Looking for a PS4 Server

Hey, me and a few friends are looking for a good PS4 server. We’re all experienced, mature, over 18, and super chill. Any region, any language.

Need these settings at least (not having these is a deal breaker):

  • PvE or PvE-C (No raids or allow us to opt-out), PvP without conflict is fine as well.
  • Stamina increased or limitless.
  • Player damage dealt boosted somewhat
  • Player damage taken reduced or health boosted
  • Resource gain boosted or requirements lowered
  • No drop on death.
  • Space on server for 3 to 5 more people.

Few other things preferred but not necessary:

  • XP Boosted.
  • Spoilage lower.
  • Crafting time lower.
  • Thrall converting faster.
  • Fuel burn time higher.

And these would be cool bonuses

  • Starter pack.
  • Store.
  • Arena.
  • Events

Three of us plan to join, possibly two more are interested. We’d love to be part of an awesome Conan community. Can hit me up at PSN XxAarchangeLxX (highly preferred), at discord XxAarchangeLxX#7820, or here, though here it may not be noted for a bit.

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Looking for a non-toxic, players oriented Conan PVE/C server?
How about a gaming community on survival based games?
Perhaps we are the right place for you!
We have an easy PVP opt out that everyone obeys for our servers.
So no fear if you’d like a PVE style server, it fits your needs too.
The admin team has thought of plenty of out of the game things to do to keep players engaged.
We have multiple event builds to keep players entertained in weekly events for prizes/server currency.
A different, interesting take on PVE/C weekend, that is optional, fun, and fair.
Admin chests scattered thru out the land, which can give you in game items & server currency.
Monthly contests that offer in game items or real world prizes!
Mini-dungeons, NPC hunts, and thrall dead or alive bounties for more fun.
A monthly questline has started up, which offers light RP.
A helpful, non-toxic community and active admin team of five, that actually like helping players, both new and old.
We are making a survival gaming community, adding new games that seem of interest to the group.
We also offer a server in Ark, with rotating cluster maps. Rust will be a supported game once that ports over for the PS4.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me on Discord at Armageto#0266.
You’ll need discord to join, but if you don’t have it and have questions, you can reach me on PSN at Armageto80.
Please read our ad over at FunCom as well for further info: