RaW PvP (new ruleset) UK/EU based PS4

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Hi everyone,

We started a new PVE-C server around 3 weeks ago and have, with the help of our members, grown into a great community! The server is active and has a great range of levels and experience. We are looking new players/clans to join to keep this community growing with fresh people and fresh ideas. We also have a very active Discord server going and we use it use for the community to create clans, throw out new ideas for the serve and we also use to promote the events we are running. We have built a fight Arena where various events are held to obtain various high tier loot! We are also looking to create a purpose built dungeon and Labyrinth to ad to the list of popular events!

We have very active admins on both the Conan server and the discord server so any questions you have will be answered immediately and along with the really pro-active community providing all help you could need.

All in all it is an easy going friendly server with a great community vibe - plus a nice bit of rivalry during PvP hours 😉

Server settings are as follows;

Max Player Count: 30

Player XP: 2.5

Player Kill XP: 2.0

Player Harvest XP: 2.0

Player Craft: 1.5

Survival Time XP: 1.0

Harvest Speed: 2.5

Crafting Speed: 10x

Active Hunger/Thirst: 0.7

Max Clan Size: 5

Building damage: Sunday 8-10PM UK TIME

Building Damage is OFF

Server Tick Rate: 60

Stamina Cost: 1.0

Purge is turned ON and is currently at default settings apart from the level which is at 5

Server name RaW PvP (new ruleset)

Discord - https://discord.gg/PYKm7aH

We urge people to join our Discord as this is where we discuss everything from in game server changes to event announcements. All changes to the server discussed and agreed within our Discord server. This way you get to be part of changes you wish to take place!

Any questions add our PSN names: AyeCJay or TheM1tch_


Hey - how is the harvest speed?

We are a group of 4 players who are looking for a server to call home and finally get fully into playing/building, so we want our next choice to be the right one! :slight_smile: We are rather new players to Conan Exiles, but we all have past experiences with similar games, but this is the 1st one we take on together, so we’re really looking forward to it :slight_smile:

Hey man sounds very similar to us which is awesome! harvest speed is 2.5 usally 1k stone/wood takes 2-5 mins depending on where you are farming personally think it’s a nice balance not to quick not to slow any other questions give me a shout man would be cool to see you guys IG

That sounds great :slight_smile: One of us already checked it out earlier (met one of the mods) and as group we will start tonight then, hopefully everything works out! :slight_smile:

Is there some forum/discord?

Got a discord mate pretty inactive tho as it’s just been set up and cant work out how to post it on here i’ll try PM it you and great glad you’ve already met man look foward to seeing you guys later

Joined the server with our group last night. Super fun so far, rates and everything is really nice, no lag. Hopefully more people join soon! :slight_smile:

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Cheeky bump had quite an active night last night and considering it’s our first night public we’re very pleased could still do with a couple more groups of 2-4 players and i think we’re golden! currently the server comes up as PvE but we are thinking of changing the PvP hours to 8-11 depending on feedback so get invovled nows the time the land is still untouched!

Hey, been playing on the server for a bit today, very interested. How can i join the discord


Sent you a msg on here mate

For aynone trying to connect servers seem to be down in the meantime join our discord to stay up to date!


Hi any space left sounds a good server.

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Easy mate yeah there is loads of space left man currently have 10-12 active through the day only been open a couple days join our discord as well if you can mate keep up to date with news and what not!

Also a update on settings recently changed to PvE-C finally worked out the settings

PvP starts at 8 UK time on weekdays and ends at 11 at weekends it starts at 4 in the afternoon UK time and ends 12 at night building damage is off and unlikely to be turned on

Hey guys,

Just read through all the above and this looks great. Me and my friend are looking for a server to settle into and we are UK based too so this seems perfect. Have you got space for two more heads?

We are still fairly new to the game but quite active online and would be more so if we were on a great server. Let me know :slight_smile:

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Easy man yeah more than enough atm join our discord as well if you get the chance would be awesome to see you in-game :slight_smile:

Had a seriously active day yday so much so we added another 10 slots anyone is welcome one thing we would ask if you join our discord before joining IG as it will be important in the coming weeks we’ve got some really cool events planned so keep your eyes locked. https://discordapp.com/invite/PYKm7aH

Cheeky bump still looking for a few active clans ideally but anyone is welcome really as long as you are willing to join discord starting to get active on there pretty quick so now would be a good time to get invovled!

@ayecjay hey sent you a message thanking for the invite, talking of cheeky i invite a friend from another server told him how fun it’s been so far and the way your trying to run the sever hope it’s not a prob.

Yeah i saw man sent you one back hope you got it nice base btw saw passed by your set up a few times impressed :wink: nah thats welcomed man more the merrier tell him to get on and get in invovled cant wait till peeps are max lvl the real fun starts then :stuck_out_tongue:

Easy another update on things the community and server is coming together very nicely discord is starting to get really active and fleshed out and we’ve got our first load of lvl 60’s so congrats to them :slight_smile: still room for more tho and not to late would love groups of players who want to get invovled with the community but as previously stated anyone is welcome!

Joined this server when it opened with my clan - great decision. Community is really shaping up, multiple active clans, very active discord, etc.

From the discussion we had, we will probably PW-protect it in the near future as it’s getting very busy in prime time… get in while it’s still fresh and make your mark on this World/community :wink:

Lots of events coming up!

Make sure you join discord: https://discord.gg/SrFsXGn

BUMP for this great server :slight_smile: