Official PVP Server with weekend raid times only

Currently Conan Exiles has either PvP, PvE-C, or PvE

PvP = 7 days a week at 6 hours a day = 42 hours that you have to defend your base A WEEK. More than a full time job
PvE-C = No raiding so buildings and thralls litter the landscape.
PvE = Not really appealing to a lot of players due to being too easy.

So could we have something that meets between PvP and PvE-C?

I think its a good idea to have a PvP server with weekend only raid times. This would prevent the extreme amount of time needed to prevent raiding every day. Thoughts?


there are privates, but like you i would really like a less daily version of PVP.
Basic idea i have proposed for something attuned to the above casual, but less than hardcore CE player are

  1. PVP Raid 6 hours Saturday and Sunday (5 pm-11 pm time zone specific)
  2. Harvesting rates at 0.25 x Monday thru Thursday. 5 x Friday thru Sunday Midnight (this would not reward people for having more free time on during the week, allow for prepping on a Friday night)
  3. PVE-C 24/7 as it is now on PVP servers.

I have owned a private server, but to do this, i had to baby-sit settings. Would like a conflict, raid, xp gain, and harvest rate in the front end for admins to balance based on days, not weekends/weekdays. IF they were to give me that, i would personally start my server back up and try these settings on PS4.

**Problem with privates, is if iam the owner/admin, then I can’t play it :./


I run a private server where buildings can only be destroyed Saturday and Sunday for 6 h between 16:00 and 22:00 CET +1. This is way better for the game mechanics and you can have a job and still play the game.

I would recommend creating a few official servers that are like this. We do need jobs to pay for all the dlc’s, so this makes a lot of sense Funcom :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think i am allowed to link my server here, so i will just tell you that my server is named KnightsOfFury.

Im sure you don’t work all weekends and to be honest there are way more people that have the weekends free form work then not.

If you really want building destruction on specific days in the week then i am sorry but there might be to few people that have the same schedule as you.

You can try to make a private server and see if there is an interest.

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Is it PS4?

I believe you can play cross platform.

Not atm. Systems allow it, but game is not designed for cross platform.

It’s on pc :slight_smile:

I would love to have either a new category or a revamp of PVE-C, which would enable player-killing 24/7 and set a decent (i.e. restricted to a few hours) base destruction window during the weekend.


No, his statement is based on %. There are no perfect settings. For those that work “non” normal shifts and weekends, they can suggest what ever they want.


If you read the rest of my post, then you know that it has nothing to do with my idea of a work week. I am just stating the fact that most people have the weekend off work.

And that’s why many of those most people use week-ends to do other things than playing a video game. Like spending time with their kids, or doing sports or playing Pen n’ Paper RPG with friends.

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