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I read a post not long ago where somone suggested what i thought was a really good idea. If any of the official servers doesnt have a visit in 6 days, it should be wiped. This makes sense, with the decay system and all. My guess is that funcom just have to figure out a way to get notified whenever this happens, and then announce a wiped server(s) which will get new and old people returning.

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When the decay setting is set to 6 days and noone logs in that server for 6 days, no structures and thralls would be remaining… just saying. I think to get old people returning they will have to fix some things like purges, AI, server performance, … first. Nothing a clean server can do anything about, for that last part maybe, but not for long tho as it will simply fill again in your scenario. Just my opinion.


You are just the most negative guy i’ve seen on this forums. Nothing constructive coming from you at all.

I didn’t find anything skinny said there to be negative, it was pragmatic and correct, the game will need fixing to entice people back, and a large selection you never will get back, because you have very often just one chance to make an impression.


I agree with this, if the goal is to get old players to return, it makes sense to fix some of the issues that (probably) drove them away in the first place - though a fresh server would probably be more attractive, all other things being equal, than an old one where you just know all the best spots are taken by sprawling mega-cities.

If the goal is to get new players to give the game a chance, you might have some luck by providing “virgin territory” - I have no idea how many new people are joining these days, I get the feeling it’s not many, but I could be way out on that one.

I’m not sure I like your suggestion in general, at least it ought to be on a significantly longer timer than six days, but taking it at its merits, this is the way I see it.

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The “goal” is to have a fresh server. Dont put too much thought into a simple suggestion. The decay system makes it so that you dont have to wipe, but unless there is a common announcement for the players, they wont just magically appear in numbers on a server that’s techincally partially wiped from the decay system.

I fail to see why that’s a goal in and of itself. Hence my interest in the why.

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I personally don’t see the point because you can’t tell what’s on a server until you join and have a look around. I would rather have the staff at Funcom fixing bugs and making new content than chasing which servers haven’t had a visit and wiping them. Then having to edit the name or description to let people know when they were wiped.
My 2 cents for what it’s worth.


My personal opinion is that we need to shut down the servers that have had no visitors over the last 6 days. There is a surplus of servers from the strains of launch and everyone wanting in at once. It is normal over time for many to leave or not play as often, lightening the load. People want to play online servers because they don’t want to play Solo, and going to a dead server is just like playing solo without admin commands.

If we eliminate many of these unused servers it’ll accomplish 2 things:

  1. Allows new or moving players to find servers with an active population.
  2. Lighten the pay load for Funcom, allowing more money to go into development.

I don’t think the cost of keeping the servers up is significant - though obviously that’s pretty easy for me to say, since it’s not my wallet on the line :wink:

I do understand that this is a game with no monthly income from players, so even a modest monthly cost is important to reduce. Still, compared to employing people to work on the game (wages are not low in Norway!) I can’t imagine it being too bad.

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