*casual* player looking for server

Hello everyone; I’m a longtime Conan lore fan and have dabbled in Exiles looking for a small scale PvP server with good community.

Despite lots of hardcore Everquest and WoW in my distant past, I have arrived at a point in life where I’m a casual gamer. I can’t dedicate significant time to contributing to a clan or RP server or whatever else it might be. Are there any servers out there that support responsible, good-spirited PvP on a smaller scale and don’t mind people who might only play a few hours a week? Preferably without all of the s-e-x related stuff that seems to be pretty common. Thanks all.

We host our own custom OC’ed fully dedicated server, custom back-end scripting to “help” funcom with bugs, issues, lag and studder.

Join our discord for the server rules. https://discord.gg/tGGhwxP
Check out our server here: Direct Connection IP:

Looking for a great gaming community for Conan Exiles? Tired of the toxicity and drama of other servers? Want a chance to be a part of a thriving and long term Conan community? Tired of monthly wipes and want to be invested in your game? (We have no static wipes, we wipe once a victor is declared)

Check out the Wars of Elysium!

  • 100% True Dedicated private server: Custom installed scripts to boost performance, awesome machine managed by a Sr. Engineer. Auto backups, patching and restarts.
  • Community and server run events
  • LEO gaming community to keep players together before, during and after they make memories in Conan Exiles
  • Role-playing without unenforceable and silly restrictions. KOS is ALLOWED. Roleplayers & RP clans may rely on the War System to have a fair and fighting chance no matter if you are casual or hardcore PvP.
  • PvP with a proactively managed meta and raid times that are both challenging and survivable for those of us with real lives. Generous raid windows for CST, EST, PST timezones. Even UK / Netherlands players have good ping here and raiding hours that will work for them.
  • War System , War Declarations Channel, 1 hr warning msg in Discord for Raids, 24 hr warning msg in Discord for Conquests. Check out the Territory & War Season channels for more details on how Conquests & Territory work!
  • 3x EXP Rates, 3x Harvesting Rates to make the game more accessible to those of us with lives outside of Conan.

Our server was founded with the goal in mind of respecting our players time investment and commitment to the game and our server population/ community. As such, we have established what we call the “Online Raid Meta” a culture of raiding that emphasizes quality PvP by restricting base damage to specific times of day & proactively encouraging online PvP culture. Balanced with a 24/7 Open World PvP experience, Wars of Elysium offers the game you know with an experience you’ll LOVE!

If you are looking for a great time to get a head start in a new Conan server, now is your best opportunity!

If your looking for a good server I got one. Its a pvp server with very chill admins. Very nice starter pack with 3x xp and 10x harvesting coming in the next week (5x at the moment) No offline raiding and no raiding until lvl 60. Community activities such as an arena for pvp and boss battles for loot a tower of champions, and random raidable bases scattered throughout the map. Get back to me if you are interested or join ww3 pvp server.

If you’re looking for a server similar to Official server, check this one out: https://www.toprankedservers.com/profile/2493096/

It’s fresh, and there are no cheaters here :smiley:

Try The Exalted. I used to play there and its pretty chill :smiley:

Hi there, our server is PVP, but it´s very relaxed.
So come join and help bolster the population.

Server is called Exiles Playground CW.

join Are Discord