Kingdom Wars PS4 Server. For the weekend warriors!

no raiding monday thru friday
Sat/Sun noon - 6 pm eastern time raid window.
24/7 melee PVP
10 XP…levelings shouldn’t be a grind for veterans.
1x harvest weekdays, 4x weekends (Saturday 0001 until sunday 2359)

No Sandstone north of Noob river, east of Tarman’s Birth, or west of Shatterd bridge. put some effort into it, or don’t build it.

Drop only inventory on death (haven’t tested, but testing it out now).
because of inventory only thing that you can lose, Armor and weapon durability at 50% (you won’t lose it , so repairing is a must.) this also allows during raids to be able to stay in the fight with armor, and hotbar when you respawn.
Stamina usage buffed 20%–this will be adjusted once server gives it some testing.
NPC’■■■■■ slightly harder
Captured Thralls hit slightly less
Thrall craft time in 1/2 the normal
Pet craft time doubled
Crafting slightly faster
No Avatar…for now.

the idea is to give a place where people who don’t want to live on Conan, can play and have a fun community.

Admin (me) will not be involved. May build random raid basis for in week server events.

At least 1 member of clan must be in discord.
No no name solos, must create a clan name. Anything without a clan name will be admin cleared.