FUNCOM! Would a total wipe help you fix old bugs?

I’m asking because there must be a reason why old old bugs is still a “thing”.

Would it help if you could do a total wipe???

I am totally against a wipe because I’m a hoarder in EL and Siptah.

But still if that would help, i’m up for it.


Same I hate wipe but if it help them too game get better why not

No… sorta? Not really.

It would kill off hoarders of old items that didnt get deleted. It wouldnt stop some of bugs that are presistant now and being used.

You’d kill off so much work to remove handful of items. The loss doesn’t out weigh the results for good.

I’d lose last of my Souls Potions…and so many thralls…which i went thru pain of leveling, wining RNG hell hole that is % stas, and winning % hell hole that is perks on a few of them.

I’d never go back online ever again if I lost some of that stuff. =/

Funcoms track record with bugs isnt all that good… wipe would bring everyone to same spot for few hours. By end of Day 1 of wipe, there would be people blocking, outside green wall and everything else… Not mention next patch that brings something broken that people over collect. =/

At best, it would clean up so many servers?

Wipes are never really answer. Roll backs on other hand, I dont mind those if Staff is quick to announce theres gonna be one.

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and destroy everything we have built in the last two years.

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Yes, wipe all, so now everyone can start fresh and fair.

And for better servers performances, a wipe is needed from time to time to clean the servers databases.

Last wipe is mid 2018, there is 2.5 years …

The players who have been here since May 8th 2018 have amassed a fortune, including blue moons meteor drops, thralls and other stuff that is no longer available.

Sorry, but we would leave the game if this happens.
I bet we are not alone

Are you aware that games like EVE and other full MMOs have never been wiped and those servers are over 10 years old.
All single shard serves stay up for years, are you suggesting FUncom bought cheap servers.


As they have stated in a few dev streams, its the broken base core program that is the problem but rather than giving the game the overhaul it needs they just keep doing tune ups. But you cant put a band-aid on a bullet hole and expect the patient to live. The current Xbox issue is a prime example, they have neglected the root problem for so long compounded by multiple broken updates the xbox version is on the verge of cascade failure. I will admit i know nothing about programming, but as a contractor i know alot about building and if you build a house on a broken foundation its eventually going to come crashing down, adding to it only hastens the enevitable.

A server wipe will make 95% of the player to quit playing and never come back when they have lost what they have colected the last 3 years.

Jupp Funcoms Anarcy online is an exelent example of that to.

But yes as you say its alot of old rare stuffs ther and alot off them they shud bring back to.

But if they bring back all old rare stuffs and everything you alredy have will be put in a mail bag to rebuild again only 50% will quit the game.

False, no one will quit the game after a wipe.

There will be more players to join servers!

Vote wipe :slight_smile:

none of the old will come back, none that have build what they like to have, none like to redo ther caracter and scout out every jorny and stuff on the map again!

If you cant keep the loot you have colected in 3 years in a mailbox the game is dead!!!

If you are raided and you base wiped, you stop playing the game? No, you start again on a new server, so a wipe is the same.

Vote wipe :slight_smile:

PVP servers is a total diferent storry, but still even on a pvp server you will lose player that dont wana restart ther server domination.

You know you dont get raided on pve and pve-c?

Note the tag for this tread is PvE.

We dont care what goes on in the PvP world, wipe away.

Yes a lot of players will quit, we know some from different servers.

Even pvper dont wana be forsed to reroll caracter and scout and relern every ting in the game. So many stuff to find click on.

As someone who runs a few character and restarts. I’m not even super effectaint on how I play sometimes.

I’m pretty sure after a wipe, it would take small clan (let alone a large one) working as a team to Own a server by end of Day 1.

Wipe would fix a few issues for several hours.

If population was higher… and “30day wipes” server came back. I’d be tempted. By Day 2 or 3. Its decided who owns server do to blocking and undermeshing.

But what can a wipe help the game? Exept from less players play and stress the system.

If they made a way for players to save their database before a wipe and then be able to incorporate that back to the server after the wipe was complete, that would be cool. Then wipes wouldn’t matter.

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The game needs wipes, or a TAX on buildings. purges clearly dont do anything to help remove buildings or duped items, or anything for that matter.

1-3months wipes should be a good aim.
Tax on your building placements, so you have to have upkeep to keep your absurdly large bases.
Add new servers that are fresh so people know those are clean servers.

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