Raids Yet Keep People from Quitting

I’m just wondering if there is a way to have the fun of building assaults and raiding without causing people to quit the server. An empty PVP server is no fun at all. I was on a server where the Alpha destroyed everything and everyone. Everyone left the server (present company included). Went back to that server and now mister badass clan is also gone because there was no one there to fight. They killed the sever and themselves because of their toxicity.

What ideas do people have to keep people playing yet still have the fun doing PVP stuff?

I’m thinking that maybe something like Beds can’t be destroyed? Increase HP of benches? Maybe bench thralls can only be removed by owner clan? Maybe HP increases on structures as activity increases (IE: More people in the clan playing)?

I don’t know. Just throwing some ideas out there to keep people playing.

Well for starters, raid time needs to be later in the day. I’d move It back by 2 hours, if you can’t raid something in 4 hours, it wasn’t meant to be raided… Right now raid time goes live when most people are fighting traffic trying to get home and those of us that get out an hour before it have very little time to take care of our affairs before having to log in and defend.

Me, after getting home I have 30mins to bathe, eat dinner and take care of the house before raid time…


Well, that issue is because you’ve chosen the wrong server.

Our raid time is perfect. We can sign off at 10pm my time. Though, I would support a shorter two or three hour window. Like 7pm or 8 pm - 10pm.

As for finding the timezone, (on PS4 at least) I figured their numbering system out. 3700 servers are west coast, 3500 are east coast. Maybe that will help with your raid times.

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Wrong server? It’s an east coast server and I live on the east coast, the problem is most of us aren’t highschoolers that get out at 2pm. We work for a living.


From what I’ve witnessed, the majority of people move to another server. IMO the ones that quit were playing the wrong game mode anyways. I would agree with having options for servers with shorter or longer raid windows and varying hours to allow for alternate schedules. I suppose it is a luxury that one must pay for currently and find on the private server market. Private servers don’t have the same level of comfort and reliability we get from a FTP official server in that there is an admin with unequal powers that could ruin your game. But I do not agree with having an indestructible foothold on a server. Power to the trolls? nah ill pass

I’m also an east coaster playing on a US East server, and I totally agree.

With end of business at the office at 5pm and the Purge window starting at 6pm, that’s precious little time to get home, cook dinner and eat, and I live only 10-15 minutes from home. I can’t imagine how anyone with a longer commute and/or those with a family are expected to be online so early. Be nice to have leeway to stop by the supermarket, take a shower, etc. rather than having to just straight in.

IMO 7-10pm would be a much more reasonable Purge/Raid window.

Also, the fact that the Purge horn WILL NOT SOUND if you are online but AFK is truly maddening. At the very least make the warning sound regardless so I can turn up the speakers and eat dinner in the other room. Oh, and it should continue to say what will be attacking in case you’re in another room when the horn goes off. Having to logout/in again, and the mess up your timer is crummy when you’re already on a time limit for getting ready.


Try being central time.
East coast, i get on about mid raid time.
West Coast, i get to bed at 2 am.

I agree that the 6 hour window turns alot of players off. 4 hours is more than enough time to offline raid. @Ranson , longer hours are more for the people who can play 10 hours a day, and will only make them more powerful due to the offline raid meta. I know, I know, All those players would never do that (sic).

I suggest that it be more inline with peoples lives.
7-11 pm Week days, 4-10 pm Weekends.
If you want longer windows, go play privates where everything is set up for all out war fare.

As a side note, i wish official PVP (and PVE-C???) would have different harvest rates based on raid times/conflict.
Non-raid, 1x, raid time 4x. this way, it would give people who put in 60 hours at wrok a fighters chance to keep up with those more fortunate to paly all day. At the very least give me that on admin panel for my private.


I am central time also and have tried west and east coast servers. There are positives and negatives to both. I just say put the servers out there and let the numbers decide what’s working and what can change. Options options options


agreed, I would say the numbers say what we have for PVP times is not working right now.

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:man_shrugging: idk, I’ve seen some dead servers, a few good pop server, and very very rarely a server that is full 40 capd. U might be right, I don’t look at those numbers

I have been on few. I tend to get bored easily, and don’t like to just grind for grindings sake.

What i have noticed is this cylce.

