Weekend Servers

For real, when the hell are you going to add PvP Weekend servers, not everyone can log in every frking day.



I do not agree.

First PVP must be 24h/24h and not only 6 hours a day.

If you now restrict it to 2 days per week instead of 7 days … this is no more PVP servers!

You seem to think you have to play this way. You do not. There are many players who do not have the time during the week to play PvP, and a few servers set aside for them is not a bad idea.

If you don’t like it, don’t do it.


But they need yo to stay on officials as is, so these type of players can offline your base, stream it, and claim skill.

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So what youre saying is that my idea is so powerful that all other servers will die and my idea server will take over.

sounds good to me.

I have a life. and being online everyday just to NOT be raided, is annoying. and HAVING to stay on to make sure youre not OFFLINE raided, is annoying. 1 of me, will take on 10 of you. Ofc youll offline raid me.

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Private servers are an option and raid time/days can be set as seen fit. You can host your own or join one already available.

Personally feel that non-default server settings should be reserved for private servers.

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ive tried over 10 private servers, and made one myself. they are garbage. admins are corrupt, and people are never happy.
Official is the only way to play this game.

Having played on multiple privates, they are not as flexible as one thinks without mods. Which means PC is the only pace to actually play with those rules and really make it tuned to what one likes, but again requiring mods. And, can not be said enough, any person who owns/admins on a server should not participate. the temptation is too great to admin spawn, and even if one does not admin abuse, the cloud will always linger. Being impartial is very very hard without any real driving force besides ones own ethics. Funcom has a driving force, it is called DLC buys. they try to balance and appease many, but on privates, owners and admins tend to appease “friends”, as there is no monetary gain for alienating them.

I love how so many people are against turning some of the dead servers into variations to test the market. My feelings are that they thrive on the offlining, and fear true PVP while raiding.

Private servers with weekend only raiding outside of PC exist… If a person/people are funding a private server they have the right to play as well, if they admin abuse, that’s on them, they pay the cost to be the boss. It’s not like there is an option to reduce server cost by restricting/limiting admin privileges and or server options…

Once given it can’t be cleanly taken back, once players get a taste of it, it will always be there. Official servers are free to play with default settings, once official servers go outside of that the luster of private servers is reduced and “the cloud will always linger” of “why can’t we have some servers with x, y, z settings anymore?”.

You seem hell bent on not having people play against you. Have you tried PVE? Because then you can avoid pvp all together there.

Have personally played PvE servers, they are great for aesthetic building. Prefer PvP servers, attacking and being attacked, solo and group raiding, hunting players/clans, etc.

Me avoid PvP, fk no, i ask for duels every single day. in EVERY 10 servers im in. and no one will duel me. i made a Private server, just for dueling so NO ONE has risk just to get more duels.

I JUST CANT BE ONLINE 24/7 no lifer.

You’re barking up the wrong tree. @WhatMightHaveBeen was replying to @TriNitY706. His comment was meant to highlight that people who oppose these ideas usually do so because they prefer offline raiding, hence the “hell bent on not having people play against you” part :wink:

Honestly, though, I don’t understand the reactions here. The suggestion was to add some servers with a different configuration, not to replace the server someone is playing on.

I could understand pointing out that you can achieve the same goals by using a private server. I could understand opposing the addition of new servers for reasons that have to do with the cost of those and the potential, speculated impact that cost might have on future development.

But opposing the addition of new servers for gameplay reasons? That’s either a lack of reading comprehension or selfishness. What makes it even more perplexing is that this is not the first discussion about offline raiding where I’ve seen some of the same people use the same circular logic along the lines of “official servers have these settings, so those settings should be official”.

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Was directed at @TriNitY706

And I personally would like offline protection, 24/7 servers. this would be true PVP. If i log in and people are on, i can be raided. But as it stands, many 10 man clans have 4-6 members log in during the safe time and farm with no threats (18 hours no raid remember) and amass the resources the other 4 need to offline during raid time. By turning to 24/7 no-offline (whatever that would end up being) the farmers would now have to monitor being raided as well. Creating a more PVP centric environment.

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