Ps4 new pvp weekend server


Just re-upped and started a new server. Weekend focused for PVP. Harvesting rates are low during weekdays. May change based on population. Only admin is me. and will only be me, as i will only investigate exploits/under meshes etc. Trolling will be case by case, but will not get involved and trash talk squabbles. I want a server for players who can’t log in 50 hours a week, but enjoy the combat, wars and the such. Not geared toward PVE either. Build up, raid, and star some wort of battle server. That is my goal.

Admin raid bases are where the real loot is to balance the low harvest rates. No purges either, as the purge thralls will be rewards for events and possible admin raid base loot.

Here are first run at settings, will re evaluate once i get on server this evening.

90 Day initial investment for now, but will do full year if server has a healthy and fun populations.




Item Spoil Rate=2 times as fast

Resource Respawn=4 times as long

keep Shortcut bar On Death

MaxBuildingDecayTime=15 days
MaxDecayTimeToAutoDemolish=7 days

No SandStorm

NPC/Follower Damage=half
NPC/Follower Health=half


No avatars

Land Claim Radius=half

clan MaxSize=4

Fuel Burn Time=doubled

Friendly Fire Damage=Full

Thrall Conversion=half the time

Animal Crafting Time=half the time



Melee 24/7:

thrall limit
Base = 10
1 man clan (name not just blank)= 30
2 man clan = 50
3 man clan = 70
4 man clan = 90

Radi only on weekends

forgot the name

PS4 Weekend Barabrians