(PS4) Love PvP (PvE Welcome too!)

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Hello server searchers! I host a PS4 server called LOVE PvP. It offers the following to PvP players:

Weekend raids (PvE is exempt from this)- raiding is only available on the weekends. This gives every one ample time to build up.

We have a clan for people who wish to be PvE called Vasteria. This is also the admin clan. Since it is a PvE clan, we have raid immunity & cannot raid ourselves either. We create beautiful structures for everyone on the server to gaze upon and destroy. Upon coming to the server, you’ll see our Mario Mushrooms Scattered across the entrances into the exiled lands from the desert.

New thralls- We make new thralls available to everyone. Thralls that you’ll normally not obtain via official servers such as Conan, Bandit leaders, witch queens and etc.

Event play list- we have an event list that consists of many activities such as PvE survival, raid simulator, PvP Arena, Jousting, no thrall dungeon runs, treasure hunting, football (yes football) & so much more.

This server has both a Discord & a PSN community for those who can’t spare the space on their phones for Discord. We have a group of administrators who are passionate about bringing every one a fair and fun experience on conan exiles.

This server has been up and running for 200+ days. It is difficult for custom servers to thrive due to the challenges conan faces as a game & the fact that it is extremely hard to get people to leave a server to come and play on a server.

Because of this, we are offering a full resource transfer to anyone who is currently playing on an official server. I know you’re tired of undermeshers, off-line raids & the lost loot due to glitches. If you are serious about finding a server, this is it for you.

Thank you all for reading!