**i want to make an active server! join me!**

Been thinking about renting and hosting a PVP-CONFLICT or PVP server on PS4/PS5. My goal is really just to have an active and happy server with dedicated players, but the only people I really know who would play it would be me and my other friend who is very active.

Me and him would be the only admins, and are tired of toxic admins, so we can guarantee no abuse.

If I can get a group of people who are active and seem interested in joining beforehand, then I would be willing to pay and host a fresh 20 player server sometime this month. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’d be open to hearing what you all think would be good for server rules and settings!

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start small, see how it goes and if it picks up, then move to 20. these servers do become quite expensive. Small steps my friend see if works in the months to come.

Did you ever end up making the server?