative effects to PVE, RP, and SP offline. So everyone should have a voice in this discussion. PVP only wipe syas that if i am PVE/PVE-C that i don’t want my servers wiped.

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I don’t think servers should be wiped. If Funcom wanted to open a few PvP servers that featured seasonal based wipes, cool. I’m sure those would be popular. But unless an existing server absolutely does not have a single building piece anywhere on it, then existing servers should remain as is.


Oh so because they took away ridiculously otherworldly damage points from Crom’s blade, PvE players should be able to say “yeah go ahead and wipe PvP.” You make a solid point.

Then it’s an invalid poll and should be shut down. Polls should neither reflect bias nor direct the actions of the people being polled.