PS4 [Fresh small RP server PVE with Structured PVP, and Comunity Building]

US Based server but all are welcome 18+. We are looking for friendly people to enjoy the game with. The server is 10 slots for now but based on how successful the server is, we will upgrade to more slots. If we get a solid group together we will also start a new server when the dlc hits. We try and offer a way for everyone to chose their own adventure. We have an established economy and trade system. Players can earn money in various ways including excepting quests from our guild hall in our merchant city. Players can chose to build their own kingdoms or join ours. We have three main cities in three different biomes that players can chose to live in, and those interested can become governors of those cities. They can also build up their resources before going off to bring civilization to these barbaric lands. Our PVP setup is a capture the flag style game. Players are given the resources to build a fortress in the PVP area where players will battle their way through their enemies fortifications as they attempt to hang their banners and claim the riches that lay inside. We also have a coliseum where players can fight thralls, pets and each other. We also have Pokémon like battles using thralls and pets. Everyone is welcome to participate for bronze and prizes, observer, or try and make a fortune by betting.
Our admins are both helpful and experienced, we welcome both new and experienced players. Our server settings our as follows but are open to adjustment depending on players feedback
-exp x2
-harvest x6
-insta tame
-stamina cost x0.5
The server name is KevinButtz those interested in joining please request the password on our discord.
Here is the link to our discord,
here players can chat, contact admins, plan events, and give feedback as well as brainstorm with us to make the server better.