Officials are empty do something before this game dies


Maybe try of wipe or anything because it’s not going to end very well for this game if nothing changes.

Every time I see a thread like this, it reminds me of this scene:


I think taking some of the empty, officials and creating servers that are routinely wiped would bring some peace to those who are still trying to make the game fun in the face of OP PvP clans or long-term players that used glitches to stock pile items that are not as easy to obtain/craft now.

I think on the wipe servers, a CGI ending should be created, where just before the wipe, Conan, breaks the green wall and the entire server makes a run for it.


It’s not “the game” it’s just official servers. Private servers with Admins are OK, Single play is OK too. Maybe it would be good to have some official vanilla servers with month fee and Admins.


Blocking important sites, stopping access to resources by a single dominant clan is a big reason to not play this game, after saying this i do love this game but the longer devs/funcom turn blind eye to blatant abuse of important parts of the game needed to progress without being in a clan, the result is whats happening people turn to other games.

My personal gripe is people being allowed to build over the story parts and emotes you can get in the game, i mean why have them in the game to discover only for a clan or one idiot who thinks it’s funny especially in pve-c servers to do this, at least in pvp you get to at least try to fight back some times but without access to certain resources good luck with that.

If the don’t implement moderators into the servers it will die, that will be a sad day as this game is fantastic but it could be epic.

Maybe if u did not focus on pvp only u could see.a very-very different POV of this game…

Single player is not okay if you actually want a fully functional and fun game. The second you leave an area things basically stop existing. When you log off timers just stop, and they don’t adjust when you log back in. That makes things like breaking thralls or finding start metal nothing but an exercise in frustration.

Always pointing people to private servers is eventually going to start ■■■■■■■ people off. They are going to start to believe that Funcom purposely makes the official servers crap and unmoderated because it promotes the selling of private servers. Why spend money moderating them when letting them go to crap makes you more money, and people will moderate them for you for free?

I think it’s a combination of summer and the fact we haven’t had a new DLC in a while. Numbers usually pick up when school starts, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried another promotion to add to it.

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It’s people exploiting and killing off servers that make them die. People who play legit cannot compete with griefers who come into servers in order to wipe them using duplicated items. Great game but too many exploits.


How about no. Wipes will just get rid of the last legit players, while the exploiters, dupers etc will be right back where they are today in no time flat.


Do you know of a game with PvP that doesn’t have people using exploits?

Only way I’ve ever seen around this, is to play on a private server where they ban people caught exploiting.

Or get some real admins on the official servers who will step in when needed.

Single-player is fully functional and fun.

It’s a good thing parts of the world don’t exist when no one is around. I would’ve lost a lot more thralls while running back to my corpse. Hoeven, from what I understand, this mechanic exists in both single-player and multiplayer.

There’s nothing wrong with timers stopping when logging off. If you’re not playing, everything should freeze like any other single-player game. If you want things to keep running, just leave the game running or play on a server.

Breaking thralls is easy in single-player. Simply adjust your server settings. In terms of star metal, I haven’t had any issues obtaining it even with the timer restarts. Just snoop around the Mounds of the Dead farming XP until you hear the meteor shower. Better still, just build a base or outpost near the Circle of Swords.

Personally I avoid multiplayer games like the plague, unless they’re only cooperative. That doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t enjoy them. They just aren’t for me.

I have had thralls disappear in single player while dragging them because they got to far from me.

Not really an acceptable compromise. Honestly, it shouldn’t have been too hard for the game to simply calculate and adjust like the events happened even when they didn’t.

For example, when you logged back in, it should have looked at the system clock, and calculated how far the thrall should have been broken and how much gruel should have been used up and changed their values accordingly. It should have does something similar with the meteors, ran the check when you entered the north, and randomly place them where they could land if the meteor shower had occurred.

I play this game only because of pvp and i dont see a point of playing pve or single. Just waste of time, there are better mmo games then this

  • Like i have said it somewhere else, thye dont have to wipe all the servers. They can wipe the empty one that no one plays anymore and there are many many of these

Lol dude, for exploiter it doesnt matter if its wiped. If they want they can smashu u any time

That’s… exactly what I said. It’s why wiping won’t help.

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yes it will, lot of old players would want to start from the begining, maybe not lvling but getting their stuff wit others ppl.

How about you run your own server. Make your own rules and learn how hard it is to keep things going.


well guess what i play it ONLY for PVE… so for me no big deal. and u know what? even the empty ones has population…
not much but has. so maybe get ur character to a more populated server
will be same as beeing wiped… u start all over, build ur base , lvl ur char etc…