Dead servers should be reset so new players have a chance

Game mode: [Online | player vs player]
Problem: [Crash/Misc]
Region: american servers

Had to start over on a new server because the previous one had level 60s waiting to purge everyone off before they could even get to or just get to t3 building/explosives. As well as blocking recipes for altars. There were only 2 level 60s who weren’t in that clan. They weren’t on for a whole week. The other high levels would barely be on. Another two were level 30. We had 3 guys who had just gotten to level 36. Plus 3 other low levels in the lobby.
People are still using the obelisks as killzones with towers around them.

Suggestions on how to fix/solve issue:
1.resets on servers with no players longer then a week. You always have clan members to keep it going but if its only 1 clan or members who have joined that clan have everything reset on the last day of server reset.
2.Another idea would be to have servers that do reset for hardcore quick grind players.
3.with the whole archer/walled off towers. Might just have to make whole areas unbuildable.
4. make a new explosive throwable that takes a combination of the three different orb types(water orb excluded) to make a long burning explosive with a kick. Not as strong as a demon barrage or explosive jar. But capabale of helping new players defend from groups of high levels and clans.


Reset PVP servers every month.

If you don’t like the server you’re on, just switch servers to a different one.

You can “reset” yourself.

Easy. Simple. Done.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to wipe PVP servers every 3 months or so. I don’t know if PVE players would want it that if the nuke flying thralls fix comes in to play.

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If all of our design and hard work went out the window not because of players, but because of ‘routine maintenance,’ on regular intervals, I definitely would not invest my time into this game.


I think a more elegant solution is to buff the Purge to eliminate decayed or abandoned buildings. That way, even if there is 1 player to maintain 10 buildings, he will most likely be able to defend 1 and that is if he is online when it happens!

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Yeah… but there is only one little problems… People (smart as they are) build in areas only accessible by elevators… have you seen the blocks they built on those towers (that are part of the map itself)? How would a purge get to it?

How would a purge get to it?

I remember reading purges are supposed to spawn within bases if there’s no way to access them by normal means.

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Yet you PVP players get the game nerf. Get rid of useful tools like yellow lotus potions with no timers. And want to nerf spears because a better skilled player beating your team.

Another nerf was healing items. All because of PVP.

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Not from pvp players. Those were nerfed due to pve players joining pvp servers and then whining about people blowing them up and ruining their immersion.

If they play on a PVP server, then they are by definition no (longer) PVE players. “No true scotsman”, eh?

And yes, PVE players have to deal with A LOT of limitations and inconvenience because certain things would otherwise be exploitable in a PVP scenario. It’s one of the sad (but unavoidable) parts of this game how two such opposed rulesets pull it in different directions, yet have to live within the same base game.


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