Server with 2 hour to raid every day. Solo/duo/trio only

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Server name: [Solo/duo/trio] Only 2h for raids. [06/07][EU]. If you search by name write “Solo/duo/trio” or it wont show up on the PVP tab.
Direct IP:

Hi all.

So this server is a [EU] solo/duo/trio server and clan is limited to 3 max.
The main language is English but everyone is welcome to talk whatever language they want.

I’m looking to build a nice community of people who like to roleplay, who like to trade, and who like to pvp and raid. We have some events going on, that involve pvp’ing and gets the community together such as:

-Friday event: Wanted! Dead or alive. (Refreshed once per week) (images are all from this event.)

A group of samurai has been spotted to the north of the sinkhole obelisk.

Word is they are a group of extremely vicious murderers and rapists. They have been ravaging the nearby villages for years now so hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide everybody cause they rapin everybody out there.

The reward is the amount of treasure they are storing in their base. Whoever has the guts to get rid of this pest that has been cursing our lands will surely be rewarded.
You will need explosives to break in, and also beware of other mercenaries that show up to claim these rewards. This is an extremely dangerous area.

Event hour: Friday 29/6 21:00 to 23:00 CET.

There will be npc’s, bosses, and other players. It will be an all out war for 2 hour near this area. The loot will be worth ur explosives.


Date:1 of July (Every sunday). Everyone will have a chance to fight for honor and glory. Champion gets whitelisted and no queue to enter the server even if its full.

Format: 1v1 Two players will fight to the death.
Everyone can participate (Any level)


-The loser will lose all the loot he is carrying to the winner.
-The champion that kills the entire server will have 3 boxes in front of him. He will choose any thrall for box #1 a legendary weapon and armor set for #2 and a fair amount of resources for #3. Then he will pick randomly one of these.
-He will have 1 chance to re-pick if he doesnt like what he got.(all rewards will be shuffled in boxes again if he wants to repick)
-Second place will chose one of the 3 boxes after the champion picks. Third place will pick after champion and second place.
-Both second place and 3rd can get empty boxes if they are unlucky. Boxes will be shuffled between each player picks. They cant re-pick.

Champion can choose to do prestige mode too instead of getting the above rewards.

Prestige mode: Start from level 1 again and lose access to all buildings and levels. Start with one god and a vault on the spawning area. (If you are in a clan everyone must lose the levels.

The point of this server is to have a nice balance between pvp and pve. Not a full pvp experience like in official servers, where you have to stay online 5 hours every day to defend your base. But not as boring as pve-c, where u cannot raid or get raided and everything is too safe to be fun. 30-60min seemed like a good balance for raiding time so i just went with 1 hour.

Limiting the amount of raiding time limits the number of people that can get raided during one day, so clans can’t destroy 20 houses in one session and kill a server.
It also gives u a more accurate time to defend your own base.
Of course, during weekends the raid time is increased to 2:30h, from 20:00 to 22:30 (CET) so people have an actual chance to raid bigger houses.

This server is brand new [22/06] and players are joining in fast. (Update 29/06 Around 100 unique players already, and steady 20/30 simultaneous players at prime hours. Server is up from position #11200 to under #500 in just a few days)

Hopefully by the end of the week it’s a 60/60 server :slight_smile: I hope at least. a man can dream :slight_smile:

Server facts:
-The server is here to stay. It wont shutdown.
-Raid hours is from 21:00 to 22:00 (CET timezone) during the week.
-Raid hours during the weekend is from 20:00 to 22:30.
-Gods can only be cast on the weekends from 20:00 to 20:45.
-Gods cast time increased from 20 sec to 60 sec. (Gods are op and it needs this small nerf)
-It is never allowed to raid with more then 3 people at a time, warnings are sent first, then ban if you keep breaking the rules.
-Pvp combat is on at all times
-Clan limit set to 3
-No obelisk blocking, admin will raze any structures that FULLY block these areas.
-5 max vaults per clan, any more than that admin will warn you you have 24h to fix or admin will randomly destroy one.
-60 slot server. (3 clan max means they can only be 5% of total online population)
Other then that its all settings are as in the official server, except XP (2x).
-No admin abuse.
-No admin cheats ( ask anyone on the server, how good and legit admin is, and you’ll get ur answer ).

The server will not change its settings so don’t worry about that. And if it changes something it will be small changes that the server community will ask for. For example, increasing weekend raid time from 2h30 to 3h. Something like that, but no major changes will be made. I will hear the people on the server to know what you dislike and like.
Everyone opinion is important.

Info about the admin: I took my degree in digital game design and I’m a freelancer concept artist. That’s why i like building this kind of stuff u see in the images :p.

Hope to see you all. We are a friendly server. Join us :slight_smile:


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Server has grown fast this weekend, thank you all.

its not pve-C if you allow raiding

45 min is waaaaay too short, just from my personal experience. I am a hard core raider/PvPer, and I’ve offline raided bases that took me 1 hour to just get into the main door. Then if someone isn’t here defending, its taken hours to weather down and siege the building.

Ukfbeht If it was the same as PVE-C why bother making a server. I would just play the officials.