New clan joins, large clan waits maybe 3 days, then attacks with full force. New clan holds them off. Then big clan has allies join, and they proceed to wipe everything, rotating days. Basically the raid mechanic is not really tactical or skilled based, but more of war of attrition. Which leans heavily in favor of those that can play 7 days a week, 10 hours a day. the more casual competitive gamer’s, ones that may work 10-12 hours a day, will not play a game where they can NEVER make up the disadvantage of resource stashing. They migrate to the MOBA’s or FPS games that allow them to get the competitive fix they need, but on their schedule, not another gamers schedule, with a much more balanced “resource” system.


I don’t know. Something has to be done. Six friends quit yesterday because of a toxic clan. I tried to tell them that conflict is part of the game but they’ve had enough. The worst part is, they didn’t quit the server, they quit the game. Deleted it.

I know they complain that they worked for a month to build something and a toxic clan came in and destroyed it during raid time. The worst part was they did it when they (my friends) were working. They logged in to bombs going off and suddenly spawning in the desert.

So, I pray something can be done because toxic clans are clearing servers as their trophy. Yippie…You wiped a server…Now you’re all alone and no one to play with. I don’t get it.

I do like to raid and use trebs and stuff but we never take their stuff nor do we destroy more than we have too to get into the base for a good o’l fashioned fight.

It’s no fun if we’re the only ones in the server and it can’t be financially good to Funcom.

Maybe some solutions would be to somehow limit base destruction? We’ve already discussed raid time shortening. Maybe bomb damage lowered? What about make material gathering better? 10,000 Stone to make 1,000 brick sucks…Maybe change the conversion ratio? If it was a little easier to repair and rebuild maybe that would help?

Who knows. Just thinking we need to keep the ideas moving. I love this game and can’t wait to see what the future holds…Though it won’t hold much if toxicity keeps killing servers.


Hmm. What about raid level restrictions? Maybe, you can only raid (not fight ) clans that are a level above or below you. When you hit 60, which you cannot stop from doing, you can only attack level 60 clans?

What if…the system would restrict attacking clans that were not evenly matched? I mean by player count. So a clan of 10 couldn’t raid a base with 2 people online…

Again…just spit-balling here.


Note–this is mainly for PVP officials i am talking about

There was a good post somewhere about the problem lies in the destructive tools are way to easy to farm. 1000 dragon powder by an all day clan is nothing, and that is way more than what is needed for raiding, that is wiping materials. The problem isn’t just that 1000 bombs can be farmed by any 3 or 4 man clan quickly, it is that some clans have so many bombs, their is no risk or real cost to raid full tilt. I took raiding was going to be like warfare. Where resources management matter with tactical strategy. But if at the end of a failed raid you can still go without farming for a week and be in a position to raid a brand new clan that just started that week 10 times over, there is something broken in the resource system that nullifies the very idea of risk v reward. I have suggested, preached, and begged that everything in the game should have a decay (corrosive even) timer that can not be stopped by putting it in the freezer (Only consumables should be allowed in them anyways). Not overly aggressive for everything mind you. Explosives and the basic raw materials would have a very short decay timer (24 for finished TNT, all the way to 72 hours for demon blood), while building mats have longer ones that are weeks. And durability on weapons and armor should be cut back as well. The fact a clan can farm 10 x as fast as they need to repair armor and weapons is broken for a survival game in general. The lower tier stuff is fine, it is the high tier stuff that basically becomes permanent and easily replaced by chests already back filled. And that is what is breaking the game into the OG players, and the never-will-plays. And the OG’s are starting to grow bored. It is hard to tell them control themselves, when it is so easy and non-risky to be uber aggressive.

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Hey, any idea helps to forge the path to a better game. It takes throwing out to the masses to help mold it.

Maybe, if you raid lower levels, offline, you actually decrease in level, and start losing perks etc. But offline would have to be defined. I say if they were on in the last hour before you started, that is not offline. Prevents the logging off meta from being created lol. This could be easily done using the decay timer we have. If the base is within 1 hour of max decay time left (right now 335 hours +), then it is open for raiding. Yes, some clans would try to avoid their vault bases, but over time, you could slowly destroy their FOB’s until all they had was their main vault base, thus creating a better back and forth.

The more i think of it, the more i like the long term warfare dynamic of it. gives a reason for destroying FOB’s and tactically scouting the enemy.

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Hmm, interesting concept. Very interesting indeed.

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