Looking for a US PVP Server

Looking for a nice server to play on, Ive only played on official servers & want to give this a try. Write me w your servers & what settings you have on it. Thank you!

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Hey there. I run a PVEC server on PS4. PVP is always on, just base raiding is only on weekends. Its pretty chill community, we do light RP so its themed. Server is x5 Boosted, has start kits, events, titles and such. It’s called Lands of Olympus. We use Discord pretty heavily and its a pretty great group of folks. Discord link is: NMrQUVb. Join and check it out and see what you think. You can DM me there too, I’m Zeus.

Kingdom of Ash! A brand new Conan Exiles PvP server done the right way. EXP and harvesting rates have been multiplied by 5, with crafting times are as short as absolutely possible. We have built communal map rooms at every obelisk for easy travel, along with a welcome center to get new players on their feet. Raiding is enabled through all hours on the weekends, leaving players all week to prepare themselves to either defend, or to lay siege to their enemies. We have weekly cycling events such as arena tournaments, capture the flag, and more, providing perfect opportunities to score valuable loot such as legendary weapons, armor, and building materials. We have a dedicated Discord server and PlayStation community for easy communication, along with both responsive and helpful admins who have very strict rules on how they’re allowed to engage with players. All of your favorite spots are available