PS4 US pvp open server for 9-5 workers and college students


I’m thinking about dropping a bill on a 6 month 20 slot server. 6 month to show I want a dedicated server but not a year in case no one joins. I’m not in front of my PS4 so I don’t remember all the settings. I would like to keep most settings official but with some changes to improve the quality of life for those who can’t play 24/7. Im definitely looking for recommendations and if anyone is interested. I’ll update as this goes on.

Settings :
IDK about gods/avatars. I’ve heard it’s broken. Never had the pleasure of using one and fortunately never seen one. Give me some feedback.

Clans :
I want small clan sizes. 1) to reflect the
small server and 2) I don’t want over
powering clans.

Raid :
I’d prefer a weekend only raid with longer
raid time. Maybe no offline raids if that’s
a setting.

At work so I cant put everything I would like right now but like I said I’d love some recommendations if this is an idea you can get behind.

Add me PS4 : E1azar150
I be happy to play with you