Need imput from dedicated PVPers for PS4 server


I have many times tried to come up with a way to make raiding fun again, and not so personal.

I am reaching out to the great people on this Forum.
I am paying, and will pay for a 40 slot server on PS4 (East Coast time zone, US)
I want it to be about raids, and mele, and FUN.

If there are any clans that want to join/help set up the rule sets, please reply on here.

Right now a few ideas i have are as follows.
Week days 3 hour raid time (7-10 pm)
Weekend 8 hour raid time (3-11 pm)
Short decay time (4 days).
No sandstone above newb river, as well as east of Sand Swept Ruins, and West of Shattered Bridge.
Harvest rate 3 x (would love to have the ability to have a setting for 1 x during non raid, and 6 x during raid, but until then 3 x it is).
Lower durability of weapons, armor, tools. Forces more resourcing for replacements.
Do not drop hot wheel or Armor on death, just inventory (If this even works. Need to test out, if not, then drop all on death.)
All players get 1 wooden chest to store items at the admins non raid base.

Events held by players, not admins.
Admins very minimal contact. Outside of creating raid bases for fun/practice, and handling legit complaints.
Admins not playing at all (technically i would be the only admin).
No land claom spamming. Any sturcture deemed by admin to be spam, will be removed 24 hours have notice is given. Build it right, or its gone by next night.

All rules are up for input for those that are truly interested, and not just critiquing because “that is stupid”.
I am paying (and technically not even playing), so i get to set the rules, but i am also would like a populated fun server that does not require you to treat it as a second job, and input from those like minded can have a place to enjoy the game as exploit, troll free as possible.

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