I made a HUGE samurai city. Wanted to share pics ;)

So i made a huge samurai city for our server to raid. This is a weekly event we have, where all server joins and raids this samurai base. There is a lot of pvp during this event. Everybody is trying to get the great loot that is spread out everywhere. People killing each other and killing npcs. Freaking chaos, its too much fun.

Anyway i just wanted to share the pics cause i think it looks great. Let me know what u guys think :slight_smile:

If ur interested in the server or reading the full event rules, its in here.

More pics in comments.


Its ugly… start over!!

lol really amazing job, I dont know how some people manage to make so big cities like that… it looks so much work!! Im usually busy with just a single house (I like details!), but good job, really, its quite nice!

Great work! Now the real pain will be going back in every room and detailing the insides. :sweat_smile:

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There’s many a big home I’ve built that remained unfurnished specifically because of that reason. lol

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That’s my issue. I like to build cities rather than houses. Once everything looks good on the outside I find it a real pain to go back and decorate the interiors.

Awesome work. Looks amazing!

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Best ive seen in Khitan your an inspiration!

I like it - except for one thing:

Foundation walls. Please don’t use foundation walls. They’re just so incredibly ugly. :<

Thank you all, i wasn’t expecting so many comments lol. I didn’t place more pics cause i didn’t want to spamm too much but since u guys are talking about decoration here are some exemples of house interiors we have. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know if u guys understood the concept but basically, there is a fisherman village in the river and two high class samurai clusters in the nearby cliffs. That’s why i used wood near the river instead of khitan :slight_smile: Too bad there is no fisherman decorations :frowning: Also there is a castle that is super well defended by Daicas NPC’s and archers. Here are so more pics of decoration. I put an example of the defended areas. Thank you all for your kind words, this did give a bit of work, its nice to have some gratification.



So nice, so cool but please dont call it samurai =p. East culture may look all the same for westerns but they arent. =p. Specially that you built in a desert area . But again, it looks wonderful! !

Hey @Lesrah,


Cattibria has moved this post for me to the (already beautiful, which I can’t confirm because I don’t look here often) Fanworks subsection of the forums. I’m giving you a mention so you could easily find it if you were away as of posting this.

wow just wow, that is a great city!!

A masterclass of dedication and imagination. Wow.

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