Chedfdwalk. This server is something in between pvp and pve-c. On the weekends u have 2h30min o raid bigger bases, but the point of this server is to not let a clan destroy 10 houses and kill half server population in 1 session. It is not the point of this server for u to be forced to be online 5 hours a day to be able to defend ur base. With these raid times u know people are going to raid u in those 45 min. And u will be there to defend or to raid someone else. Its has a more intense pvp.

your server is pvp not pve-C. The very meaning of Pve-C is that there is no raiding(building dmg) allowed and set times for pvp. You allow for raiding on your server right? Then it makes it a pvp server. Thats not hard to understand?

Ok you win. But ill still have it called pve-c, because it’s more pve-c then pvp.

Its not more intense, its “snowflake” rationalization.

You are being very extreme in your calculations. Hitting 10 bases in a day is not possible. I am uncontested alpha on my official, and hell we might could hit 10 beginner bases that are T1 and 10x10. They would all have 0 loot and it would chase away the population.

Now, if I tried to raid the under aplha, 1+ hours offline and 3+ hours online. That’s also not a realistic time fore even 80% of the Conan population. Most of the bases I raid would be unraidable to your everyday average Conan player.

3 Hours raiding is the least amount of time you should restrict raid hours if you want to promote fun and positive raiding. I didn’t even calculate the entire raiding times, just what it takes to bust through the main door. All this is used on official servers where harvest rate is normal, and even then the bases get so large and fortified that it takes an hour to get into the main door when raiding a base OFFLINE with no defense.

Hi ched. 3 hours is way too long for the experience our server is offering. We are trying to bring players that don’t want to stay raiding 3-5h a day. We want players that like pvp and raiding, but dont want to do it for such an extended time every day. Now i’m not saying you point of view is wrong and there are plenty of server that give the experience you seek. On our server tho, for the target audience we aim for, 1 hour of raid time is enough per day. Sure u cant kill an under alpha in 1 hour. That’s fair, but nor do i think you should. U can damage them and that you should be able to do. If you really wanna go for the stronger clans you gotta wait for the weekend when there is more time to raid.

Also, yes you take 1 hour to get to the main door when they are offline. But what we are really offering is the chance to online raid. People will be online. You might not get loot, but you will have fun, and try to find creative ways to destroy each other.

Our server is not all about raiding other players tho. We have events, for exemple the mega server tournament that will happen on every sunday or the Wanted: Dead or Alive Samurai boss that gets refreshed weekly every friday. I haven’t updated this thread in a while but will do now. Thx for the input anyway. I value ur opinion and everyone but hope u understand that our server is not trying to promote that much ammount of pvp per day.

Updated the info again

So if I can’t raid a tribe in an hour when they are offline, then how is that helping your point?

If people are going to be online, that 1 hour base just turned into 3+ hours.

So yes, I agree with you that this is not a very PvP centric server, and really kind of takes the more elite style of raiding out of the server. Still though, you can’t destroy or do much anything to even a potatoe clan in 45 minutes while they are online.

You are assuming they are always on the base not raiding. Which is not the case in a 3 max clan server. That might be true in officials where clans can reach much higher numbers and they leave someone behind, but here 1 member behind is 33% less raiding strength. So yes, you can do still a lot of damage in 1 hour if they are away. But anyway, its 1h now to raid and there are many people that like the reduced raiding time. 10 jars take 1 min to set up and they blow up t3 pretty fast, so dont come telling me u cant do alot of damage quickly, u can!

You clearly don’t have any source for what you are speaking. I have 1500 hours on Conan. I have tested and tested. 10 bombs = 100k damage. That is 1 foundation, or 2 doors. My base has about 30 doors and 6 elevators before you get to my main door.

You clearly are just speaking with your foot in your mouth now.

I don’t assume anything. I have 1500 hours and have wiped dozens of clans and hundreds of players. Hundreds of bases have fallen to my claim.

Good job. I guess this server will not suit ur playstyle. Best luck mate

As a player that is on this server since it started a few days ago, I can recommend it for several reasons. I structured it in a way that allows you to get a fast overview.

Server Settings:

  • raiding duration allows me to have a social life next to the game and I am not forced to stay online 4 hours
  • raiding time starts at at a reasonable time
  • extended raiding is still possible at weekends
  • max clan size 3 creates an environment of intense pvp and 1v1 or small scale pvp-situations as opposed to defending your base in a 2v10
  • this small scale pvp is more skill focused then winning by numbers and resource advantages


  • very active and dedicated to his community and server
  • listens to feedback and acts accordingly, asks for opinions
  • creates events and fills the game with original content
  • credible commitment to no admin abuse


  • the community seems to not be full of crying or ranting people after you raid them
  • generally laid back but at the same time, very active

There would be more reasons but I figured it will be the easiest to say it like this: If you are a solo player, a duo or a trio there is no better server to find good and fair pvp opportunities as well as experience original pve content.

Thanks for the words aldween :slight_smile:

#300. Thank you all

Awesome event ideas and very good control of everything going smooth in game, great server for NON-HARDCORE PVPers, feels good to enjoy Conan Exiles again :wink:

Updated event pictures…