New Playstation PVP community server

Hey everyone. I’m in the process of getting my server in the direction that I have invisioned. I’ve created a server named “Outcasts PVP 24/7 - Boosted”. Just searching “Outcasts” should bring you to it. Anyway i want to create a server where everyone has a say how things pan out as far as server settings and changes. I’ll hold votes for ideas I have or other ideas people bring to me. Currently the main settings are 5x gather. Half crafting cost. Double speed crafting and tameing. And no offline raid atm. I drop off starter kits to new players then bring house warming gifts once they start a base.I want to implement some sort of exhange or shop soon. I had an idea to come up with bounties and such. I have a lot of ideas for my server. I only need players to join for things to start falling into place. So please stop by and lets see what we can all create. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day.