Funcom should do a partial server wipe


with all the exploits that have been used post full release and the amount of weapons that have retained their 15% pen buff it’s a completely uneven playing field for new players joining the pvp servers, we have many vaults full of these weapons. I would like to see a partial wipe where the only thing we keep is our lvl’s, you’ve done it before funcom. also they amount some clans would have gained while using bugs like the 50 stat, you really need to even things out again.

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Hi! Thanks for tagging your post properly with PvP :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna disagree with you. PvP is your turf.

One concern I do have though is that Funcom tends to “carpet bomb” problems with their scripts when it comes to items and targeted wipes. I don’t think this was intended though. But the damages were not any less dire. I speak with reference to the Orb removals.

When they consider the grandfathered stats of armor pen in weapons, I’m not sure they are gonna pardon PvE servers from this either, as it’s convenient in this case not to have double standards…

I have farmed well over 2 vaults of legendary weapons. (yes… I have a lot of time on my hands.) and having them go poof is something that’d make me reconsider the game a little…because it sets a precedence as to how they are going to handle “balancing” grandfathered items…

Are they going to remove people’s things every-time they make a nerf?

Just some food for thought.

I do feel bad for you PvP folks though.

p.s. I see it’s only the weapon UPGRADES that got grand-fathered?

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Agreed. Wipe by august 1 would be very welcome.


Obviously you are new players, either to the game or your server. You wouldn’t call for a wipe otherwise.

Let me tell you something, it is not going to happen. They may open new servers where starting anew is optional, but they definitely will not take a bin a throw hundreds of hours of game time of hundreds of players.

We are already quite pisssed off with things as they are, just don’t help them get worse.


Yes please do not screw everyone like you did with the orbs! Pve/pve-c leave us alone please! Ty.


Yes of course I am not accepting to be robbed more of my time like it happened to orbs.

Remove us more gear or objects in pve official servers and there will be no one left siding with Funcom, never.

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Look friend, this isn’t about PVE. Anybody who ever stockpiled a gob of orbs is either not good at PVP or a PVE player. PVP peeps weren’t affected by the orb wipe because we make them ad hoc. You don’t ever want to fuel your enemy. Ever.

But PVE people don’t think like that because they only ever have engagements. In PVP every minute is a fight, and every decision is tactical: the loss of an immense amount of mats to an enemy is a doubly crippling blow. Every vault he builds out of your mats, every time he drops one even closer to your former fort, you realize you’re just helping him amass the server. Because at this point it’s just bombs and vaults.

Live in your ivory PVE towers and prosper. I guess.

PVP needs balance (1X vanilla officials) pass, and probably an inventory wipe. I know a ton of people who got hosed with the various building reorganizations. And although it’s funny, it’s not very good for business.


Sorry, but absolutely disagree, and with due respect, I don’t care at PvP balance.

What happened in pvp server’s shouldn’t have meant a loss in manhours due to the removal of an item, at least on pve servers, or afaik, even affected private servers (or even sp games? idk xD)

You must understand I don’t need to care or be affected by pvp balance, problems and exploits that have absolute no effect on pve server, and even less if it means they remove as they did items that took time for us to farm.

You can reason about the need for that to be done in PvP, which I will just say “sure, cool story bro!”, but not about the need to do it in pve.

PS: Oh and of course, the only valid reason to remove it in pve as well, was not that it also had to be done because you think it is fair or whatever other reason you could make up, but due to technical reasons, in words of Joel himself, they didn’t have a separate ruleset (or system cant remember how he called it) that allows em to change “x” only on pvp servers.

I did not think it was fair to remove anything. At the time, it hurt my clanmate a bit, because he had a lot of water orbs prepared, and they were also wiped. If it was wiped globally, it was because it affected everybody. You didn’t catch my inference: obviously it wasn’t meant to go after legit PVP players – it was meant to go after either PVE acquisitional players, or dupers. Clearly it was targeted at someone other than me. I am simply revealing my own biases in attempt to mirror your own. :slight_smile:

I believe the only way to achieve parity among PVP players who have lost so much – and so much advantage – is to reset the chessboard. But I don’t believe parity or fairness should ever come between friends or players, because without them, it’s a solo slog forever. So I’m hoping for a hybrid solution that will stop the blood loss without destroying the base.



I cannot agree more. I would much prefer total wipe if it corrects the ecosystem in which we all are playing. If there are nefarious gains made through exploits, my position is that the game owners have a responsibility to level that playing field.

I get that there’s a much different perspective from the PvE crew. And that is okay - the PvE game is a very different set of circumstances.


1500 hours here, I support a wipe. The state of officials is awful.


Just kill them and take their weapons is it so hard

ppl leave. ppls weapons get lost when they fall in lava.
screw ■■■■■■■■ over many ppl just bc of something that isnt a big deal

Basically these would be legacy weapons right?

Dear Fvcking God, DO NOT WIPE!!! You’ll lose half the Conan players permanently. You people asking for a wipe don’t know how bad the fallout will be when everyone loses their stuff. All PVP servers will be ghost towns as soon as the wipe is announced. And they won’t come back. No wipe. NO WIPE!!!


No wipe…been through enough…plus new players will not like it at all…this isn’t EA anymore.


Wipe it all the officials are too messed up or do what you as funcom terms a partial wipe removing all items/ everything aside from player skills. - leaving us naked but skilled.

We’ve had wipes before and we lived through it.

Either way will clean up the game environment.

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The developers give you plenty of tools to remove land claims and destroy bases. I don’t need a server wipe when I can wipe bases myself.

games like this could really use fresh starts, fresh servers where everyone starts over at the same time. These types of games also really need cross server raids, my main server is dead as hell, maybe 5 people on a good day. Now we have to start all over if we want to go to another server and they nerfed XP, that was dumb. They should have kept the XP the same since you have to start over if you want to leave servers.

So what about on PvE servers? We can’t exactly blast away the structures that are blocking access or spawns on PvE.