Please leave actual full 6 raid hours 17h/23h on officials PVP servers, and for all 7 days of the week

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Please leave actual full 6 raid hours 17h/23h on officials PVP servers, and for all 7 days monday to sunday. There is already full offline raid protection 18h a day from 23h to 17h the next day (to sleep at night and work the day). Officials PVP servers (without admins!) must remain a real and pure PVP experience.

There is many private PVP servers (with admins!) with weekend raid only, or 1 hour of raid every day, or offline raiding protection mods (now a game option) … for peoples who do not have time or a want more light PVP. There is PVE-C and PVE servers too.

Why? After 2 years on officials PVP servers, I can not write all reasons here. Just play on officials PVP servers fews hours a day for 1 year or more and you will understand.

Thanks for reading and taking my advice into account.


Well i play since early acces, 3 years now and 90% of time i have been raided offline. I think PVP mean, player Vs Player.

Its obvious but you dont seem to understand, raid empty castle is not fun at all and be raided that way too.

I was playing like 6 / day a week, most of time being afk at my base to just watch if someone raid us. Well its not funny and most of time they just wait the only day at 10pm when im not here to raid.
Stay online 7day/7 and 6 hour / day isnt fun and enemy just wait until THE day when you are not online.

All of this is the opposite of PvP.

I think what try funcom is the best idea, pvp with offline protection during the week, this means if you want pvp you can, with everybody online and enjoy the game when you play. And PvP Primetime friday and saturday with total War.

And then, im not sure of this, Sunday building damage off to just chill, fight for fun like arena or savage pvp, farm and rebuild to be ready for the nextweek.

THIS, is PvP, THIS is fun, THIS is a game. Until now it was all about who gonna sleep less and stay online longer before being offline raid…

So THX funcom, i cant wait


WHY you want more Raidtime ?

Only reason seems to be to WIPE other Players Complete , there is no Reason to WIPE
anyone .
To Raid someone and take some stuff (not all) you dont need 6 hours everyday.


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Some wars don’t end until one side is wiped.

The first change they published which got reverted because like 10 people cried about it was way better than what they offered now. If I want to play pve-c I’ll do so. Having the posit to raid all day if the opponent is online seemed worth a try. At least let the people try the dynamic building dmg and if it’s not working well you can still see what to change.

i’m willing to give it a shot. the new system helps people out who want to PvP, but don’t have the time to keep up with players who can play all day every day. they at least for some days of the week can get raid protection while they’re not able to be on.

…but on that note, one of the best things FC could do is have some of their servers offer more options, i.e. different raid window options, different dynamic building damage options, etc, and allow players to migrate to where they like best. for over 2 years they’ve offered 1 option, and have never bothered to ever try new servers with new options. i hope, their willingness to mess with the raid window during Early Access is a sign that they might bring a little more variety to the official servers.

^^^ This 100% ^^^

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