Server Population Dying

I doubt I’m the only one who has been having the same issue. I’ve played on 3 official servers and the general story goes as followed…

Join server, large clan gets crush and gives up, server pop slowly dies when multiple large clans leave and people jump ship… 1 more server joins the grave pile.

Personally I think that the game should not be played indefinitely due to it’s survival nature (destroy or be destroyed). Official servers should have a set cycle like 2 months resets. This would allow fresh starts and give people that race to the top on equal footing.

They could also give more exp for killing mobs and gathering/crafting so you can play normal while still staying competitive.

The last thing that would REALLY add a great sense of survival is if the Purge worked. I had the opportunity to experience it on a private server and it was awesome trying to hold back a hord in the little sandstone base. On Public servers maybe they can increase the Surge hord based on clan size.

Not sure if this reflects anyone else experience so far.


No reset, they said they wouldnt reset official servers (only pvp blitz, but those dont exist anymore), if they reset pvp servers there will be a HUGE ammount of people that have a life leaving the game.

I dont care if there is a clan who own/did everything, and they would be an obstacle for me, thats why I choose pvp so I am aware of the risk.

I don’t want to rebuild and relevel all over because of a stupid wipe, it was acceptable on EA, but now on official? No!


I believe part of the reason server population is dropping off is partly because the “newness” is wearing off. Lots of people are beginning to see this much the same way I’ve been seeing it.
It’s pretty straight forward without dynamic changes other than one group dominating and then moving on. It’s becoming boring.


Yeah sure caco, that sure seems like it’s working right now with you know only about 1/2 of official server with 2-3 people server when as before you had hard time connecting to a server cause it was full. Yeah let’s just let the game die, great idea.


The game will die from other reasons but not to a natural mechanic of the game. If you don’t want harassment, go to PvE, period.

Ppl who cry about that just cant handle pvp.


The game is a month old now on official release.

What do you expect?

Servers were full the first couple weeks because it was new. It’s not new and like every other game the player base drops.

Doesn’t matter what server you play on…they’re all going to be pretty much empty now in comparison to a month ago.


If something is not done then I don’t see how the game will last long term. As someone who has had to start from nothing 3 times I get the frustration of time lost.

I clocked over 2k hours on Rust and 600 on Ark so not my first go at these games. I’m use to been on servers with a low dip in population, but something feels off on this game.

Server’s seem to die and never recover from the drop. I really like the game so I would really like to see it last the long run and not burnout quickly.

And what make you think that I want the game to die? Op is complaining about population drop, suggested wipes on official servers thinking that this could be a solution but its not and I pointed the cause.

I follow this game since when it was announced before the start of EA, of course that I want it to live for years and years, but this depends on Devs, not us, Conan franchise is well known and has a lot of fans, everyday there will be new players, some will leave, some will stay, as every other online game, but don’t suggest a wipe on a building pvp game because not everyone play 24h, so they won’t like to start over and over each wipe, THAT will drive ppl away from the game, not clan dominance.


I’m glad you are actually making sense here.

New game = tons of temporary players.
Same things happen to games when dlc drops.

Population drops as it gets rid of the shinyness.
But resetting things often on this kinda game server will actually devastate the player base.


Dont think wiping is a solution. So you dont want to get wiped by a player so Adms should wipe everyone?
Despite not being the new thing anymore, the game lacks of some mechanic that makes it endless like ark does for example where you basically will pursue the max level creatures forever. With it we have a fast progression for a RPG game in a online enviroment. You get fast to max level, you kill every boss, fight a couple of weeks on pvp and you’re gone. Its easy to get all you want from it and move on like a offline game.

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You and quite a few others are absolutely right.

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One problem sounds like all the people who are used to the “sprint to max level, then the fun begins” mind set are disappointed when they sprint to max level only to discover that the journey is where the fun is, and they bypassed it all.


Not every game is meant to last long term. This isn’t Everquest or World of Warcraft. Its a retail box game that has a clear ending, and a multiplayer community meant for short term.

If you’ve done the journey steps, completed the bracelet quests, completed any PVP goals you have, completed your building ideas, then congrats. You can say you’ve beaten the game and can move on.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

I spent $30 on this game, have 1000 hours into it. That’s a ton better than say Medal of Honor which i had 8 hours played for $60 spent when I beat it.

I’ve gotten my money’s worth to say the least. Many people also have. The question comes, have you beaten CE yet? I haven’t. There’s a few more things I’d like to do. If you aren’t in that boat, and can’t find anything else you’d like to do, call it beat and move on.

Think of it as a personal achievement. Not a failure on the game’s part. I don’t know why people think every game needs to last years. Many successful games are good for a few hours. I mean look at Super Mario Bros 3. Its one of the best selling games of all time. An innovative game for its time and an all time classic.

Who’s playing it now? Sure we go back to it once in a while. But I know I didn’t have 1000 hours in it. Hell I spent $50 for SB3 back when it was new. So its definitely a fair comparison on price point (despite $50 being worth ALOT more in 1991 than 2018). The point here is its not a failed game by a long shot. CE isn’t either.

Just know when its time to put down a game and try another.


no range combat and no magic… melee only game atm since they killed there own range combat and didnt add magic becuase of no one to make the graphics (i call BS on that one, look at orbs, they ugly as hell and still in game). gods either work too good or not good enough, so what else is there to do? gods broken melee only kinda kills the gameplay when there is only 1 way to play, strength only melee and use Set as your god…hmmm yup good way to kill the game when only 1 way to do it


Rent your own private server.

  • Set own individual game mode rule set preference.
  • Populate it with a few like-minded players.
    = yay server population no longer dying! :slight_smile:

I’m having a blast on official PvE.
A party is what you make of it. You just need the right sort of crowd.

I definitly don’t want a reset. Ever.

Besides, there is 3 ways to win in life:

  1. Outperform
  2. Outmanuever
  3. Outlast

In PvE, Nr.3 is so satisfying.


In my server the alpha clan, 3 dudes powerleveled to 60, when the second highest player was level 32. They camped, sieged and raided everyone and made their life miserable. I still kept playing, holding my base alone at level 30. I never rushed my levels, or went crazy to level up just because of them. The beauty of this game is the learning curve, taking your time to explore your biomes and being smart about how and when to build.

You noticed your main base going to be raided? and you can defend it? well you either move your loot far off or you take your chances to defend it. Or you can outsmart your opponent, hide your stuff away and keep playing and repairing the same spot, so they think that place is your main base. I jebaited the alpha clan twice by this trick. By the time they found my new base, it took them a week, all T3 and well built so gg for them to raid it.

Wipes? no thanks. It will be pointless. Just be smart, your character level and knowledge cant be taken from you, remember that.


I think what people are kind of alluding to here is that. People play online Servers to play with people, but they don’t know how to socialize. So they’re disappointed when it just doesn’t happen spontaneously. It sounds weird but in Sandbox PVP open world games, people are gun shy because of greifers and sociopaths. I don’t blame them. No one wants their work destroyed in a mere matter of hours. But, i mean it is a game what do you really lose by joining other people?

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Increasing the purge spawn amounts by clan size is a great idea. Please add this to the suggestion forum since it does not pertain to your original post.

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I have a mod for that:

Makes Archery viable in PVP. What separates it from other Archery mods is it doesn’t trivialize PVE. And since its balanced at all tiers. You can have a great leveling experience as an archer. The bonus of stacking Javelins and Throwing Axes tosses a nice option to melee as well who want to diversify.