PS4 [Private Server, 18+ US hosting, RP, PVE with Structured PVP]

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Who where you before you where sent to the exiled lands and the better question is who will you choose to become? Are you a monarch usurped by your cousin in an insidious coup, and will you now make your empire anew and civilize these barbaric lands? Are you an adventurer betrayed by comrades and now seek to escape and claim your vengeance? Or are you a successful merchant caught in one of your less than legal schemes but, perhaps you see this as an opportunity to make a fortune. Whether you are an artisan, manager of a guild hall or tavern, an adventurer, or the monarch of a neighboring kingdom there is a place for you in our server where the possibilities are endless.

For both those who are in our clan and those who are not, you all have access to our merchant city. We have an established economy and quest system. Players can visit this city to purchase and trade for all sorts of goods. Players have access to a bank where they can deposit and withdraw money. Due to legendary armor repair kits being uncraftable they may be purchased here as well. Players in need of coin can take on quests from the guild hall and will receive due compensation on completion. They can also stop buy for a hot meal, strong drink and local banter. For those who join the clan we have cities in three biomes with both pre built housing and plots of land available for purchase. Those who are interested are more than welcome to become governors of these various cities. Those who join us are by no means obligated to stay players can build up their strength and resources before setting off to claim their own kingdoms. For those who would like to set off in pursuit of glory and riches from the beginning, are welcome to make a stop at the guild hall and receive a starter kit which includes armor, weapons, and tools as well as some coin so they can grab a hot meal and some mead before setting off.

We have an arena where players can fight as gladiators for glory and riches. We have various types of arena battles including a Pokémon like game. Our PVP is a strong hold capture the flag style game. Players will be given materials to help alleviate costs to build a fortress in a designated area. Players will then fight their way through their enemies fortifications as they attempt to hang their banners and claim their prize. Such battles are wagers where the competing teams wager both money and resources and place them in a chest for the winning team to claim. These battles will also be used to settle disputes over land and resources. Players who are interested in rading and have no problem with having their own bases being attacked are certainly encouraged to do so, but it needs to be agreed upon by both clans.

Server specifics and rules.
We are looking for friendly people and as such players are expected to behave towards each other in a civil manner. Joking and humor are fine as long as players don’t cross the line. Server settings are flexible and we will change them based on feedback. Right now the settings are as follows.

  • Exp x2
  • Crafting Speed Fastest
  • Insta tame
  • Stamina cost x0.5
  • Harvest x6
  • Crafting cost x0.5
    Both new and experienced players are welcome. New players and anyone in need can get help and ask our admins any questions. Our admins are both dedicated and helpful. We host events but also encourage players to come up with and host events if they desire. We have a discord which players can use to chat, give feedback, help come up with ideas to improve our server, plan events, and get admin support. For those interested in joining please pm me here or use our discord to get the name and password for the server.
    Discord link - ://