There will not be 24/7 servers?

This game is over for me. Conan pve game I understand. No harkor, nothing. Bye!

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I am not sure what you are saying in your post. Can you elaborate?

I think he means something along the lines of the current PvP-Mayhem servers where you can kill players and destroy buildings at all times instead of only within a limited time.

BTRR currently plays on the same server as I do, PvP-Mayhem #120 so I have an idea of what he considers to be fun in the game.

I can honestly see where he is coming from, and I am a little disappointed myself. But I guess we gotta accept the limitations.

Translated into human language: He is wondering why there are no “all time” PvP servers, where players would be able to raid 24h/7d. “Harkor” = hardcore. :sunglasses:


Raid times on structures in “Official” PVP servers will be limited to prime time, while player pvp is 24/7. PVE Conflict will not allow structure raiding, however there will be player pvp during prime time. Player thralls will be unkillable and passive to other players on PVE servers. Purges will occur on all server types at prime time in their respective region.

All decisions that answer the bulk of the community’s concerns over the past year, and limits offline griefing. I’m most certain that there will be plenty of “hands off” administered private servers that will allow grief-fests 24/7, but some people are too paranoid to trust a server being run by someone besides the developer.


Yes because soneone who runs a server will be playing in it also. How can they be objective when their hours of hard work gets raided .They will have a hissy fit and just spawn an avatar.

You would never know if they legit got one or just spawned it.

Reason i want 24/7 raiding is because I work evenings along with my clan.

private server at your service


No by experiense, you put in x amount of H that weand waisted cause a admin do some bad or just disapar.

At the moment, raid is impossible when players are online. You spend the barrels that demolish the foundation, once you demolish it they build in its place the other. There should be no such raids. When other players, pvp lovers will face this, they will be disappointed.

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are you saying there should be no pvp while other players are online or they shouldn’t be able to build while being raided.

They should not be built during the raid.

maybe but not sure its possible to code that

Can I dropped the video above.

I did not know what to build during the raid. But when I saw it I was upset, it’s nonsense.

the problem is you need to have building enabled to build siege weapons and a siege base. Likely need it also to place explosives. seems unfair to disable it for the defenders but not the attackers.

According to you, you have never raided this game. I like online raids, but I have not seen a single game where you can build during a raid. Even to repair in other games there is a timer.

they could put in code that restricts building while enemy is in range.

you can build during a raid in ark

No. You played badly. On private servers it is possible. There is a timer there.

timer for repair not build