Conan Exiles PvP based Server recruiting, PS4, PVP

Interesting server with multiple gaming modes for your curiosity.

Looking to have fare players, don’t bring the bs or grimy mentality to this server, it’s not welcomed. The server owner will kick you off, Just looking for players who are trying to game and enjoy it.

The server team wants to build a game community where you can play every day, some days, once a week or every other week, after that if your not playing, this game probably isn’t your vibe.

A relaxed community where players can chat, game, trade, run dungeons, bomb each in some pvp battles or relax and enjoy your Clan build that took some time and effort to create, and when Events call !!! Meet up to enjoy the server festivities.

PvE-C Base builds are non combatant, but only if the Green Banners are clearly visible, we do this so people can have a place to restock, change armor/thralls if they are engaging in PVP or to just play coman in the PvE-C aspect.

PvP Builds can be raided and attacked those are any builds (besides Green Flag builds and Server Team builds).

PVP Time - 8pm-4am EC US timezone
PvE-C Time 4am-8pm EC US timezone

Time blocked PvP/ and/or PvE-C (which ever interests you)
Unique events
PvP combat fights in multiple builds from the server owner
Horse themed builds
Non PvP builds
Regular Conan play
6x purge - For maximum thrall spawning chances
Max Clan size- 5
Items are kept on Death
Harvest multiplier- 4x
Exp multiplier- 2,5x

Discord mandatory for general purposes, you do not have to join in chat or respond, except for the server team, but it should be only for game matters on the server, ie clan name/members , in-game trade.

Server Team Support is available when online

I have to mention that the server owner strongly urges players who enjoy and want to extend their stay, to attend events when the server team posts the invite. The server owner has Invested hundreds of hours in trying to find another way to enjoy conan aside from the regular game play. The events are challenging and fun to play with many builds spread out throught the lands. Honestly they’re surprisingly entertaining in a conan way!!

If you have read through the top and you wish to see what the hell this person is writing about, please contact the server owner Kiiler-Bush on PS4 DM

All 3 Conan game styles, PvP dont like PvP then PvE-C dont like PvE-C then PvE

8pm-4am PvP
4am-8pm PvE-C
PvE opt out Flag and Mask system

PM Kiiler Bush If interested